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    Message to all caps JEFF...

    JEF , Trump the person isn’t the most liked , I put that aside, it’s the policy of putting the USA first ! Standing for our National Anthem , backing our Military, our police men and women! Bringing jobs back to the USA. He doesn’t make dirty deals with other countries to enrich his family ...
  2. T

    Old site machine. XP ORX or the Deeptech Smart Plus Pro?

    Stick with XP , deep tech doesn’t even show the said detector on there website. ???
  3. T

    CZ5 In-ground depth test

    Yes tvr , the textbook signal with the Cz is very short audio , very tight ! Easy to discern. Things change when iron gets put in the mix. Then your meter gets jumpy and tone becomes inconsistent. That’s your sign to investigate closer. When you pinpoint you want that the tight small quick...
  4. T

    CZ5 In-ground depth test

    The standard method (Push button) is what I use , there’s not enough performance difference with the bobbing method for me to use it. I have done some upgrading with both of my CZ s ....... wireless with the Garrett Z- Link, a change worth looking into ,wired to the detector days are over for...
  5. T

    Pairing 540 Vanquish Help..!

    You hold the You should hold the blue tooth button ( right side) down and on the left side of the screen , you should see a flashing icon , an emblem with a + sign ...... turn on the headphones, it should automatically pair .
  6. T

    CZ5 In-ground depth test

    Hey CarChr, running sensitivities above 4.5 will bombard you with false signals. You can run your volume on 10 if you wish . Above the red marked number the volume is loud and all signals sound alike. I run mine below the red number to get modulated audio ...... meaning deep targets have a...
  7. T

    Is it just me......

    Yes, your right!!! They are one in same !!!........ I think Burns is much smarter than Shumer !!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😃
  8. T

    Father Time Has Caught Up With Me, and Need to Sell my CZ-5 and CZ-20 and FZ-1

    You need to read the classified rules before trying to post here , it gives you some info you need to know
  9. T

    Cz makes a great save !!

    Yes, they do ! After 20 + years using a CZ5 , I purchased this CZ 70 and I must say when it give the relic icon with 5”plus depth reading, you better be digging. 90% of these readings are targets masked with Iron.
  10. T

    Cz makes a great save !!

    Took the Cz 70 out today , a few 1960s 70s clad pieces , then a dog tag , not old almost ready to leave when I get a soft high tone ( love the modulated audio ) . Meter said 8 inches. Cut a plug and it’s still in the hole, digging a little more when I get glimpse of large silver . Took some...
  11. T

    Whites closing their plant.

    Hopefully you won’t need any repairs needed ....... I have been detecting since 1976 and have owned ....... Garrett’s, Fisher’s, Whites , Tesoro , Xp , Minelab and have never needed repairs on any of them . I do wipe them down after detecting, remove batteries in my non detecting season Summer ...
  12. T

    Cz...... (Still my go to detector)

    Yes, Larbear2 got CZ5 in 1993 and traded it off a year ago thinking I was missing things , new tech was going to find , I was wrong. Lucky that I have a CZ70 to still outperform the modern tech ....... ML800, XP OR, Anfi, ML54 ....... my test never lies !!! Gotta love the CZ !!!!! Wish FIsher...
  13. T

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    Your Your right Dancer , I must agree that knowing your detector is what makes the difference. And a proper coil swing. Overlapping pattern. Good Audio . Even with that working for you , you still have to have the LOCATION !! Utmost importance!! I am successful finding many old silver , tokens...
  14. T

    Cz...... (Still my go to detector)

    The last 6 months I have spent using 2 other new detectors only to return to the CZ 70. I have been using CZ s since 1993. I have updated it with some Garrett wireless headphones!! I love the comfort I have with it. Great Audio, modulation, deep, pinpoints precise !! I wish Fisher would come...
  15. T

    New multi frequency detector for 2020/2021

    Emailed Dilek two weeks ago , she says they are working on it !! Probably spring of 21 ? ..... I am excited to get one !!! 🇺🇸😃
  16. T

    Anyone using the Minelab Vanquish?

    I am using the 540 and am loving it !! I use the V10 on it !!! Perfect balance, coverage of ground ..... smooth audio !!! No menu to navigate..... plenty of features to find good, deep targets!!! I will go out in a limb and say it’s as deep as my Cz 70 !!! If your old school, this is great...
  17. T

    Analog vs digital

    It’s the new paradigm of detectors, ( jumpy numbers) . The anologs weren’t as noticeable, but they seemed to hold the ID longer. Processors , being quicker at tabulation can’t make up there mind. Just how it is . Jumpy numbers seems to be inherent to most every brand of detectors. The only...
  18. T

    Do you trust NPR, based on their recent political bias

    I tune in to NPR to get the latest info on what the enemy is planning and what their latest complaints are. Their a bunch of Liberal whining Leftists !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸😃🇺🇸🇺🇸
  19. T

    Anfibio firmware updates

    If there where to be an update for the Anfibio, what would you like to see updated ? I am thinking about getting an Anfibio Multi . Thanks Tony