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  1. C

    Minelab 18” Commander or Detech 15” Ultimate Spiral DD with my new GPX?

    Ordering a new GPX 4500 for relic hunting. In addition to the coils that come with it, should I get the commander 18” or the Detech 15”? Thanks.
  2. C

    I made my first hunt with the Banana Headphones Today

    I hunted for three hours in a fresh water lake. After all the talk about how these headphones aren't loud enough, I had the volume limit at 30. It didn't take me long to realize it was WAY too loud. I realize that I wasn't hunting in the surf with a lot of ambient noise, but I have no need...
  3. C

    So They Do Exist.

    This week, I will test them.
  4. C

    Took Her for a Freshwater Swim Today

    I was impressed with how the detector performed. It was no more difficult to manipulate underwater than the Excalibur, but of course it gives you a lot more information than the Excal. It worked perfectly until the control panel got about 3 inches under water when the signal disappeared. But...
  5. C

    Rookie XChange 2 Question

    I am a mac user who bummed an old HP laptop. The software loaded and started fine. I have just one question for now. How do I load a program I download from the internet onto the software? I saved the file, but I cannot figure it out even after reading the user's guide. When you explain...
  6. C

    My First Outing.

    I went to a local site so I could start getting used to the language. I dug most everything but iron. I ended up with several wheat pennies and two silver Washingtons. I am not sure the etrac and explorer wouldn't have found what I found today. The machine certainly didn't disappoint me...
  7. C

    How do you guys set it up for the beach?

    I'm gonna give it its first beach test tomorrow. Any advice?
  8. C

    Can you submerge the detector without waterproof headphones?

    If when you submerge the control box you lose the wireless signal, how can you water hunt deeper than 3 feet without the waterproof headphones? I really want to wade up to my ears, but the waterproof phones are back ordered. Am I missing something?
  9. C

    Do Any Dealers Have the Waterproof Headphones?

    It's kind of difficult to go to that ten foot limit without them.
  10. C

    The Definition of Discipline

    Mine arrived at the office while I was at lunch. Here is a photo of the box. I have so much to do this afternoon that I dare not open the box. It will just have to wait until I get home this evening. I think.
  11. C

    I had to leave one in the ground yesterday.

    I was hunting a Confederate defensive position and digging a lot of bullets, shell fragments, etc. I got a deep but good and repeatable signal. But it was in very hard clay. I dug a hole the length of my arm and it was very, very tough going even with the Lesche relic shovel. I got to where...
  12. C

    First Day with New E-Trac

    Wanting to test it in real world conditions, I went to a site I hadn't visited in over a year. The last time I was there, I dug two coins. It's the site of an old swimming hole. There is one particular area on the hill beside the lake that produced very well for quite a while. So I went to...
  13. C

    First Hunt With LTD

    Went to a spot that I have pounded over the years. Not much there anymore, but I always take a new detector to this spot first. I hunted in boost, all-metal motion with the sensitivity as high as possible. I got it up to 80-85. With the F75 in JE, I could run it wide open. Can't do that...
  14. C

    Question on Choosing between Boost and Cache Process on LTD

    If you are relic hunting in an area that has very little trash and recovery speed is not an issue, would you hunt in the cache process over the boost process?
  15. C

    Dug a Lot of Lead Yesterday

    Dug these 70 bullets yesterday. A couple of them were firsts for me. The one on the bottom left is a .69 caliber two-ringer. McKee and Mason say it's a British Rifled 1835/51 Musket. The third from the right on the bottom row is a neat little three-ring carbine. I believe it's a Merrill. The...
  16. C

    This Bullet Was Rare Even for a Tom Green

    This is my twelfth Tom Green, but it's the first one I've found with the caliber stamped in the base.
  17. C

    Found a Couple of Good Bullets Today

    Tom Greens
  18. C

    Has anyone used the 10" Concentric Coil on the F75?

    I have noticed a few have been for sale separate from the F70. Can anyone tell us how it's performed on the F75?
  19. C

    First Hunt with Ex II

    Hunted a fresh water swimming hole. The two nugget looking earrings are 10k, the chain is 925, and the class ring is 2006.