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Search results

  1. gunwolf

    Silver ring...then the <1873> Quarter!!!!

    got an early start today.. sun up, to hit an empty lot that I researched...the original 1840's home no longer there. there has been some dozer action but no fill... only had time to locate where I think the front walkway was... I grid searched a small area and these are my finds... Silver...
  2. gunwolf

    could my 13" ultimate coil be bad?

    just did that and your right on about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 shorter with the stock coil. soooo, coil is good, it has to be my soil, it is red dirt and red mineralization could be playing a part in this... the extra few inches of the Ultimate coil in this highly mineralized soil is killing...
  3. gunwolf

    E-Trac Xchange Mode Patterns?

    thanks, shows you how much I know about Gold...:LOL: never owned any, still don't so I can't air test.. but read alot of posts where everyone seemed to be on the same page about most gold hitting in the 12 FE range... But I can see like other coins and stuff how the FE numbers can change with...
  4. gunwolf

    could my 13" ultimate coil be bad?

    thanks test garden but next time out , I'll use the stock coil and find what i think is a good target , mark it and switch out the coils and check...
  5. gunwolf

    E-Trac Xchange Mode Patterns?

    I usually run a mostly open screen (28FE to 35FE discriminated out), I also have the Andy S. coin program, Bill S. trashy park, Elmy's 110. I did write a cherry picking program that has a whole lot of discrimination . I don't think you need too many programs. I use any one of these on occasion...
  6. gunwolf

    MDing videos...

    actually recorded some of my hunt this morning... live digs and everything...came home and the video sucks... so a digital camera will not work.... it can focus in close but then takes forever to focus out... it sucks being an analog man stuck in a digital world...
  7. gunwolf

    Nickel Notch -Want to find Buffalo Nickels

    well.. I found 2 today.. and your not gonna like what my numbers were... first one was 6" and had the tone but the numbers were 22-16, 22-15.. it was so toasted I cannot date it... second one was 8" and was a 10-14, 10-15 now i know my VDI numbers are for my soil and conditions... but if I had...
  8. gunwolf

    could my 13" ultimate coil be bad?

    yesterday was clean coils and detector day.. so this morning everything was fresh and I had all 3 coils with me, the stock 11", 13" ultimate, and 8x6 SEF... I started the morning in a large open field that used to be a back yard , not to trashy started with the 13" , I ran manual sensitivity at...
  9. gunwolf

    35-50 theory?

    certain sites when I hunt for deep stuff I dig every repeatable signal 6" or deeper and I use the 13" coil and this screen...which is open to the 27 line and discriminated from 28 to 35, I haven't found a need to open it up any farther at this point. I'm hitting another old property tomorrow...
  10. gunwolf

    35-50 theory?

    I know the article is old... but found it a few days ago. I tried this yesterday morning and only had it hit like described about 5 times... 4 were small nails or wire and 1 was a 8" deep open screen quick mask it was bouncing from 35-50 to 20-43 and the tone was the same pitch both...
  11. gunwolf

    Fine tuning the E-Trac for me

    Now that is how you do it! I am constantly changing or playing with settings and screens... I have my go to settings when I hunt certain places...but I get bored. I try different stuff and go back over areas I already hit hard. Funny how the E-trac will always come through for you. Congrats...
  12. gunwolf

    Largest hole I have ever hand target

    funny I always get the "you don't look 55" thing.. well I worked hard and played harder and my favorite saying is.. I'm a classic muscle car with a weathered but solid body... too bad the frame is rotted and the motor is knocking:D
  13. gunwolf

    Largest hole I have ever hand target

    yeh 55 ain't no spring chicken...;) and yes it's red clay and the goin' is tough... I'll keep at it till it's done... not my deepest hole ever, but my largest... I'm gonna MD in the morning for a few hours then head over and continue... those 8" plugs I'll dig in the morning will be a treat!
  14. gunwolf

    soil mineral content?

    just outside Spartanburg... about 25 minutes from the border of NC . yep... the dreaded red clay! some spots I hunt have sandy dark soil and others have the red soil... I just can't seem to dig anything deep with the big coils in the red soil... auto is on about 10, and I usually run between...
  15. gunwolf

    Largest hole I have ever hand target

    my half broken old body helped my daughter dig out a spot for her new pool... her yard is far from level... this was day 1 about 2 hours in trying to work my way down to grade, it's about 18" in a 20FT span.... don't know if there is going to be any "Old" targets down the 18" on one side...
  16. gunwolf

    Prices out of sight

    "they" learned a few things during this pandemic ( because they don't care about history) ...control the food...control the people. remember that whole "cannot buy, sell or trade" without the "mark" thing? think about how some of that has been implemented already. cannot enter a grocery store...
  17. gunwolf

    soil mineral content?

    is there a simple answer to what the mineral content of my soil is here in upstate SC? I have tried researching numerous times to come away dumb founded... I need a site that is friendly to "dummies" like me that don't speak 8 years of college with a science degree... I know just by how my...
  18. gunwolf

    out with the 6x8... works like it should!

    I saw the 6" side first? seriously I don't know???? maybe because I was a carpenter all those years and you don't say 4x2;)
  19. gunwolf

    Treasure Hunting a Dog Park

    funny you mention it... before I moved here 5 years ago I was in WNY.. I often detected a local park... 150 year old park... well they decided to turn a bit of the park into a dog park.. it was an Island of sorts and only needed minor fencing... how funny I must have looked MDing where the old...
  20. gunwolf

    out with the 6x8... works like it should!

    I think I would fall alseep swinging 4 seconds left to right and back again...:LOL: basically how long my swing speed is with the smaller coil.. just so I can hear every target... I'm a bit faster with the larger coils... not crazy fast.. just fast enough to keep moving. I appreciate your...