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Search results

  1. J

    vanquish arm cup accessory

    was wondering if anyone has bought "doc's arm cup" accessory for the vanquish? was curious to determine if it fits hoping it will help with swinging the detector from side to side to reduce,or eliminate the "slop" one encounters from time to time in the forearm that can be caused by...
  2. J


    hello all! was wondering if the "vaq" has "modulated audio"? was wondering,(if it does) about setting it up in high disc and pound the parks! any thoughts?..thanks! (h.h.!) j.t.
  3. J


    hello all! am seriously interested in grabbin' a vaq,however was wondering if you can get decent depth with the small concentric (hot) coil in a trashed park, while setting discrimination high to "cherry pick' coins that are deep?does it have sufficient power for this application?.what has...
  4. J


    are tesoros in general effected by (e.m.i.?)..say in an urban environment? just curious!..thanks! (h.h.!) j.t.
  5. J


    hey gang! maybe i am behind the curve? i gotta "standard" f-75,and was wondering if anybody still uses this detector,especially for coins! very few posts about the "standard" f-75 any more. guess everybody has moved on to the f-75 (l.t.d) OR somethin' else?..just wondering!..thanks! (h.h.!) j.t.
  6. J


    hello all! was wondering what you guys think of using the g-2 as a "high discriminate" trash picker!.do you feel the g-2 is the best detector for this purpose? i just want to hit the average "'super old" park,or other very old site that has 'tons" of "crap" in it to pick off the "old" stuff...
  7. J

    sidewalk easements

    what do you guys think of using the g-2 set to "break point" ,ohhh say 60 or 65, and hunting just small mentally gridded off areas of local old parks,and also old sidewalk easements? i will be attempting to take advantage of the "lightening quick" (2) processors of the g-2 for the hunting...
  8. J

    coin settings

    was just wondering! is it possible to just turn the trac on,punch noise cancel use the factory coin setting,and be in the best set up for "deep silver" at MOST trashy hunting sites?..thanks! (h.h.!) j.t.
  9. J


    i would like to ask all you g-2 users if you ever set your "break point" on the g-2 to just cherry pick pennies,dimes and silver?..if so,how is that working for you in parks,and other trash filled sites? what depth on average ,are you seeing on coins when the detector is set up that way?.also...
  10. J

    no frequency shift on g2

    was wondering why (f.t.) does not have a frequency shift on the g-2! i was thinking it is not needed because of no apparent issues with (e.m.i!), omega DOES have a frequency shift,but is also known to be affected by (e.m.i!).comments?..just sayin! (h.h.!) j.t.
  11. J

    depth on coins

    was just wondering if you guys are really hitting coins at depth with the g2/gb pro? are you mostly finding surface,and or shallow "scratch"?..what has been your depths on average you are getting coins at in general,either silver,or clad?..any and all input welcomed and appreciated! thanks...
  12. J

    trash coil for e-trac

    was wondering WHY minelab doesn't offer a 5" trash coil for the e-trac? it appears the x-5 sunray coil is the only one available!..i know they offer an 8" coil, but no 5" coil!..apparently they feel the 8" coil is as good as the 5" aftermarket coil in the junk? just curious! (h.h.!) j.t.
  13. J


    in a "trashy" park setting,or any trash laden site for that matter,are you guys finding the 5" dd coil "separating" better than the 11 dd?..also as to depth,what depths on average are you seeing on coins using the 5" dd?..11" dd?..thanks! (h.h.!) j.t.
  14. J

    e-track-explorer se

    just curious about the major differences between the e-track,and the explorer se pro! any input will be appreciated!..thanks in advance! (h.h.!) j.t.
  15. J


    i was wondering if the vaq can be set to "pull tab" disc. setting WITHOUT losing depth on coins?.also, how does the 5.75" "hot" coil hunt in the junk? does it have a "quick" processor?..thanks! (h.h.!) j.t.
  16. J

    easement hunting

    was thinking of hunting easements exclusively!..was wondering what detectors would be recommended for this? thanks! (h.h!) j.t.
  17. J

    Re: Initial thoughts on my new LTD

    hi jackpine! was curious!..does the omega have a very fast processor in the junk? appears as you indicate to have the "right " frequency for coins,so it should have a "tighter" vid on coins..what kind of depth are you seeing on average on coins?..thanks!..i am thinkin' this could be the...
  18. J

    put some tape on the coil,and ship it to him!

    i want him to have one to field test!..what are you afraid of? KNOW he will give an honest UNBIASED evaluation in the field where it counts!..c'mon mike!..roll the dice!'s a gamble,and the odds are NOT always with the house!..give him a shot! (h.h!) j.t.
  19. J

    silver u-max

    went hunting today at a church side area that's been picked and picked for years.had my new f2 fisher,along with my daughter's seldom used silver u-max (over the years!)..started hunting with the f2,and found little,or nothing over an hour,so decided to take out the silver and hunt with...
  20. J


    after reading the early feedback on this "so-called" toy detector,i am wondering what the guys who took a chance will be thinking about when they start "bangin" the barbers,seated,and mercs the so-called "big" guys walked over for years and years...i know i won't be sayin' anything,but will be...