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Search results

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    Pro coil information needed

    I just got a like new SE Pro. It came with the skimpy coil cover that doesn't enclose the entire bottom. I was wondering if Minelab ever did anything to strengthen the coil ears or do i have to be careful not to put any stress on them?
  2. S

    Searchscan metal detectors?

    450,650 and Barracuda. Anyone use one?
  3. S

    Newforce metal detectors made in the late 1990s

    I just picked up a Newforce CS-1220XD metal detector. I know that Newforce was created by a merging of Discovery Electronics and C-Scope of England back in the late 1990s. The CS-4ZX and CS-5XZ had the 'SST' LED horizontal bar graph similar to the CoinTrax module Treasure Baron units. The...
  4. S

    New Bounty Hunter metal detector

    The Mach 1. No paratrooper,no mermaid...nor schooner scooter pirate..just plain simplicity for the kids. Mach 1
  5. S

    CZ-5 Discriminate pot malfunction

    I bought a used Fisher CZ-5 and noticed that the discrimination matter where i set it...still detects all the metals it's supposed to disc out and the 'auto tune' setting isn't functioning like it should. I figure it's a trip to Keith Wills or Felix. Has this ever happened to yours...
  6. S

    Best cleaner for toggle switches?

    What would be good for sticky toggle switches? I don't want to use a cleaner that leaves a residue. Any help would be appreciated! :help:
  7. S

    Don't use this glue on your metal detector plastic parts

    I recently tried Super Glue Gel and got the following results. The areas that were applied turned white and some melting of plastic. Better to use regular Super Glue or similar brands that are safe to use with plastics.
  8. S

    Iowa coin hunter

    Looking for others who do the same in Iowa/Illinois.
  9. S

    Coil sealants...anything to use other than MEK?

    I got a couple Treasure Baron coils that need re-sealing. Is there anything besides MEK that will work? Something permanent as I don't want to keep re-applying. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. S

    Is it me or has anyone noticed that the interests in vintage metal detectors dropped off significantly?

    I don't know about you guys,but I still like to swing the older analog units. I have 3 that were made in 1986. 2 Teknetics Mark series and a 'Bud Lite'. They still git r done!
  11. S

    Circuit board cleaner

    What's good for cleaning metal detector circuit boards? I tried using denatured alcohol and that won't cut it. My board is dusty and a little dirty. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. S

    Just got a bud lite

    I always wanted one. Supposed to be a stripped down Big Bud Pro,but still has notch. I like the fact that screw caps can be discriminated out at a lower setting than some of the other bud series. Anyone own/used one?
  13. S

    Any idea what Bounty Hunter this coil belonged to?

    I'm pretty sure if came off a 'BUD 1'. Most other Buds had the heavier 8" coil modeled from the older PNI Bounty Hunters.
  14. S

    Newer coils for older Tesoros

    It's good to have a Tesoro again. I just purchased a Golden Sabre Plus with the open center 8" concentric coil. Have any of you used the newer generation of coils made in the last few years on these older Tesoros? I wonder if these newer coils can enhance the performance of the older models?
  15. S

    Which Compass metal detector series went deeper in heavily mineralized ground?

    Some will say Challenger X-90/100 and others the Earle Vari-filter scanners with 'European' switch(including the Challenger X-200). I will try to elaborate as what is stated in Compass literature and owners manuals. The Earle Vari-filter(3 filter) scanners are the XP series,Coin Scanner,Gold...
  16. S

    New DD coil for Whites XLT?

    Appears NEL recently made a 'Sharp Shooter' coil for the Whites 6.59 khz XLT. This might open some new possibilities. NEL also lists a smaller circular DD 'Sharp' coil for the XLT.
  17. S

    Is the interest in vintage metal detectors on the decline?

    I own a few metal detectors built from the mid 1980s to early 1990s. All close to 25 years and older. Sometimes I feel like caving in and buying 2 modern day units. I'm sure this might have crossed your mind? I mainly like the older units due to ruggedness and simple to use. Add fun to that...
  18. S

    Did Tesoro make a 7" epoxy filled wading coil?

    I recently got an assortment of old coils and in it was a heavy Tesoro 7" coil. It weighs 1 pound,8 ounces. A little heavy for a standard foam filled coil. I'm thinking of selling it and have no way of testing. Any info would be appreciated.
  19. S

    Teknetics Mark 1 coil compatibility

    I remember the big bud series metal detectors were able to use the later First Texas Bounty Hunter coils,but I tried a newer Bounty Hunter 8" spider coil and it didn't work. For one,the connector was a little loose and the connector shaft length has a lot to be desired. Has the same thing...
  20. S

    CORS coil for Garrett CX

    I was wondering if anyone ever purchased or uses one of these coils? CORS Fortune 9.5"x5.5” DD Search Coil for Garrett Master Hunter CX Detector.