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  1. M

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Hello everyone!!!! Just thought I would drop in and say Howdy!! Its been awhile sense I have been here. My Update: I have been traveling A LOT with a new position here at Cat. Of course this came to a screeching halt in the last few weeks. I'm currently working from home as is a lot of Cat...
  2. M


    Hello everyone!!! I just thought I would say hello to everyone!! I haven't forgot about PATH, I've just been crazy busy at work. About 2.5 years ago I moved into a different group here at Big Yellow and it has keep me on the road and in the air more than wanted. I do stop in here from time to...
  3. M

    Look What I Found Sitting in The Corner!! :jump:

    I'm BACK !! :twodetecting: The E-Trac is dusted off and the batteries are charged!!! Got out for a little bit Tuesday night to figure out I,m a little rusty...OK a lot The first target I dug was a pull tab and the second was a nail but I did manage $1.53 in clad and one merc. I...
  4. M

    Hello everyone !!!

    Hello everyone!!! Its been awhile sense I've been on here so I thought I would stop by and say Howdy!! Hope everyone is well... With all of the rain this year I figured everyone would be posting a lot of really cool stuff but I havent seen many posts..:shrug:. I guess I'm going to have to...
  5. M

    And My Run Of Bad Luck Continues !!!

    Sunday I was in my shop/man cave cleaning my Etrac and getting ready for my first outing of the year then I heard a big crash outside.. Went out side to find the lady that was fighting with her teenage daughter in the car while driving down my street after she drove thru my front yard and hit my...
  6. M


    After dealing with a few health issues I'm feeling MUCH!! better now and I plan on getting out this week in hope to have something for the FOM at this months meeting!!! The batteries are on charge and the digger is sharpened and ready to go!! I've been looking at every ones finds for the past...
  7. M

    Its Pretty Quiet In Here!!!

    Its Pretty quiet in here... :sleepy: I bet this place comes alive in the next 4 to 5 weeks!!!! :hot:
  8. M

    Yes I'm still alive!!

    Just thought I would say hello to everyone.. Its been awhile sense I posted anything thing and I didnt make it to the xmas party either due to my crazy work schedule...:sadwalk: Cant wait until it warms up so I can hit it hard this spring!! I didnt get much hunting done last year.... I'm off...
  9. M


    For evryone that met friend and co-worker Gary and Garret Bundy at the club hunt that I hosted; 10:28 November 14th, 2013 Peyton Bundy became a real angel in Heaven.
  10. M

    Meeting Pics

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay on the FOM meeting pics.. Its been crazy at work with some long hours... I will try to have them posted in the next day or 2....
  11. M

    Very Sad News

    For everyone that attend the club hunt that I hosted at Jubilee State Park earlier this year, you may remember a guy and his son that attended the hunt by the name of Gary Bundy and his son Garret. I started working with Gary about 4 years ago and I have become very good friend with him. Gary...
  12. M

    Win A camo detector Exclusive by KellyCo.
  13. M

    Cops Called on me yesterday :rant:

    Well Nicholas and I went to my best friends house to do a little hunting yesterday. Nicholas, 10 years old and not knowing, went over the property line onto the neighbors by about 10 feet.It was not marked so he had no idea. Now you have to know this property owner to really understand. She has...
  14. M

    Headphone Adapter

    Bought an adapter from Radio Shack in hopes to try a set of ear buds during hot weather.. It doesnt work... Can anyone tell me where I can find an adapter that will work or how to get the R/S one to work? :shrug:
  15. M

    Headphone adapter

    Bought an adapter from Radio Shack in hopes to try a set of ear buds during hot weather.. It doesnt work... Can anyone tell me where I can find an adapter that will work or how to get the R/S one to work? Thanx!
  16. M

    I think I created a Monster!!

    Nicholas has finely grew into my first detector so yesterday he wanted to join in on all of the fun at the club hunt. He hunted hard all day long and when we got home he hunt another 4 hours straight in all of the neighbors yards until the detector batteries run out... He found some clad and...
  17. M

    Saturday June 8th Club Hunt Pics # 5

    The Sliver Round!!! CONGRATS Dave!!!! :clapping: :thumbup: :super: