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    Simplex coil!

    I was out with my simplex again this time with my 8.5” round coil. I got a good hi tone in park 1 and hi vdi’s. It reminded me of a deep iron signal I was used too on the large rusty railroad nuts. I was not familiar with this coil and still learning the machine so I dug deep. I was about 8 to...
  2. T

    Me and the simplex still getting along fine!

    The simplex is simply a fun detector!
  3. T

    First time out with the simplex!

    I got out for the first hunt with my new simplex. It seems it will be a very nice detector and still really happy with what I got for the money! I used the 11” stock coil and it did quite well deciphering targets! I really clicked with this machine even the first time out but have experience...
  4. T

    Today is the day.......

    I found my first large cent! I was really excited when it popped out of the ground. I took my 8" model compadre to an old railroad spur area that I have been hunting for a while. I found the large square iron nut that the coin is sitting on right next to where I found the coin. I honestly did...
  5. T

    Another great day of fall detecting!

    [attachment 320945 1444839462149-1381009893.jpg] After the day I just had 2 days ago detecting I figured that things would slow down again and then today happens. Wow I found 3 more Indian heads and 3 older wheat pennies. The best part of it all was that 5 of the coins came out of the same hole...
  6. T

    The best day I have yet to have detecting!

    I was using my Outlaw with the 7" concentric coil brushing through the leaves on a small hill side near an old trail. I believe I may have found a spot where people sat down to eat lunch due to the two broken spoons that where near by the coins. I found the three Indian Head pennies first then...
  7. T

    Getting Back to Basics!

    [attachment 312509 14305297719661556698466.jpg][attachment 312510 1430529828137-483179535.jpg][attachment 312511 1430529971069-384711508.jpg] I had the compadre with me in the truck today and stopped at a lookout area for a quick hunt. I turned the disc up near tab and was just picking for some...
  8. T

    Silver MicroMax Impressed me on the Relics today!

    This is a fun machine and did great on finding these relics some fairly deep. I really got to liking the switch between all metal and disc. [attachment 311680 1429486396304233573944.jpg][attachment 311681 1429486451279-644364546.jpg][attachment 311682 1429486514765-1204713569.jpg]
  9. T

    First Hunt In 2015!

    [attachment 311100 1428798026478233573944.jpg] Finally made it out this year. I have been fighting this cough and only hunted for about 2 hours today. I went down to the nearby old RailRoad bridge. These old bridges around here seem like collecting places and you never know what you will find...
  10. T

    Information on the Outlaw!

    I thought I would post my experience with the outlaw the other day, it could help someone out if they experience a similar problem. I was just out in the yard messing around with the Outlaw and noticed some strange noises in the disc mode. It was a continuous sound that would pulsate over a...
  11. T

    out in the ugly weather but worth it!

    [attachment 303213 1416265981481.jpg] [attachment 303214 1416266048251.jpg] [attachment 303215 1416266103752.jpg] I made it out this afternoon, it was rainy and cold so I bundled up the silver micromax with a sandwich bag and headed out. It was a great to get to detect today since it will only...
  12. T

    One last nice day!

    [attachment 302834 1415748959480.jpg] It was a beautiful day in PA to get out detecting before the cold snap. I took the Outlaw to an old home area I found in the woods. Here is some of the nice stuff I found. I found quite a few old shotgun shells and bullets as well. I like my Outlaw, I would...
  13. T

    I tried out the 10x12DD on the Outlaw!

    [attachment 302156 1414797120016.jpg] [attachment 302157 1414797243215.jpg] [attachment 302158 1414797327652.jpg] It doesn't discriminate near as good but man it sure covers a lot of ground fast. There are some certain places I'm gonna like it. I made a great find and I'm not even sure what it...
  14. T

    Gotta Love Grandma's Yard!

    [attachment 301726 1414279792280.jpg] [attachment 301727 1414279844416.jpg] I took the silver Umax over to my grandma's yard after I got back from pheasant hunting today. It was a good day all around. I got a pheasant and my first silver quarter. I just made it 1964. I also got 2 wheat Penny's...
  15. T

    Outlaw Hunts Down Another Indian!

    [attachment 301417 1413846432773.jpg] I had a little time to hunt today so I went to my favorite spot in the woods with the outlaw. I set it up to run at the line above min, sens in the red with a slight threshold, 8" coil. This was a nice mellow tone that slowly faded as I lifted the coil. It...
  16. T

    Having fun at the old mine!

    [attachment 300194 1412102853189.jpg] I took my outlaw with the 7" concentric coil out this morning to an old mine I found. Here are some of my finds. I had a great time getting out the weather was nice. I found 3 older wheat pennies and some mining tags and some other interesting stuff. When I...
  17. T

    Took the Deleon to help a friend find a ring and!

    I went over to help my friend find his Titanium ring that is lost in his yard today. Well this house was built in an open farm field in 2002. I got a good smooth tone and a 95 hit that the Deleon said was 7" deep. I thought this couldn't be the ring, it was too deep. To my surprise I dug down...
  18. T

    Just have to try the Deleon

    What can I say, I really like Tesoro metal detectors. I got another one on the way, the Deleon. I tell myself I don't need anymore detectors but the more I read about them the more I want to try them out. I think I have a problem, anyway how do you guys run the Deleon? I really like the style of...
  19. T

    Compadre 7" to be or not to be?

    Well, I got another compadre on the way, this one with the 7" concentric in nice shape. I really wanted it to try out that 7" concentric coil. I am trying to decide whether or not to wire in an 8" donut so I can have the 7" coil for use on my silver and outlaw or just leave it on the compadre. I...