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    The House from "Hades"

    This house had power lines on 3 sides of the house, power to the house from a transformer, 10-2 wire strung across the yard to the garage, 10-2 wire from the garage to a second building on and in the ground, lots of pulltabs, small iron everywhere and the house had been hunted heavily before...
  2. R

    Hunted Out ? Nope !!

    I had an opportunity to take the Smart Pro Plus Series to an area to hunt that I take all my new machines to see if they will live up to the claims. This area is hard to find anything because I use little to virtually no discrimination when I hunt. The Pro did find these 2 targets, (pin rusted...
  3. R

    Back Soon With More Smart Plus Pro Updates

    Hopefully, in a week or so I will be able to get some more information out on the Smart Plus Pro. I have had health issues that turned out to me my gall bladder. Doing great now but can swing a detector yet.. HH Richard
  4. R

    Smart Plus Pro Series 4 X 5¢

    Went out for a couple of hours to an old house. It was one of those that when they starting renting it, every drunk in the community pulled in the front yard, drunk beer and worked on his car. The yard was full of pull tabs** but I was able to pull out 4 nickles and a chauffeur's badge. The...
  5. R

    Another Vista User Finds Silver

    A customer and a Friend who uses a Vista X gave me permission to post this. HH Richard "Managed to find two silver dimes yesterday after work at a place that's been pounded by other detectors. Vista x "
  6. R

    Smart Plus Pro Series Discrimination

    Short video on the ability of the Pro to "see" or "not see" ferrous and non-ferrous targets. I won't be comparing the Vistas to other brands because this is a hobby that we should enjoy it and not get into arguments over brand loyalities. Metal detectors are made to enjoy and if you have...
  7. R

    Introduction to the New Vista Smart Plus Pro Series

    I hope you enjoy the video. HH Richard
  8. R

    I'm Excited ! I have a ...... Coming Monday !!

    I have a new Smart Plus Pro Series coming Monday. Going to give it a try and see how well it does. While I love the Vista X, the Smart is a kick-butt detector, too.. Richard
  9. R

    Excited About Trying the New XS Coil on My X

    I have hunted with the 5.7" on the Vista X and was blown away. Areas that have been "hunted-out" or so full of iron that others walk away.. I absolutely love, my heartbeat jumps and I know that some of the best goodies have been left behind. The 5.7 excels in this area. BUT how will it's big...
  10. R

    Running the Vista X Discrimination at the Pre-Set

    I have hunted this old house many times and used almost every detector out there. I did well with the Vista X and the discrimination at 30. I decided to back it off to the pre-set and see what I would find. As you can see, there were targets that I left behind. A couple of them were...
  11. R

    Found This And Need Some Help

    It is the size of a large cent. Looks like 2 men working on the reverse side. The front side shows a man facing right at about a 60 degree angle. This may be familiar to some here but in East Tn., we don't find a lot like this. Could be a medallion ? Thanks ahead of time . HH Richard
  12. R

    Didn't Find the Ring but.....

    I am going back.. A friend's mother lost her ring 25 years ago or so.. She has since passed away but he wanted me to find it if I could. He thinks she may have lost it while working in the flowers. You can see what I found, with the silver war nickel being the best find. The fork and spoon...
  13. R

    A Little Insight on Shipping Cost

    I talked to a major importer this morning about shipping by air from Europe. The cost has gone up 5 times over the original shipping charges earlier in the year . Previously, passengers offset the cost and now that there are few if any passengers, the airlines are having to not fly or...
  14. R

    Production changed to....... ( What are we not being told?)

    My nephew works in a local factory and they stopped regular production of their company product and started making partitions for mobile hospitals. When they got caught up, they are now making stainless steel body boxes that will accommodate from 2 - 8 bodies. My understanding they are the...
  15. R

    Vista X, Melted Aluminum and 4 Silvers

    I went to a house that had burned down and there was so much melted aluminum that I turned my discrimination up to where it would knock out pulltabs, small aluminum pcs, etc. The hunting was very hard but I was able to find a 1930 British large cent, '64 Merc, '04 Barber dime, melted silver...
  16. R

    Not Much - Few Odds and Ends with Vista X

    3 Wheaties in the bunch, the rest are clad... Odds and ends from around an old garage...
  17. R

    Saw it before but can't find it now ! Need Help

    I have seen these before but can't seem to find it now.. I recognize backmark.. Thanks ahead of time.. Richard