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Search results

  1. C

    How does Simplex compare AT Pro?

    For anyone who used to own an AT Pro, how does it compare with the Simplex. Are you happier with the Simplex?
  2. C

    Apex vs. Ace 400 and AT Pro

    For anyone who has used the Ace 400 or AT Pro and also uses the Apex, how would you compare the Pro in terms of depth, separation, recovery, etc. with the Apex. I currently own both and am happy with the Pro but disappointed with the 400 due to the fact that it falses a lot. Is that an issue...
  3. C

    Deepest coin with AT Pro

    What is the deepest coin you have ever dug with an AT Pro that was giving a VDI # that gave you the impression it could be a coin even if it was jumpy. I have never dug a coin any deeper than 6-7” in 8 years with my Pro. Maybe I’m expecting too much from the VDI.
  4. C

    Any regrets?

    I have a question which I believe I know the answer. For anyone who used to own an AT PRO or still does, but have switched to either Equinox model do you have any regrets? Would you make the switch again?
  5. C

    Apex vs. AT Pro

    I currently use an AT Pro which is 8 years old and I’m wanting to get something newer and keep the Pro as a backup. Would I be bettering myself with an Apex? I am disappointed in the depth capability of the Pro but that could be partly my fault since I normally discriminate up to 45 or 50 due to...
  6. C

    Club fees

    I’m interested in finding out how much the fee is to join your club. I live about an hour away and I’m looking for some group hunts to participate in. Will you be having any this year? Thank you! Sam
  7. C

    Ace 400 falsing

    I have an Ace 400 which I bought for a back-up. I have only used it for 10-15 hours and have been pretty frustrated with it. It falses a lot. I will get a signal, swing over the target again and no signal. This happens very frequently. Does this sound normal for the 400 or this a problem other...
  8. C

    Ace 400 Issue

    For those of you who own the Ace 400 have you had any problems with the sensitivity bars fully lighting up? I just purchased one and the last 2 bars on the right side don't light up sometimes. If I tilt the detector to the right I can see that they are barely lit but looking straight at them...
  9. C

    DD Stock coil vs. Concentric

    For those of you who have both the 8 1/2 x 11 double D stock coil and the concentric coil which do you prefer and why? I don't recall the size of the concentric coil off the top of my head but the larger one. Thanks Sam
  10. C

    Club membership

    I'm thinking about joining your club; what is the process and is there a fee? Thanks, Sam
  11. C

    Found - Mother's ring

    A few years ago I found a Mother's ring with 3 birthstones at a baseball diamond in Cameron, IL. I posted a "Found" poster at the Post Office for a few months but no responses. It didn't occur to me until today to post a message here with Peoria only about an hour away. If you know who may have...
  12. C

    Pro-pointer problem

    I started having a problem with my pro-pointer today. When it begins to beep it also makes a low freuqency whirling noise that is in time with the beeping. When the beeping becomes a constant tone so does the whirling noise. I changed the batteries and that did not help. Has anyone ever had this...
  13. C

    Garrett 1500 vs. AT Pro

    Being fairly close in price what would be the advantages/disadvantages of these 2 models compared to each other. Has anyone ever owned both? What advice would you give. Thanks.
  14. C

    Looking for good detector in $400-$600 range

    I'm looking to buy a new detector in the $400 - $600 range. I've been looking at the Garrett AT Pro and the Whites Coinmaster GT. I like both of them and want to hear what other readers would recommend regardless of brand name. I basically hunt for coins at parks and other public places. Thanks
  15. C

    master hunter cx2 vs. ace 350

    I currently have a Garrett Grand Master Hunter CXll that I inherited and have used for several years. I like it vey much, but I'm thinking about buying an Ace 350. Is this a smart move or would I be disappointed. I want something that is just as good or better than what I have. I primarily...