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    How to reduce EMI on the Red Racer and Racer 2

    Whenever EMI seems to be a problem with the Red Racer or Racer 2, you first need to find the best frequency to operate on. By simultaneously pulling the trigger and pressing either the right or left button you can toggle between channels 1 thru 5 to find the cleanest sounding channel. Pick the...
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    Eagle Hat Badge, Buckle or What?

    Found this at an old home site this week. It's stamped so I would suspect that it is 21st century but no clue what it is or any approximate age. Description: On each side of the Eagle are the letters U and S. There is a cross in the middle of the eagle's chest and what appears to be 2 pine trees...
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    BlissTool Discrimination and Coil Falsing

    BarryNy, I need another Blisstool owner's help in determining if my Blisstool V3 is faulty or if it is working as intended by the designers. After working with the Blisstool LTC64X v3 for the past 3 weeks, I have the following issues: 1) The coil will beep falsely when the coil is turned...
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    Civil War Relic, Drawer Pull Handle or what?

    I found what looks like a little copper or brass jar near a CW camp and homesite. It has an open fluted neck, a bulbous end with a threaded pattern going around the circumference and it has a small hole at the bottom. I suppose it could be a drawer handle pull due to the hole at the bottom, but...
  5. W

    CW Field yeilds finds

    Found these last weekend in an area with CW cavalry and artillery action. I need help identifying what this small shield came from, the back side appears to be lead. Also found several of these lead capped nails that I have never encountered. Help with any of these items would be greatly...
  6. W

    VFW Pendant found near CW Camp

    Found the VFW Pendant along with the other items near a CW camp in West Tennessee on Wednesday. :) WestTN
  7. W

    March 22nd Finds in West TN

    I am at an old site last night and among some easily identifiable objects (broken spur, belt buckle, part of a horse bridle, some hexagonal vial thing, a rusty round token of some kind, a few lead pieces, nails) Then I get this soft deep whisper and at 8" out comes this item that looks like some...
  8. W

    Is this a cap to a canteen or what

    I am at an old site last night and among some easily identifiable objects, I came across this item that looks like some kind of cap to a canteen, bottle or something. Anyone have an idea of what this cap went to and an idea of it's age. The bottom of it flips open and you can see threads inside...
  9. W

    Program spreadsheet

    TheBeepGoesOn The New comments section is going to be a great reminder and training tool for teaching and reminding us of what all those features do. Looking forward to using this V3i version soon. Thanks, WestTn
  10. W

    4th of July Finds

    Ron, Congrats on some nice finds at your new spot. Surely more and better finds to come.
  11. W

    Approx. age and Value of old Purex Bottle

    Found my first old bottle at a site that I have found several 1920's and 30's era items at. Anyone know the approx. date and value (if any) of this Purex bottle? With my luck, it's a really common item, but at least it is in-tact.
  12. W

    First Hunt since V3i Upgrade

    Stopped by home to pick up the V3i this evening (it's too hot to keep the detector in the truck all day) and ran over to hit a roadside carnival that just left. I had an hour to kill and found these on the High Trash program with the D2 coil. Total for the hour was $10.44.
  13. W

    GTI 2500 having problems

    Went hunting with the Father in Law this weekend and his GTI 2500 was having the following problem: Whenever he would hear a good target tone, he would go back over the area and couldn't find the target. Tried adjusting the sensitivity, tried Salt Elimination, Full Metal Mode, you name it, but...
  14. W

    Need help with 2 farmhouse finds

    After a good hunt this past Saturday I have had no luck in figuring out what the rusty iron latch might be for and does anyone know what the big piece of lead in the upper right corner might have been for, it is round and very smooth on top and perfectly flat on the bottom, it may have been...
  15. W

    Tips for shortening a Tall Man rod

    I recently purchased a used White's detector which has a Tall Man rod. I am 5' 10" and was thinking about simply shortening the rod a few inches. Does anyone have any recommendations for or against this or tips on what kind of saw to use? Is there a better approach to this that doesn't cost me...
  16. W

    Thank you WHITES!

    Glad to hear you got yours back. Just curious as to which center you shipped to? I will be sending mine back and would like an estimate of approximately how long it is taking to get the detector back with the V3i software upgrade.
  17. W

    Found at old Civil War Camp Site

    These came from a heavily pounded Civil War camp site in Germantown, TN. Not much left at the site but some bricks, but did manage to find an old jar lid with glass insert and what appears to be a pot handle.
  18. W

    My First Civil War Find

    While coinshooting last month next to my daughter's soccer field in Germantown ,TN, I found this Sharps .45 caliber dropped bullet using an ACE 250 with sniper coil. Located 4" beneath a tree root, what a shock to find this when I never new I was so close to a civil war area, but later confirmed...
  19. W

    Double Silver last Friday

    After a brief rainshower last Friday after work, I stopped by an old park near my house with a Fisher CZ-3D running in Enhanced mode and Sens 3. Within 5 minutes I hit this Standing Liberty quarter with the date worn completely off, hiding in about 4 inches of loose gravel and dirt. Another hour...
  20. W

    Any difference with older E-Trac ?

    I am considering buying a 2 year old E-Trac from a friend and wanted to see if there were any differences between the newest E-Trac units coming out today VS older ones. Next question would be, can I upgrade the E-Trac firmware in the field or would it need to be sent in (assuming there have...