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  1. W

    first hunt with the simplex

    hi all just got me a simplex & gotta tell you they named it right its a simple to run hi teck detector lots of features i like it :thumbup: took it down the what i call the beach from hell lol lots of bottle caps & nails & hot Arizona ground ground balanced at 87 & ran in park.. i would love...
  2. W

    xp orx ya this dog will hunt

    took the orx out walking in the desert last week & scored these 2 little nugglets the orx can prospect :thumbup: [attachment 367167 IMG_20190519_084112105.jpg] & a couple o days later i got this 10 k white gold ring off the beach :detecting: [attachment 367168 IMG_20190520_104739272.jpg]...
  3. W

    ctx scores some gold

    took my ctx out to the beach yesterday & behold a 12 / 10 & ta da 14 k gotta love the 3030 :detecting: [attachment 367166 IMG_20190530_134024643.jpg]
  4. W

    question for Calabash Digger or anyone that may know on the orx

    hello im trying to find out how the orx with the 10 x 5 coil will handle a rusty bottle cap like a bud light/ corona / dos x / rusty or similar bottle cap the garret at gold handles them well i have the beach from hell & its covered with them :detecting: ive used a deus & had problems with...
  5. W

    question Multi Kruzer & bottle caps

    hi all could anyone tell me how the Multi Kruzer handles bottlecaps ive got a beach covered in them :detecting: & any other feedback would be welcome + or -
  6. W

    got my AT Max :super: heres my thoughts

    well i got my AT Max today from my local dealer here in kingman AZ many thanks i took it out to the colorado river to run it through some tests with the stock 11 x 8 dd coil the river is over run with nails & rusty bottle caps a real pain with most detectors.. but to my suprize :surprised...
  7. W

    xp deus v4 gets 1st gold

    hi all my deus got its first gold ring of 2017 with the v4 software :thumbup: its a tiny thing 14 k [attachment 343688 1st14k2017.JPG]
  8. W

    Deus finds gold ring

    took my deus for a walk yesterday on a hammered extremely trashy beach & look what she found for me :detecting: [attachment 334600 10kgolderingdaviscamp.jpg] 10 k 3.6 grams .. 15 small diamonds 3 missing.. my gal immediately said mine mine so its hers :surprised: but the deus got the gold...
  9. W

    will the deus find nuggets ?

    will the deus find nuggets ? you bet it will i hunt in Arizona & sat i found this little beauty 3.3 dwt . :detecting: [attachment 322337 1107151342a1.jpeg] i also found this on the beach .. [attachment 322338 rivernuggetDSCN1061.JPG] the deus makes a good nugget detector i run it in...
  10. W

    Deus meets Diamondback :surprised:

    hi all thought you might like these photos of a nugget hunt with the deus i had the other day :detecting: i was swinging the deus around in a wash in arizona & darn neer hit this little fellow i beleve its a western diamond back rattle snake sleeping under a josha bush he was kicked back &...
  11. W

    my first week with my xp deus :detecting:

    heres my first week finds with my new xp deus its a breeze to turn on & go & infinitely adjustable & so light a joy to swing she was preforming very well in my hot Arizona soil . Passing every test I could through at it. most of the spots i hunt have been pounded temperatures were in the 100s...
  12. W

    1st gold ring for my aquavaq :thumbup:

    well a week after i got it all waterproofed my aquavaq (vaquero) [attachment 298066 aquavaqDSCN0879.JPG] has found its first 14 k gold ring 5 grams :crazy: [attachment 298068 aquavaq1st14kringDSCN0900.JPG] [attachment 298069 aquavaq1st14kringDSCN0903.JPG] it was down around 6-8 inches in some...
  13. W

    got the new Tesoro /waterproof & deep :detecting:

    well its new to me :jump: got a Vaquero & put it in an otter box now aka the AquaVaq some of you have seen me do this to the golden / royal / & compadre but the Vaquero is perfict for this the mod came out perfict & dont leek .... i only work 10 feet or less. fresh water the funs about to...
  14. W

    a few GoldBug Pro finds

    heres a few cool finds ive gotten lately with my goldbug pro in the discrimate mode set at 44 i love the versitly of the goldbug pro its allways reddy for anything :thumbup: the 1st photos are a az drivers licence im guessing from somewhere around 1920-1930s around 7 inches down the second...
  15. W

    found the detector of my dreams & the winner is :thumbup:

    hi all after 40 years of coin hunting & owning most of everything on the market ive found the coin detector of my dreams :detecting: i owned a cz5 once opon a time but had to sell it due to lack of funds :stars: but things are better now had a friend offer me a cz3d with an 8 inch coil at a...
  16. W

    compadre excells where others fail :detecting:

    hi all ive detected this old hotel / gas station with other wiz bang metered super detectors with not to good of results . today i took the little old compadre to the site this site dates back to the 1890s / 1930s & i was hopeing for some coins but i guess im not the first to hunt it...
  17. W

    tabman lets talk golden :thumbup:

    hey tabman & any 1 else that is intrested heres my story as you know i just scored a golden umax with a clean sweep coil :detecting: i made the mistake of getting rid of my last golden to test all the others looking for the better beeper :starwars: well ive been hunting my beach on & off for...
  18. W

    my 2 cents on the Gray Ghost Amphibian underwater headphones for the Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold

    just got a set of the Gray Ghost Amphibian underwater headphones & heres my thoughts on them lets forget there waterproof for a moment i took them out of the box & my first thought was these are well made & they feel comfortable on my head & there not falling off all the time.... then i...
  19. W

    got at gold can i join the club ? :detecting:

    hi all i just got me a at gold :hot: what a detector :thumbup: i like it the 5 x 8 dd search coil is the bomb i hunt coins & jewerly & i nugget hunt here in Arizona the at gold works great on my bottle cap nail infested beach & handles the ground well in the nugget areas (no nuggets yet its...
  20. W

    first nugget for 2013 :detecting:

    took my f75 & the 3 x 6 coil for a little walk yesterday & got this really small nugget :thumbup: only an inch or 2 deep it gave me a small zip thats a computor screw in the photo ran in all metals thats 1 gotta go find more good hunting all [attachment 255978 firstnugget2013b.JPG]