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  1. TechBill

    The two S

    Practice Safe Shopping or otherwise you’ll wound up with STD. Shopping Transmitted Disease
  2. TechBill

    A sad year for USA .......

  3. TechBill

    Classifieds Rules

    General Rules The Finds Treasure Forum Classifieds is for individual use only with the exception of banner advertising buyers. Those buyers may advertise their traded in, discontinued models, etc. Individual sellers may post their normal unwanted detectors on here, But they cannot exceed (1)...
  4. TechBill

    News outlet glorifying UK virus rate stabling while USA are still increasing ......

    I been seeing in the news lately how they are making UK look good comparing to USA on virus statistics ... But ... they forget one thing ... USA population is about 330 millions while .......... UK population is about 67 millions which make ......... it about five times less than USA...
  5. TechBill

    How to filter to only the thread which you participated in and if there are new posts in it.

    To list all threads that you participated in and to see if there are new posts within in it. At top navigation menu bar on the left is a tab "What's new" click on the down arrow next to the text which will open up a menu then select "new posts" You will get a list of all new posts in every...
  6. TechBill

    Alert member(s) to any of your posts/replies

    You can now alert any members on Find's Treasure Forums to any of your posts/replies just by typing in @ and the first 3 or 4 character of the member's username until a list of member menu opens up allowing you to pick the correct member then post it. This allow you to direct a member to a...
  7. TechBill

    Facebook are now supported.

    New members can use Facebook account to register an account here on Find's Treasure Forum instantly rather than having to go through to verify their emails etc. Just click Facebook button on the register page if you haven't register yet. Existing members can link their Facebook account with...
  8. TechBill

    Smileys from old Find's Treasure Forum transferred over to the new forums

    I have transferred most of the logos, military insignia and few smileys. You should notice it in the smileys button. I did not transfer all of the smileys since we have a newer updated smileys on the new forum but if there is a smileys that not on the new forum and you really want it here, send...
  9. TechBill

    Mark read & Mark forums read

    You probably already noticed that in each forum there is a Mark read button on the upper right corner right above the thread list to mark every thread in that forum "Read". There was a Mark "ALL" forums read button on the old forum but members have been complaining that sometime they had a...
  10. TechBill


    To add avatar to your profile. Click on your username in the upper right corner of the forum, it will open up your profile menu and you will see an avatar photo in the menu box. Hover your mouse cursor over the avatar photo itself and a edit button will appear at the bottom of the avatar...
  11. TechBill


    On the old forum, everyone would see the post time and date based on central timezone because it where the actual server is located at. This forum handle the timezone differently. You may noticed that the time and date is off, that is because the default timezone for each member is somewhere...
  12. TechBill


    The messenger on this forum is a little different than the old one. To send someone a message, click on the envelope icon next to your username in the upper right corner of the forum. A box will pop up and you will need to click "To start a new conversation" near bottom of that pop up box...
  13. TechBill

    Emoticons / Icons / Logos

    The emoticons, icons, and logos will be transferred over to the new forums as soon as possible .. Thank you for your patience! Bill
  14. TechBill

    Display Signature

    If you want to see everyone's signature in every post Click on your username in the upper right corner and select preferences in the pop up box. Put a check in the box next to "Show people's signatures with their messages" then click SAVE.
  15. TechBill

    Light and dark mode feature

    You will notice on the upper right corner a half moon icon. If you click on the half moon, it will turn the forum into a dark mode and the icon will change to a light bulb. Click on the light bulb to turn it back into light mode. Go give it a try! Bill
  16. TechBill

    Using CTX for Civil War relic hunting

    I been using several different Minelab detectors over the years since late 80's and early 90's so I know Minelab machine very well and the quality of it. My last machine was an Explorer then I stopped detecting in 2008 or so due to new job and I went back to college to finish up my science...
  17. TechBill


    Howdy, I got question about the gain. Is it to make the faint deep sound louder? I am deaf but use hearing device, so I would want to set increase the gain to make those deep sound louder correct? With higher gain there shouldn't be any faint signal to miss? Lastly any con using higher...
  18. TechBill

    Is CTX wireless module using Bluetooth?

    Anyone know if CTX wireless module using standard Bluetooth to pair to the detector or not? Or is Minelab using it own version of pairing programming in the module and detector? Bill
  19. TechBill

    Howdy! About Garrett pinpointer

    Howdy everyone! I been Treasure hunting and detecting for 30+ years but took a long break from it for the last several years. Now I am getting back into the game and recently purchased a CTX since I always used Minelab brand even since it was introduced into USA. I am also an administrator of...
  20. TechBill

    Test post .. just testing icon displayed in subject line

    Seeing if new module detects a youtube link in post and display the proper film negtive icon on post subject line . testing one and two and three