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  1. M

    Any ACTIVE Metal Detecting Clubs in Texas?

    I just moved to Clyde, Texas from Eastern Oregon. I'm about 15 minutes east of Abilene, Texas. and my oldest son moved here in mid-March and he is also into this great sport. So, let us know where the clubs are, meeting times and locations, etc. Post here or, preferably, drop me an e-mail to...
  2. M

    Tried my Simplex for the first time yesterday

    I checked them both out, side-by-side when they were released. 'Depth' seems to often be an over-hyped topic, at least to me. because with over 56 years of avid detecting I have noted that most old coins, trade tokens, gold and silver jewelry, and all sorts of desirables are nt all that deep...
  3. M

    teknetics 4 inch ultra coil

    Depending on which model you have, I believe I have an extra 4" Concentric coil in my Accessory Coil Tote. Drop me an e-mail to either: ... or ... Monte
  4. M

    Tried my Simplex for the first time yesterday

    In addition to my Simplex + I also use the Garrett Apex. Nokta FORS Relic (for get-serious Relic Hunting sites), and a Tesoro Silver Sabre µ (micro)MAX as well as Bandido II µMAX. What Mode, Discrimination setting and Sensitivity were you using on your Simplex ? That can make a lot of...
  5. M

    Higher value target tests F75

    It would be nice if we didn't have so much blasted trash to deal with. Oh, there was some discarded junk to deal with in those earlier days of detecting in the latter '60s and through the '70s, and even into the early '80s it wasn't too terribly bad, but it was starting to get there. Today...
  6. M

    Higher value target tests F75

    I figured the results with mixed associated metal objects would produce a 'blended' audio response. That's normal. What needs to be factored in is the orientation of the 'trash' objects to the 'good' target, along with the search coil sweep presentation. This description makes a difference...
  7. M

    Update for the Apex

    'Thank You' for the comments, JCR. What chunk of this state are you located in? I've been a bit busy trying to shop for a house and get things squared away, inspections done, etc., etc. If all goes well I should close two weeks from today, and I am hoping for sooner than that. Then I can get...
  8. M

    Update for the Apex

    Andy, Hello and I trust all is going well for you. I was, as you recall, living in Vale in eastern Oregon, not far from the Idaho border. I mainly hunted old gold mining era encampments and ghost town sites or old and long out-of-use RR ghost towns. The ground was very mineralized and the...
  9. M

    Update for the Apex

    Yes, you can use the same cable. i used mine to do the '.28' update on all four of my Apex devices. It took just a little longer to update my original Apex than the other three, but all the updates went smoothly and tey are all working well. I updated my 2nd, 3rd and 4th Apex first so I could...
  10. M

    Nokta impact

    Yes, I am still round. I spend most of my on-line time on my Forums, then here, then one or two other sites occasionally. Sorry to hear you got out of the hobby for a spell, but glad to hear you are back into it and have invested in a quality product. There are too many low-class...
  11. M

    Just got my new Simplex

    Utah Neal, I think you are going to like the Simplex + once you get to use it and learn it. Mine spend most of its time working with the 5X9½ DD coil as the standard 11" round coil is too big for the dense brush and trashy sites I grab it for. I use Park 1 the most in trashier areas, and...
  12. M

    New multi frequency machine

    The Déus & ORX can do quite well with a round 9" DD. I've had that coil, but I prefer the elliptical DD that's a 5X9½ (CM to Inches would be 5.12X9.45 so I'll just round that off to 5X9½). It's what I consider a 'mid-size' coil while a round 9" or 11" falls into my larger-coil category. On...
  13. M

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    I've enjoyed the Impact, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi with their ability to select a desired Single Frequency. Today I also enjoy my Garrett Apex which also provides Frequency selection. There are certain times and places when I opt for the very low 5 kHz, and a little more ooften I make use...
  14. M

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    Reply Post Part 2: My preference is 3-Tone in very trashy environments, 2-Tone when there is less trash and the main Iron debris is Nails, and because 2-Tone generally gets a little better depth than 3-Tone, and Deep mode when hunting wide-open areas with minimal masking trash. Too much junk...
  15. M

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    Reply Post Part 1: The Anfibio Multi is a very good general-purpose detector. Like any other detector, the end results in performance are going to be tied with: • the Circuitry Design • the Search Mode chosen • the operator-chosen Settings used • the operating Frequency • the Sweep Speed used...
  16. M

    New multi frequency machine

    I like hearing talk about smaller-size and mid-size coils instead of all the big-coil discussions in recent years. :thumbup: I'd like to see three (3) search cils: • A round 5" DD for the very densely littered sites. • A round 7" Concentric like they have made for the Racers, Impact an other...
  17. M

    New multi frequency machine

    i kind of doubt it will be that low. The Simplex +is a terrific detectors, very low priced, and yet waterproof and able to fill that need for avid Beach Hunters. If priced too low it would greatly cut in on their own Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi. Plus it will be their first SMF model AND...
  18. M

    New multi frequency machine

    I have no doubts about their build quality, or that their SMF entry won't be a true performer. But I am in agreement with you on have a smaller-size search coil, such as a 5" round, be it Double-D or Concentric, but they really need to have a good 7" Concentric coil like they do for the...
  19. M

    New multi frequency machine

    We can benefit if Nokta / Makro offer comparable or better performance and setting features than Minelab's Equinox 800, and at a competitive price. However, the biggest 'quality' issue I have noted with the ML EQ-800 has been with small coil performance, dealing with coin 'stacks' on...
  20. M


    Mike, 'Thank You' for the headphone information. If Nokta / Makro hasn't incorporated any changes in that Koss headphone, then it will not likely be a set I'll acquire. White's had Koss make a change in one of their headphones by simply adding an in-line headphone jack. That was a good...