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Search results

  1. Dan(NM)

    2 ringy dingy day

    Had a successful early morning hunt at a local park in a town that I work in. Found the usual clad that one would expect to find. What was unexpected was finding two James Avery rings within 15 minutes of each other, 30 minutes after starting. After that 1 little wheat to end the day. I was...
  2. Dan(NM)

    Explorer 2 repair parts

    I have an EX 2 that I'm trying to revive and need a source for the correct size header pin block. Does anyone know where I can get the correct size and shape of the 10 pin header. I tried calling the Minelab repair center but the tech couldn't help me out, thanks.
  3. Dan(NM)

    15" Coiltek coil first hunt.

    I took the 15" Coilek out for the first time this morning to the spot at the lake I've been hunting for the last 14 months. I will say, I was a little concerned because of the first couple of reviews about the coil. I had to remind myself that soil conditions, settings, modes and time on the...
  4. Dan(NM)

    The lake wasn't in the giving mood today.....

    Except for tabs and lead :) I started out hunting for gold, but, after 3 hours of digging nothing crap, gave up and started cherry picking. After hour 6 of some clad and more trash, the silver ring finally made it's way into my pouch. I worked my way around to a spot where some nice silver...
  5. Dan(NM)

    15" coiltek on it's all way.

    This shipment includes the following items: Item # Description Qty Coiltek Equinox 15" Search Coil 1
  6. Dan(NM)

    Gold among the rocks.

    Today started out really slow, could not get my coil over a good target to save my soul. Hit 3 different spots at the lake, then decided to go back to my favorite haunt. I followed the shoreline until I hit an area that was really rocky. I got a few high tones and decided to camp out among the...
  7. Dan(NM)

    Garrett MS-3 Z-Link Headphone issue.

    I picked up a set of MS-3 headphones and used them a few times with no problem. Today I was hunting and the volume dropped to almost nothing. I thought it was my machine, so I disconnected it, good volume from the machine. I have another Z-link, so I tried using the other transmitter, now the...
  8. Dan(NM)

    Wheat fest and some silver.

    It was a beautiful day here in Central Texas started out at 32 this morning when I started hunting, was about 68 when I finished. Had another 4 silver day and I found enough Wheaties to bake a loaf of bread. Three silver dimes, a silver war nickel and 21 Wheaties
  9. Dan(NM)

    First 2 hunts of 2021 ...big silvers

    I got a late start on the first hunt of the year and after the first 30 minutes of digging nothing at my beat to death beach, I decided to scout around and see if I could salvage the day. I head over to a spot around an old boat ramp that is usually under water but now exposed due to the low...
  10. Dan(NM)

    Golden rainy day.

    It's been extremely dry in central Texas this summer, finally getting some steady rain since early this morning. I had to run an errand for the wife and the rain stopped for about an hour and half. I headed to a new spot on the lake and was rewarded with a small woman's 14k band after about...
  11. Dan(NM)

    Lake hunt yields silver.

    Had a good hunt at the lake today, hunted for 6 hours and ended up with 5 pieces of silver, handful of clad and a pouch full of trash. 3 silver rings, silver pendant, silver chain and a couple of junk pieces of jewelry. Ran the Nox 600 in Park 1... recovery 2... Iron bias 0 Sens 23 ..1 Tone...
  12. Dan(NM)

    Good day lake hunting.

    Took the Nox down to my local lake for an all day hunt on the exposed beach area. The lake level has been dropping all summer due to the lack of rain in central Texas. I spent most of the morning digging nothing but trash, mainly pulltabs and bottle caps. First good hit was the palladium...
  13. Dan(NM)

    The writing is on the wall.

    I've been using the 800 for fresh water hunting for the last 2 months. Deepest I've taken it is neck deep with no issues. I was out this morning, hunting the beach and about an hour into the hunt, I see condensation forming behind the screen. The machine seems to function normally except the...
  14. Dan(NM)

    Scoop recommendation for mud bottom lake hunting.

    I need to get a couple of opinions for a quality scoop that works well on fresh water, mud bottom lake hunting. The mud isn't all that hard and compact, but, trying to use a shovel isn't cutting it. What do you lake hunters recommend, thanks!!
  15. Dan(NM)

    Road trip treasures.

    Finished up my road trip today on a good note. Started the trip up in the Texas panhandle where I did quite well at an old park. Dug lots of silver, wheats, couple of rings and a couple of tokens. I've been doing a little relic hunting in southern New Mexico the last couple of days at a 1850s...
  16. Dan(NM)

    Last 3 1/2 days of hunting on the road.

    This is from the last 3 1/2 days of hunting....Time was short, so I set my machine for copper and silver only. I was able to get in a park that wasn't hunted very well. Almost everything was deeper than 7" ....The barbers came from a different location. Time to move on to hunt some relics in...
  17. Dan(NM)

    Off the radar park giving up the goods..

    I went back to the park today in hopes of continuing my silver streak. I had a much better hunt than I anticipated! All the keepers were over the 7" mark, the deepest 9". I dug the 4-6" stuff for awhile and finally stopped due the unbelievable amount of clad and memorials. If this place is being...
  18. Dan(NM)

    Barber grand slam and silver dime trifecta.

    I had a rather awesome hunt today, scored a barber grand slam and a dime trifecta... Started the day hunting after a 6 1/2 drive to my old stomping grounds. First site gave up the barbers,rosie and the wheat..... Ending the day by doing a test hunt of my backup spot, looks like both are...
  19. Dan(NM)

    Which larger coil do you use and why?

    Which larger coil has been the most effective and what edge in depth has it given you, thanks.
  20. Dan(NM)

    Looks like guys are migrating back to the Etrac......

    So, what's up guys ....just asking for a friend ;) I have my handy dandy swingy thingy, so, I could swing one again no problem. What's motivating you guys that own the Equinox and the CTX to get the Etrac?