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Search results

  1. sgoss66


    beachreaper -- THANK YOU for the endorsement, and kind words! Steve
  2. sgoss66


    Lawrence -- THANKS for your kind words; I'm glad you are enjoying the shaft! Steve
  3. sgoss66


    DW-BGW -- THANK YOU, for recommending. Beach Bandit -- I'd be happy to set you up with a 2-piece shaft, if you would like. Each of my shafts are hand-made, can be customized to your needs, and are of very high quality. I think you'd be pleased... Thanks! Steve
  4. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    Lawrence, THANK YOU for the kind words/endorsement! I am so glad you are happy with the shaft! Steve
  5. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    From my view, Minelab has always had an overabundance of "arrogance," and "we know better what you need, than you do" type of attitude. BUT -- the one thing they've always had, is the PERFORMANCE, and so it's hard to toss their machines aside, despite some of these "arrogance" issues, because...
  6. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    I can't speak for any other shaft manufacturers, but I can say that in my case, I spent ALOT of time way back during the design stage of my lower rods, working and testing to get the width of the lower rod piece (and the washers) "just right," so that when tightened down to the point where the...
  7. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    You are quite right, doubt about it. Steve
  8. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    Jayhop -- Project, LOL! It's funny, WAY back before any of these coil ear stiffeners were on the market, a fellow detectorist and one of my customers, who frequents many forums under the name "Colonel Dan," suggested to me that I might want to look into making something for Equinox users, that...
  9. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    jayhop -- "Welding" a "stiffener" onto a coil that is out of warranty makes alot of sense to me. I agree with you that something that physically attaches (i.e. is "bonded) to both the coil ears, AND to the coil body itself, is the best option. However, I'm not sure I would use 3D-printed...
  10. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    Florida Son -- THANKS for the kind words/support! :) Steve
  11. sgoss66

    1775 King George III

    Terrific!!!! GREAT FIND! Steve
  12. sgoss66

    School gold and old silver.

    WAY TO GO, Mark! Great job, as usual! Steve
  13. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    wildwilly -- Thank you! I am so glad you are pleased! Much appreciated!! Steve
  14. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    Carl, Thank YOU! I'm glad you are happy with it, and it's very much appreciated! Steve
  15. sgoss66

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    Wow, THANK YOU for the kind words, thardin88! I'm SO glad you are pleased, and that you can enjoy the machine a little more, now! Steve
  16. sgoss66

    40/40 hunt

    Jeff -- NICE DIGS!!! Glad you were able to get out and uncover a few goodies, after so recent brutal cold! Steve
  17. sgoss66

    Broke my Coil ear AGAIN!!! Attempting rear with Super Glue

    There are several videos on youtube as to how to repair coil ears. Super glue won't hold it. You need a rigid piece of plastic, like acrylic, trimmed to roughly the shape of your coil ear, and then epoxy it in place as a "backer" for the broken coil ear, using a high-quality epoxy that is...
  18. sgoss66

    Upper and Lower Shaft

    Marc, I build both standard and custom carbon-fiber shafts for the Equinox, in both "traditional" black carbon fiber, as well as a number of different color options. If/when you may consider purchasing a carbon-fiber shaft, feel free to contact me. Thanks! Steve
  19. sgoss66

    My 3rd Day City Park Hunting. GOT LUCKY..!

    fastdraw -- CONGRATS! OUTSTANDING! A Seated coin for your first silver of 2021? I'd say you can't beat that! :) Steve
  20. sgoss66

    Surprised seated and lots of clad and Kennedy half

    Good stuff, Mkus! Sounds like fun! Steve