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  1. C

    First Silver Coin of the Year

    Does This count? Found in a local Coin Star Reject Tray Feeling left out with all these recent success stories Still facing one or two months of winter and frozen ground
  2. C

    Found a loaded 357!

    I read on the Photo Taurus - most of it is Stainless Steel Were there live bullets in each chamber? If there were empty casings in the chambers, that indicates it was fired before discarding. Each scenario would tell a different tale if lost or discarded. Interesting find either way
  3. C

    Help us identify some relics!

    Photo # 3 is the top part of an oval can used to store and distribute Powder. Like Talcum Powder - I remember those from the 50's. 20 mule Team Borax - we used to scrub our hands as kids.
  4. C


    Interesting finds. The fact that there is such a variety of nations and dates that are old plus in a small area tells me it has to be a personal collection. I entrained a thought of a foreign invasion for a second....;)
  5. C

    Anfibio 11” coil on Makro Kruger

    You should notice the chatter subside as you swing the coil - I have that same detector and that extra coil too
  6. C

    Five silver dimes the hard way

    Pun intended - " I think you found an old Dime Store" :p Those who lived in the 50's will understand
  7. C

    Tomorrow morning,wife & I gonna

    I got up early and went to our Middle School to vote at 7 am. The parking lot was already full so had to park on a side street. After getting in the line I decided it was too long for me. ! was going to be # 200. I am too old to stand around that long so I went home. My wife and I returned...
  8. C

    Very bad signal old copper!

    Hi, FYI - The Religious Metal says St Jude Thaddaeus - one of the Apostles - never seen one like that
  9. C

    Any Thoughts on using the 4 kHz Frequency

    High- Not claiming to be an expert on the Nox 600 but here is where I am at on my experimentation. I don't see much on here for using the 4 kHz Frequency. so I went out on Sunday to do a test at and 100 year old Park. I would be interested in anyone's experience with varying settings. My...
  10. C

    1950's School Yard Shocker

    Very Nice Find. Having read much on the NOX and view many test video's I have come to some opinions. in Multi the deeper the coin the lower the ID number for silver. (so some silver targets might be passed up do to low ID#) The latest update added 4 kHz - Video testing has shown in 4 Khz on...
  11. C

    5” coil on the Kruzer

    Thanks for the Post - I use the 5" coil much of the time now. Work great in the water too. A week ago on vacation I used it in the Copper Country searching old mine areas and roads for lumps of copper. It works well. An observation I have made is the ID numbers range from 50 to 95 in locating...
  12. C

    Looks like a new software update?

    Ok, Just tried the link Down loaded the update Hooked up my 600 - Said to update Took less than 5 Mins. I checked and I have the 4 kHz now too. So The upgrade was successful :)
  13. C

    Multi Kruzer Year 3

    I am still liking my multi Kruzer. Especially for fresh water beach hunting in the water. I am now 70 and dont get out as much, especially with the virus scare. Here is a find from Sunday detecting in chest high water.
  14. C


    I don't need another Water-Proof Detector, thank you. I like the new Garrett Apex and am trying to get on a waiting list to try one out Multi Freq- Even though I have "one" multi- I don't find that feature superior to anything else I have in single Frequency. The write ups and videos for the...
  15. C

    The bell tolls

    Bells - My Uncle always had a German Shepard on his farm- Black and Tan - He would attach a Bell to his collar especially during the Deer Hunting season to prevent accidental shootings. Just a thought on one of the uses for a bell
  16. C

    Anyone been/felt threatened while detecting?

    A couple years ago I headed to a Dearborn park after work. I was an early spring afternoon and school let out. The neighbor hood population was ethnically Mid-Eastern. I attracted a crowd of young boys who were mostly curious which was fine until a group on older teens showed up. The leader...
  17. C

    The Mojave

    Stuck at home so I checked Mine - 230310
  18. C

    Made it out today with the nox

    Well That's how it goes sometimes. I got out yesterday too since the early spring temps hit 50-F. Me, My Wife and the Dog... Took a 60 mile ride up the coast Gosh Darn it if I did't forget how to use the darn Nox 600....Too many buttons...:LOL: Good thing I had a preset Program inserted last...