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Search results

  1. digsgti

    How should I go about using 4.1 settings?

    Many places I detect have a ground reading of 72-75 with 1/2-3/4 full mineral bars. I'm hunting open fields most of the time with scattered iron. Where do you recommend setting the Ground Sens? I guess a higher number helps with this type of ground. I like to use auto ground balance since it...
  2. digsgti

    Deus did it's thing...

    Found this silver Trime at a Civil War camp with my Deus using the 9 inch coil and full tones. Judging by the marks crisscrossing in the center I'm not sure if it was halved on purpose or out of boredom. Maybe something just got a hold of it and cracked it. Each half was about a foot and a half...
  3. digsgti

    Nice hunt today with my Deus

    Got my first Tompion and 4 Reales,. Maybe my 3rd real hunt with the Deus, and so far I'm liking it. It can be a little hard on the eardrums, but it has been worth it. This forum has been very helpful in cutting down on the learning curve, so I owe you guys a Thank You!
  4. digsgti

    11x8 or 12x10 for Vaq?

    Is there a difference in depth performance? I like a larger coil for coverage, but the reviews for the 11x8 seem better. Any opinions?
  5. digsgti

    Some finds today with my F75 ltd2...

    Went back out to a spot that was certainly popular way back in the day. Found an 1805 half cent, two buttons, piece of a buckle, 3 musket balls, an odd brass piece, and a really worn coin. I don't know what the coin is, but it is the size of a nickel and hits 84 on my VDI. Never dug anything...
  6. digsgti

    Upgraded F75 is back

    Of course its raining cats and dogs... Shipped back in a nice new box that I hope to never need again. Control housing appears to be new or at least very well reconditioned. Arm cuff and Battery housing lid are new. Came back with 2 red rubber washers for the lower stem with a separate little...
  7. digsgti

    A few spreadsheets I made comparing settings

    Thanks Bill. Nice work with the spreadsheets. I enjoy your dirtfishing videos aswell and I recommend them to anyone who hasn't seen them yet.
  8. digsgti

    Doubled my plate collection.

    Had a fun hunt today out with digger70pa and sekeypaleo. I got my second breast plate in two weekends. I feel like I need to be careful when I go digging now, because if I bend over too long my horseshoe might fall out.:biggrin: Got some nice lead, other cool brass items, a pair of cruddy wheats...
  9. digsgti

    This weekends finds including my first ever plate

    Had a great weekend relic hunting. Went to a fun Calvary camp Saturday and got most the lead, neat button and brass hanger piece. Went out today to a hard hit spot and got my first ever plate, a union Breast plate. It's pretty bent up but I've seen worse. It will always be priceless to me. :biggrin:
  10. digsgti

    Wandering in the woods with my V3i & SEF part 2

    Nice standing liberty. Looks like you're in a nice spot.
  11. digsgti

    Difference between version 3 and 4 ????

    Sold my Gold Bug Pro with version 4 firmware a little while back and it gave me sellers remorse. Ended up getting a used one offline and it is firmware version 3. Tested it out a little today and I can't tell the difference between the two versions. I know the 2.9 version is pretty different...
  12. digsgti

    Last two hunts with Smart.:cool:

    Found these items at a pounded Rebel camp. The gilded button was at least 9 inches deep and gave a perfect sounding hit. Nothing was less than 5 inches except for the small tack sized buttons. Vista Smart is a great open field machine.
  13. digsgti

    Sat./Sun. finds, including my best button to date

    Had the weekend off work and spent both days relic hunting. Ended up with the finds pictured below. The button was 8-9 inches deep in an area I went over a bunch of times already. It sure felt good seeing a gilded edge sticking out of the clump of dirt it was stuck in. PMCA stands for...
  14. digsgti

    Artillery Button

    Cool relics. That button is a beauty!
  15. digsgti

    One of my nicer relic finds today

    Back at it again today with Digger70pa at a CW headquarters site. First I found the harmonica reed about 10 seconds after I fired up my detector. Went a little bit before I found the IH penny out in the middle of a sea of iron. Moved out to a separate field nearby that was much cleaner and got...
  16. digsgti

    Good time relic hunting yesterday

    Went out yesterday with Digger70pa and found some nice Civil War relics in the approaching spring weather. It's nice to hunt with just a single layer of clothing instead of a bunch of shirts and long johns.
  17. digsgti

    First time out in a long while.

    Nice digs. Really like that 50 centavos. Thanks for sharing.
  18. digsgti

    Findings with my Vista Smart...

    Went on 2 relic hunts with my Vista Smart and one short hunt out front of my apartment building. All the bullets where found at Pro Pointer depth or a little better. The silver quarter was about 10 inches and the 1952 India one pice was at least 8 inches. Never thought I would dig a coin...
  19. digsgti

    interesting 10x12 signal readings

    I just used those settings to see how well it would handle them. Normaly use RX-12 no boost. Just a short test until I can get out on a real hunt and go somewhere EMI isn't so bad. Just thought it was odd how the coil getting cold made it so much worse. Guess it likes room temperature.
  20. digsgti

    interesting 10x12 signal readings

    I had my settings rx-15 tx boost on three frequency. Found 7.5 frequency to have a the highest signal percentage on mine when I checked each frequency individually.