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  1. R

    where is the Sovereign users

    I havent been around much on the forums as had problem getting on this forum with my AOL account, but it worked today. Thought I would see many post I missed, but none at all and wonder where all the Sovereign user are at. I decided to sell my Equinox 800 last week as I know I dont have 5 hours...
  2. R

    found with the Nokta Impact a couple years ago

    Wanting to see if I can post a picture on this new forum of this ring I was ask to find in a road ditch full of old alum cans and other trash. Those are diamonds around it and see why she wanted it found.. It a ring that I was ask to find in a road ditch that had a lot of alum cans...
  3. R

    Nokta impact find I found 2 years ago

    Wanting to see if I can post a picture on this new forum. It a ring that I was ask to find in a road ditch that had a lot of alum cans. Rick
  4. R

    Finally got to get out with the Nox 800

    I have had it for over a month and finally it quite snowing and some ground thawed and had time to take it out for its first hunt and wondered if reading and rereading the book if I was ready, but found out when I got out and forgot how the ground balance so run it anyway. I had did some...
  5. R

    The Nox 800 showed up on Monday

    Even though I made a copy of the owners manual on line and read it twice while waiting for mine to show up, I wasn't ready and had to get the copy out to go though a few thing. Maybe I just read it and nothing stayed in between my ears, in one ear and out the other. I didn't even know how to...
  6. R

    Multi Kruser showed up on Monday

    Got it set up with no real problem and had to reread the instruction a little more and see good and bad (not really bad other than me) I wish it had a better instruction with some pictures on the wireless headphones so I knew when it talked about the blue lite that blinks while pairing it and...
  7. R

    Owners manual for Cruizer???

    Is there one line yet?? sure would be nice if we can download a copy to read while many of us are having cabin fever. Rick
  8. R

    MX7 came in today

    Nice looking detector and I put together easy. Turned it on and waved the coin in front of the coil with no response, turned it off to see if the cable was connected to the control box and it was, but took it off and tried connecting it again and it worked. Seem like you have to get it...
  9. R

    Whites MX7 ??

    I am looking at the MX7 for my wife as she uses a MXT and does OK with it, but it is a bit heavy for her so I am thinking on a MX7 for her. I heard the MX sport was having some problem a while ago and understand the MX7 is basically a MX Sport that is not waterproof. Want to see what others...
  10. R

    Impact volume question

    I haven't used mine other than a couple of times and when waving a target across the coil it have a nice tone and volumes, but put on the headphones and it is very hard to hear with both the volume on the Impact and those of the headphones at max. Now I am hard of hearing which don't help, but...
  11. R

    Got the Impact, but it is raining

    Haven't got outside to try it yet, but I do see I need to read the owners manual over and over again like Monte says. Open up the box and see it is in the very nice case with everything in place with Velcro, this is a very nice case and really do like it. Laid all the part out and read the...
  12. R

    Need cable for the Sovereigns coils

    I got a meter the cable is bad and want to replace it, but dont know where to find the cable. I believe it is a 5 wire cable. Thanks for any help you can give me. Rick
  13. R

    Token found with Racer

    They are tearing up my street in front of my bus sines and been picking up some glass a a few old bottles and decided to give the detector a try. being I just got my 5.5X10 coil I had to try it for a few minutes as I normally use the 3 tones and lowered my gain to 50 and upped my iron to 40 as...
  14. R

    Little more time with the Racer

    My wife and myself tried a yard we had permission on, she has a MXT while me with the Racer. She got the oldest coin with a 1899 Barber dime while I got 3 older coins a 1919 and a 1942 wheat penny and a 1943 merc dime, plus a Bugs Bunny car (looks like a Hot Wheels, but is not or a Match box...
  15. R

    Got a little more time on the Racer

    The Racer like most other quality detectors is not a detector you take out of the box and set up and run the way you feel it should without getting to know it by taking the time to understand it and learning it as it is not a beep and dig detector. Was told by Monte to take some time and get to...
  16. R

    been out a couple of times with the Racer

    On Sunday I had a little time to try it around my place where some old building were a real trashy, so I put on the small coil to use. Auto Ground balanced it and started swinging with the presets and it was making all kinds of noise so went to D3 so the good conductors would give the high...
  17. R

    UPS brought my Racer today, day ahead of time.

    The box was not even crushed like normal, so that is a good sign for UPS as a day early and package looked great. Unpacked the pro package and seen there is a lot of stuff in the box, but didn't find the alkaline batteries that I though come with it, but got the rechargeable and charger which...
  18. R

    Got a question of those that have the Makro Racer

    I read somewhere and possibly the owners manual that the Racer has a 1/8 inch headphone jack instead of the 1/4 most good headphones are. Just wondering if this is true and if it is me will have to get a adapter to use our good headphones. Rick
  19. R

    Garrett AT Pro or Minelab X-Terra???

    Trying to decide between the 2 for my extra detector to use in competition hunting and one I can carry in the car for when I see a spot I can detect. I have a Minelab Sovereign and a CTX 3030 for my serious hunting and they are a bit heavy for competition hunting and hate to leave them in my car...
  20. R

    Sovereign the main detector or backup detector??

    Of all those that have a Sovereign how many use it for the main detector or a backup detector to one of the others out there and which would be your main detector? Myself I love my Sovereign, but have tried others trying to learn others, but will always have a Sovereign. The reason is I have a...