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    Draco's GS 5 problem

    Hi Draco, I started a new thread so it doesn't get more confusing. Now, I apologize for my error in determining the problem. I completely missed a very important voltage reading you posted on the last op amp, the TLC2262. That voltage reading is the +5V you should have on pin 8. You...
  2. R

    Bearkat this is for you

    Hi Bearkat, I have a few questions for you now since you are a GPX owner and I hope you will answer them. First, are you a ML dealer? Are you a multi line dealer? When you made your videos, didn't you say you adjusted the GB a little on the ATX to provide the best results? When you made...
  3. R

    PNI varmit

    Hi All, Well, I purchased an old BFO/TR recently. This is a PNI Varmit from the 70's era that didn't initially work. Fortunately, the problem was nothing more than a dirty switch and with a shot of WD 40, it was up and running. BTW, if anyone has a schematic of this detector, I would...
  4. R

    Eric Foster's PPD1

    While we are discussing pulse units of the 80's that were unique, I feel we need to discuss the PPD1, which was Eric's ferrous discriminating PI that appeared to work reasonably well on many salt water beaches. The unfortunate problem with this detector was once a person took it inland, the...
  5. R

    The CodFisher Pulse unit.

    Many of you not following the discussion about the deepest Pi detector might miss the discussion by Dave Johnson about the Codfisher. So I have copied Dave's post here and come up with a couple of questions. So, here is what Dave Posted. --------------------------------------- "Back in the...
  6. R

    Re: DEEPEST ''P I '' DETECTOR //?

    Those wanting to know more about how a P works probably should read this post. One thing I strongly recommend is you read my article "Understanding the PI metal detector" to learn more about the PI and how it works. The reason I say this is there is a lot of miss-understanding about how a PI...
  7. R

    GS 5C hi/lo tone and tone reversing

    Hi Eric, Information was recently posted on another forum from a GS 5 owner who used the high tone switch setting to look for small gold in a junk infested area. As he pointed out not all ferrous junk is eliminated in that tone mode. Unfortunately, there is a percentage of thin metal trash...
  8. R

    Rick S your emails are bouncing back

    Hi Rick, Your emails are bouncing back. I am getting your emails but can't send anything your way. Let me know if you read this. Reg
  9. R

    I took a GS 5 for a walk in a park

    Hi All, Well, I posted this on a different forum but decided to post it here also. Now, I recently added the ability to be able to turn off either of the tones and as such, I wanted to see how well it would work in a park. Well, I will let you decide. I ended up stopping at a spot where the...
  10. R

    Cool GS 5 mod

    Hi All, There has been a discussion about trying to use a PI for coin hunting on another forum and part of that discussion talked something brought to my attention by a GS 5 owner, and that was he could set the ground balance control such that high conductors such as silver and copper would...
  11. R

    Still more GS 5 gold

    I had a friend just send me a pic of 3 nuggets he recently found with his GS 5. This time the gold was found in the US. He just wanted people to know that "we can't just have pictures of Aussie gold on his forum". Since he wasn't sure just how to post the pic, I told him I would post it for...
  12. R

    GQ and nugget hunting

    Hi all GQ owners who may be using the GQ for nugget hunting. If you are using the GQ, then make sure to use the DD coil. This is by far the best when hunting "bad" ground. One of the down sides of the GQ is the fact there is no ground balance, but that becomes much less of a problem when a...