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Search results

  1. H

    Looking for a backup wet sand machine

    I have a Vanquish 540 as my backup detector and it's fantastic at saltwater beaches.
  2. H

    Back to WM08 Module from BT

    You don't use the WM08 with wired, waterproof plug those directly into the Nox. While plugging the waterproof headphones into the WM08 module will work on land, the module is NOT waterproof and once the detector control pod goes underwater, you won't hear anything.
  3. H

    Help me choose a pinpointer.

    I've never had a single issue with my Carrot. It's a fantastic pinpointer that can be ground balanced, reduce sensitivity if desired and fully waterproof.
  4. H

    Waterproof headphones

    I got the LS Pelso from ebay. Just under $100 including shipping.
  5. H

    Paper Manual

    Ahhh, then you are clicking a link to the file and not the actual file itself. Ensure you download the file to your phone and then you won't need a net connection. Good luck!
  6. H

    Paper Manual

    You don't need cell coverage to open a document. The manual is a pdf document, no cell/internet necessary.
  7. H

    Broke my Coil ear AGAIN!!! Attempting rear with Super Glue

    I've had my Nox for over a year and am pretty rough with it. I hunt in moving water, the woods, etc. and have not had a coil ear break. I keep the coil lugs loose enough so that the coil will hold under it's own weight, but with slight pressure, it will move easily.
  8. H

    Paper Manual

    Why would you carry a paper manual with you when you can simply have it on your phone? If I ever need to reference the manual, I simply check it out on my phone.
  9. H

    WTH is this acceptable?????????????

    I used to think this way as well...until my mentor who's been detecting for over 30 years informed me that a larger plug actually is better (than the very small ones I used to cut). He showed me how it's much easier to replace without falling apart, and it recovers much better as well. Just...
  10. H

    Another 3.0 update question

    I think it's fairly accurate on coins. Remember, the depth meter was designed for a coin sized target. A beer can or large target will show as much more shallow then it really is due to it's size.
  11. H

    Another 3.0 update question

    No problems whatsoever.
  12. H

    Upper and Lower Shaft

    What does the LS stand for? I have LS Pelso waterproof headphones and I've seen that on a few items, just never knew what the LS is.
  13. H

    Beach scoop recommendations.

    My mistake was buying one that was too small the 1st time. Especially when water want one that is big/wide enough so the target doesn't squirt out. I ended up getting one that is 8" wide and it's fantastic. Also, get a long handle! You won't regret it...makes it so much easier...
  14. H

    Upgrade question

    4k doesn't affect the multi. The latest update did add some stability as well.
  15. H

    New to the Equinox and a question.

    I use Park 1 exclusively on land, and Beach 2 at the beach/in the water.
  16. H

    Question on park 1 and park 2

    I use Park 1 exclusively on land and Beach 2 at the beach/in the water.
  17. H

    In the field re-charge...

    Wow, my Nox will last over 12-hours on a single you detect for longer than that?
  18. H

    fixed ground balance on the vanquesh

    I have both a Nox 800 and the Vanquish 540. Honestly, I've never had the need to ground balance either. Even in the Nox manual, it states not to Ground Balance unless it's really noisy. The exception is Gold Mode where Tracking Ground Balance is the default. Directly from the Nox manual...
  19. H

    Picked up a Nox 800

    What do you mean the Equinox you got is not waterproof? They are waterproof by design. Are you saying something damaged it to break the seal?