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Search results

  1. A

    Any Warrior users out there, likes and dislikes?

    getting back in it but or try to due to hip problems maybe 20 minute spurts at a time but so any one owning these machines tell me about them ?
  2. A

    Hey does anybody use the RELIC?

    i never see anyone ever use the relic? i don't know why i've had great success with mine its like a mini on steroids and has a boost 8khz and is very deep i just bought mine back that i had plemen roshkov himself retweek a bit and have a round 5" hockey puck coil that really works good in the...
  3. A

    Anyone here run the RELIC?

    I find it kind of odd I see nobody is still running a RELIC yet ? hey everyone its been a while since I've been here, but anyway its the warrior, smart and gold show still but nothing wrong with that i'm just surprised no one has taken the time to really run one I have found some of my best...
  4. A

    whats a keene 12volt hookah system worth complete set up?

    I have complete 12 volt electric hookah dive system everything works as it should was purchased new for $2200 2 hose system that are 20' floating inner tube compressor and air tank and what ever else make it complete unit is 5 years old looking for a fair used value price?
  5. A

    anybody tried the AU gold search unit yet?

    looking for anyone's views that has tried it see what they think I've seen one vid out there but from what I've seen it reminds me of the old gold II so far looks pretty good.
  6. A

    minelab eureka gold

    there is no forum I see for this unit so not sure where to post on the minelab forums for there forums looking to see just how good they are by folks that have run them?
  7. A

    any one have experience with the minelab eureka gold detector

    have been watching vids of this machine and not usually a minelab guy but kinda liked what I saw but actual opinions of users would like some feedback please?
  8. A

    1880's to 90's cylindrical whiskey citrene color 11" tall what is it worth?

    this is a 3 piece mold unembossed whiskey bottle this color seems to be rare or hard to find any idea on what's it worth?
  9. A

    need ID help?

    my father inlaw just recently passed away and was wondering what type of bottle this is does have a pontile on the bottom rolled flare lip and lots of bubbles through the glass.......could be a repro don't know?
  10. A

    fisher 1200 series modds?

    hello there been a while since I've visited here and was wondering does anyone here no anyone that has added a G/B mod to there unit? or any other internal mods?
  11. A

    moddified my Angus Mackirk alaskan flair with a screen

    well I'm hoping warmer weather will continue up here in Maine some of my spots on the streams have 6" thick ice layers so can't really dig or set up a sluice yet but this is what I've had done recently just hate classifying with a bucket so I put in a 16 gauge 1/4" punch plate had friend with a...
  12. A

    Gold Hog just released 2 new sluices !

    thought I'd pass this info along gold hog now has a stream sluice with 2 mat conversions for fast and slow water conditions has a built in leg stand also new and just released last week the small high banker which was the excavator has been replaced by the new piglet which has grizzly bars now...
  13. A

    anybody using the 14" eppic coil on DTVG?

    hey there vista gold users does anyone use the 14" epic coil and how do you like it and depth?
  14. A

    So G-2+ do you like them so far over the older version?

    I'm trying to make decisions on more detecting equipment and I had a g-2 once and was curious more on the +2 is there any real enhancement over the older one and best coil choices to for hunting in heavy iron and tricks and can it handle EMI better than the previous?
  15. A

    Will be getting a last winter hunt in with the vista gold tomorrow!

    well its hard to believe that up in maine the weather is going to be 50 degree's tomorrow and taking advantage of it and probably will be last hunt before the real deep freeze will have a vid camera also just permission for new ground to hunt 3 old home steads that were settled in the 1850's so...
  16. A

    Gold Hog will have a version of there own stream sluice!

    coming out in December gold hog is coming out with there own stream sluice + 2 matt configuirations one for really fast water and one for low flow situations legs are also incorporated into this sluice as well pricing at the moment is looking like right around $269.00 or so just thought I'd pass...
  17. A

    learning a trick with the gamma 6000

    well I had to remove a tree today stump and all and after I got it out of the way the wife said I ought to try detecting around the hole to see if anything could be there so anyway I get this 56 to 62 hit and anyways idig a hole maybe 3" deep and well I'm looking and of course I didn't have my...
  18. A

    just some panning questions?

    ok this stream I'm been doing I have got some ok gold from so far well on my last clean up I noticed something very silvery in my pan to as well and have had lead before and lead has no luster to it like this did so anyways when I was watching it stir around it acted like gold but a little...
  19. A

    Angus Mackirk alaskan flair bucket grizzly mod!

    well I wanted to set up my angus so I didn't have to classify into a bucket so I come up wit this and see what you think?
  20. A

    the Thomas Creek gold sluice in action!

    well went to my usual spot not far from home and took a little video action of it here so here it is