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Search results

  1. texkinzee

    Garrett Bought Whites!!!

    Like it. 51 yers using both Companies products.
  2. texkinzee

    Back Soon With More Smart Plus Pro Updates

    Glad they found what was going on. Get well asap.
  3. texkinzee

    Find of a lifetime jug...

    Amazing. Nice going.
  4. texkinzee

    As Van Morrison sang. "Behind the Stadium"

    Man what I did behind the stadium 50 years ago. It involved a "Cheer Leader" Nuff said. Nice finds.
  5. texkinzee

    Back Soon With More Smart Plus Pro Updates

    Hope your feeling better. I'm surprised they did all those expensive test's. No I'm not.
  6. texkinzee

    Reg Sniff detectors for sale

    Your Dad was a great guy. I'm sorry for your loss Reggie.
  7. texkinzee

    Garrett APEX Got Fraternal Twins, Silver Dime And The Ugliest Ring Ever

    John, At least your able to throw " someone a bone":rofl:
  8. texkinzee

    99% sure I’m getting an f19

    Check Amazon Wharehouse . You may safe some cash if ones been returned.
  9. texkinzee

    Wilson VLF 710

    You truely are the "Bob Lazar" of reverse enginering of metal detectors.
  10. texkinzee

    If you can bare to watch it

    A video I made on the F19 back when it first came to market.. Only live digging with meat on the bone. No BS. No amazing pre production followed by someone who has no clue. Try not to cringe at the bumbling Detector User Me.
  11. texkinzee

    Fisher F19 and Tek G2+ still rocking it

    VCO is one of the reason's I like the F19. You can really hear the deeper targets.The most underated relic detector I've used. I'am old now. Big screen, lite weight and just enough features to please. Stay safe and well.
  12. texkinzee

    Does anyone still use the Vista RG 1000 V-2?

    For 20 bucks or so you can not go wrong with a Calrad phone. I used them on all my Nautilus DMC detectors.
  13. texkinzee

    Does anyone still use the Vista RG 1000 V-2?

    Nice to have you post Brandon. Stay safe and well.
  14. texkinzee

    Found A Beautiful Treasure In The River That Gives Up Gold At Home

    May have been placed in the river following a death. Spiritual piece.
  15. texkinzee

    What better accolade…

    I also know Kevin. I just picked up a PI from him. Great guy for sure.
  16. texkinzee

    Does anyone still use the Vista RG 1000 V-2?

    It may mean you "can teach old dogs new tricks". I love the X with the addition of the 8' coil. Thanks Richard at Backwoods. I hunt iron infested colonial sites and the smaller Octagon can unmask good targets in the iron patches extremely well. Brandon, aka Javelin was the first to try them. I'm...
  17. texkinzee

    RB battery pack.

    No issue with mine. Good folks to deal with.
  18. texkinzee

    Apex problem right out of the gate.

    I no longer own an Equinox however I do have an ORX and Simplex. It would be unfair to the Apex to compare it to an ORX. However I may do a comparrison even though it's not my thing. I will use the HF elliptical coil at 14kHz. I should be able to get out briefly next weekend if another Apex...
  19. texkinzee

    Does anyone still use the Vista RG 1000 V-2?

    I have owned one for many years. Javelin and I were some of the first USA users. I have also used the Smart, Gold and Mini Maxx.. I currently use the Vista X. I have been a coin and relic hunter for 51 years. You can't go wrong if you prefere "beep and dig" detectors with the Deep Tech line up...
  20. texkinzee

    Smart Plus Pro Series Discrimination

    Looks impressive. Thanks Richard.