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Search results

  1. Mkus

    Made some folks very happy today.....

    Nice job I lost my brother 4 years ago in a car accident we still have no idea exactly what happened I was detecting with him hours before we had a great day! Mark
  2. Mkus

    Double Standing Last Weekend

    Nice finds Dave grounds hard here for a bit.. Mark
  3. Mkus

    smile for the day

    Good story love my two Sammy the frenchie and Lucy my Boston
  4. Mkus

    See the weekly Dirt! 26 Morgan’s found!

    I was happy to find two and lucky enough! Mark
  5. Mkus

    Back to the old school yard

    That's a great hunt there nice job looks like some of the school finds I make! I just really like old school yards! Mark
  6. Mkus

    My first meager finds of 2021

    Nice job on the finds! Mark
  7. Mkus

    See the weekly Dirt! 26 Morgan’s found!

    26 Morgan silver dollars found!
  8. Mkus

    First gold for me, 2021

    Nice job on the gold Mark
  9. Mkus

    Unbelievable Find! Hand Etched Dated Black Glass Mallet Bottle...

    Same here I sell some but keep the old coins Matk
  10. Mkus

    A very powerful message!

  11. Mkus

    American digger

    I'm going to subscribe to it something about looking and reading a magazine is way better than a online subscription.. Mark
  12. Mkus

    Our national guard troops

    Yeah don't believe a word they say about unity they want to destroy the 2 amendment the loss of the gun industry would put millions out of work! That's not unity. This should make everyone stronger in their belief of our Lord and savior Amen.. Mark
  13. Mkus

    A new site yields a few nice finds...

    Nice finds! Mark
  14. Mkus

    Birdwatcher discovers $1M worth of ancient Celtic gold coins!

    Probably found a lot more than he's saying lol! Mark
  15. Mkus

    Unbelievable Find! Hand Etched Dated Black Glass Mallet Bottle...

    Nice find I'm friends with a local archaeologist I've seen bottles in his collection dating back 1600's crazy! Mark
  16. Mkus

    Bling Ring and a half.

    Nice scores Jim! Mark
  17. Mkus

    Confrontation ends with win for our side.

    Nice job I’ve done the same with police even did you find out if it was a coin? Mark
  18. Mkus

    Massive gold ring

    Probably in the 20’s mine was a big piece of gold rings up real good.. Mark
  19. Mkus

    Wheat fest and some silver.

    Nice finds Dan
  20. Mkus

    Massive gold ring

    Sweeeet find I sold a big nugget ring I found last spring . Mark