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Search results

  1. Guvner

    For those thinking for new party.. Give the idiots one more chance in next terms... Just realize they are working on H.R. 1 to enshrine illegal voting

    Once that's over you will have lost your country anyway. This isn't about voter intimidation, this is allowing unabashed cheating from here on out. These guys are off the charts... and basically Bolsheviks... Russia.. Russia.. Russia.. You know the part where if someone is accusing you of...
  2. Guvner

    Biden attacks Voice of America to end their support of America... What a communist POS this guy is...
  3. Guvner

    Out of the mouth of one of the more toxic of the TDS crowd

    Can you imagine St. Peter meeting Pelosi at decision time at the gates? The look on his face would be much more contorted then say Tucker after playing a Biden promise against red China... and the call down to the guy below inquiring just how hot of a temperature the steamiest oven down there...
  4. Guvner

    Out of the mouth of one of the more toxic of the TDS crowd

    It's the new normal... brought to you by that figurehead of idiocy... Pelosi... G..
  5. Guvner

    I hear the dems passing laws to enshrine the mail in voting. They can't. Local houses and senate must do the rule making. Anyone see anything?

    Are any of the states taking action to protect elections? Just curious. I have to have all kinds of ID's to vote ahead or the day of the election. Hard to cheat here. How about in your state? G..
  6. Guvner

    Come on man... Another blast from the past.. and in this case the present...
  7. Guvner

    President Biden is sworn into office with a Bible that has been in his family since 1893

    That could be a Satanic book disguised as a Bible. After all, like one user already mentioned, it didn't burst into flames when he touched it. On a side note. Do you think the Bible was in the room when he was sleeping with Dr. Biden while she was still married? I guess it would have been...
  8. Guvner

    You can't fix stupid.

    Double standard is what enrages me too. These asswipes say the most outrageous crap and CNN plays it for weeks. Nothing... I guess my biggest fear is the chances of anyone not on the left side will ever see a judge that sees they have rights. I wonder if Kamswallow will post his bond? And even...
  9. Guvner

    China passed a law this past week allowing them to fire on any ship found sailing in the China sea... No comment from Biden... More importantly...

    They have made a list of every Trump Official that they didn't like and passed this list off to American Industry and told them if any are hired in, their chains they have would cease to have access to the Chinese market. They are supposedly mostly worried about tell all books and are aiming at...
  10. Guvner

    Biden's new normal: Boys wrestling Girls.

    Well... You are at best predictable... You got your troops back in the middle east, boys get to eliminate real girls in athletics, he is now re-doing our 401K, eliminate the 1776 project so his own fake history will go back in schools. I bet your proud. I smell a loser from preschool.... G..
  11. Guvner

    Biden's new normal: Boys wrestling Girls.

    No opinion again... What a soft shell turtle you are.. How's the fair minded, principled dem doing today? Just an attaboy for Steve being afraid to voice his opinion... Loser allert... G...
  12. Guvner

    Biden's new normal: Boys wrestling Girls.

    I'm going to guess they didn't meet our community standards... what do ya think??? What's your take on this stuff. I know you got an opinion that you usually can't help but share. My guess is it's one that abhorrent and you're not gonna share... and where is SeaBee and his usual attaboys for...
  13. Guvner

    Just heard a great answer to a dimwit asking who voted for Biden...

    Dimwit: I voted for him and so did 98% of the people around me did... Next commenter: Where do you live? In a cemetery??
  14. Guvner

    Biden's new normal: Boys wrestling Girls.

    Will realizing my nasty common sense be part of my re-education camp experience?
  15. Guvner

    Biden's new normal: Boys wrestling Girls.

    Well you dem supporters here... Hope you don't have any little girl athletes coming of age... Let's hear from some of you... SeaBee... Steve Canada.... Can't wait for the supporting positions on a first day must do declaration... Below picture is a born girl that gets to take testosterone...
  16. Guvner

    On day one, Biden will take steps to cripple the US economy, and threaten our National Security.

    And John Roberts stays the biggest embarrassment of a Supreme Court Justice in our history. He decides Obamacare is a tax despite the writers of the law saying it wasn't. Then decides the Senate can write tax law, then ignores the fact that since it is not on anything but shaky legal ground that...
  17. Guvner

    On day one, Biden will take steps to cripple the US economy, and threaten our National Security.

    Exactly.. Note the former dem representative that had a huge portrait of Mae Tse Tung in his living room. How do you get like that unless you're a believer in another system... Ponder it..
  18. Guvner

    Biden back to graft and corruption on the first day...
  19. Guvner

    Hey Guv, what happened to our chum, BeyWolf?

    I don't know. I guess I could ask the Facebook/Twitter questionaire... Did he meet Findmall's community standards? Hmmm...
  20. Guvner

    Harold Ford, former congressman gets outed for having a Mao painting in his living room...

    Why waste your time. They are just awaiting checks so they can ignore what you noticed... They suck... and are corrupt beyond belief... G..