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Search results

  1. C.J.M.

    Fisher coil for F-2 / F-4 5.9 khz coils

    They have a screw on connections.:)
  2. C.J.M.

    Member List

    OOOOORAH ----SEMPERFI 60---64
  3. C.J.M.

    Prayer request....

  4. C.J.M.

    Just a break while they ration the water & power

    Good mercy on top of all this problems happening SENILE BIDEN has 35,000 emigrants at the border gate what in the world is he going to do with them:wacko::stretcher:?? They all have the Virus .Flu. P.G. women:shrug:
  5. C.J.M.

    Just a break while they ration the water & power

    Things looking bad here worst storm since 1899 :eek:The city has been rationing power and water ,water mains are breaking up people are leaving homes and getting motels and hotels so I am getting a break as this time that will only last maybe a few hours:shrug::confused:The things is you are...
  6. C.J.M.

    Artic front in our mist

    The city has been cutting our power off and on all week problem is that my home is all electric no gas whatsoever.Good mercy it has been around 10 degrees sometimes for 1 1/2 days you could not find an electric heater in 50 miles.Big problem you never know when they will cut power off :shrug...
  7. C.J.M.

    northeastern coming our way

    Yep, this was an Artic front went to 10 degrees its been here for a week and might blow out by maybe Saturday :shrug: Poor animals are really suffering 😿🐱🐶.They are cutting our power for hours then it comes back for 1 hour and down again .Its all over the state Dalhart ,Texas .shows - 0
  8. C.J.M.

    Nox 800 on silver

    IF you want a "silver killer" buy the Fisher F-5 for $299 you cannot beat it :clapping: :yikes:
  9. C.J.M.

    northeastern coming our way

    WOW south Texas is going to catch it for the next week its going to be 5 degrees its in the low 20's already. Needless to say all plants are going to freeze OOOOOH my Lemon trees :eek::look:🍋
  10. C.J.M.

    Which coil do you prefer?

    I bought a Nel 9.5" x 5.5" sharp shooter for the F-5--WOW BLEW MY SOCKS OFF. :clapping:
  11. C.J.M.

    Pray for brother Martin......

    God bless you and heal you Marty:sadwalk:
  12. C.J.M.

    The Best of the Best detector

    Thank you guys at 80 still trying my best with 9 major surgeries its catching up with me. :rolleyes:
  13. C.J.M.

    The Best of the Best

    As far as you known in years of detecting which detector at this present time is the best All around Detector ever made in the USA or foreign made and regardless of price :shrug: :look:
  14. C.J.M.

    The Best of the Best detector

    OK guys probably hard question to answer ,but here it is:In your life time of detecting you have seen just about every kind of detector from USA ---TO foreign detectors. So the saying still stands "THERE'S NO PERFECT DETECTOR" ,BUT Often wonder whats your opinion on The Best all around detector...
  15. C.J.M.

    Fisher coil for F-2 / F-4 5.9 khz coils

    What Teknetic detectors can use the 4" and 10" Fisher coils? :shrug:
  16. C.J.M.

    How Satan distracts

  17. C.J.M.

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, 2-14-2021

  18. C.J.M.


    YEP its a wake up call for this nation we are back to square 1 BIDEN is in love with all the back-stabbing Chinese and their VIRUS.
  19. C.J.M.

    Recent years some Very good water machines have been discontinued, are their replacements much better ?

    White detectors used to put out great water detectors,now they are in the past:(