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Search results

  1. Ronstar

    Trip 5 to the Arboretum

    By clearing out those damned caps is how the tones cleaned up for the silvers. LUCKILY nearly everything we’ve been digging is in the 3-4” range in soft loose soil. We think this area was cherry picked in the years past too. I know I’m probably getting caps cuz the tone chirps but none the less...
  2. Ronstar

    classified help...

    Clearing confusion I hope..... If you see a light bulb click on it and it changes to a moon and the background gets darker. Click on the moon and it changes to a light bulb and background gets lighter. They are not there together at the same time.
  3. Ronstar

    Need Prayers--Please

    Rest and get better Ma, you are by no means done with us here on the Forum!
  4. Ronstar

    Trip 5 to the Arboretum

    Had some time today so back to the woods. Started in to what I was hoping was the magic arc of where festival goers would have been sitting during the concerts. I hit a full fledged bottle cap graveyard! I must have dug well over 150+ steel caps and pulltabs! One good thing about digging it all...
  5. Ronstar

    Took the lady for a walk.

    One of our Mounted Posse (Search and Rescue) members has a 1904 built house in a small community north of here. In casual conversation I asked if the place had ever been detected, she said not to her knowledge but she has only lived there for 10 years. She had time yesterday so I drove up. I...
  6. Ronstar

    Sterling St Vincent Depaul Medal / Arrowhead / Old Cork Top Bottle / Silver Coins And Many Others

    That had to have fun outings.. geez you covered the dime spectrum and jewelry hits pretty impressively!!!
  7. Ronstar

    Another railroad key..

    Old keys have a following just like most everything else. I’m gonna go broke just buying books with this hobby.......
  8. Ronstar

    Another great big silver and gold weekend with XP Deus tokens!

    Wow, that would definitely be a two beer day for me!!!! Nice!!!!!’n
  9. Ronstar

    Metal Arrowhead Identification

    Well, she would be a ghostly figure now!!!😂😂
  10. Ronstar

    Metal Arrowhead Identification

    Hey it was early and no second cup of coffee yet. Ok, it was a junk earring from a lost Indian maiden????Her name was Poca something
  11. Ronstar

    hard fought merc

    Exactly! I’ve heard a lot of the younger crowd complain about the detector not working right, yes it is. I’m starting to think if I would have kept all the pull tops and tabs I’ve dug I probably would have several dollars in aluminum value!
  12. Ronstar

    Metal Arrowhead Identification

    Ya all gonna have to wait until next April........but maybe I would have identified as one prong on a seven prong liver scratcher!
  13. Ronstar

    Trip 4 into the Arboretum

    Yesterday I pried jkline out of his silver mecca, I mean who wants things like 1892 Barber dimes??? Anyway, my intent was to see what else we might find and also to see if I couldn’t help get him one of those old 45 cases or a bullet or two. Before he got there I managed to find one bullet with...
  14. Ronstar

    G23 Ira Green Military pin

    Makes one think of Motor Pool/Mechanics or Maintenance groups.
  15. Ronstar

    1775 King George III

    Should of just said “found these coins from the 70s” and watched the reaction as we all zeroed in on the difference!!! 😂😂. Nice find!!
  16. Ronstar

    Let's talk pinpointng a target

    Im following what you’re saying Elmy but on the F75 it goes from soft to loud back to soft plus I’m watching the depth icon. Takes me maybe 5 seconds to locate center and if target is 5” or less I use the trowel to dig and it 99% of the time in the hole. Are you saying tho if deeper to try other...
  17. Ronstar

    Barber in the hole!

    First off I dont have a wood stove but i do have a hot woman!!! Second, if I remember correctly, you thought it was 1902 because you didnt take your cheaters. I looked up the coin and discovered if it was an S mintmark you were getting some change for that!!!! Still have the shot of whiskey when...
  18. Ronstar

    Whatzit? A casing and bullet but what round???

    Thanks! Not knowing how to identify or what the style name is has made it difficult to look up. I’m not finding a listing for 390 gr bullets for the 45-60 but cant help but think it still could be as 405 gr appears to be the original preferred weight. I didn’t mention it earlier but it also...
  19. Ronstar

    First Bling in School Play Ground

    Any markings on the clasps??? That would tell you..... nice find!!
  20. Ronstar

    Funny story about dirt fishing

    Sometimes I feel like I need a decoder ring or a translation app when, as a Fisher guy, I try and read the Minelab forums.....12-45 equals what???? just saying... lol