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    Spectrum XLT rear display cover broken

    I discovered the rear of my Spectrum XLT's display pod cover is broken and the rest hanging from a ribbon cable. I don't see an obvious way to separate the cover from the front cover piece. Are there hidden screws, or do I pry and snap if off - what's the trick? Also I you know of a spare rear...
  2. B

    CF Maintanence

    What is recommended for a clear coat spray on the CF if it gets scratched up?
  3. B

    Super modified CTX?

    My CTX is destroying my right elbow/forearm. I use the harness but my swings are agressive to cover ground and there is too much mass. I’m toying with the idea of totally restructuring the detector: Straight CF shaft. Coil cable extension. Display cable extension. Both cables attach to...
  4. B

    Disable Saltwater and gain 2” depth

    I was running some air depth tests at a park and noticed that there was a 2” depth improvement going to Relic mode from Beach. What the deal? I saw that Relic had Saltwater disabled while Beach had it enabled. Went to Beach, set Saltwater to disabled, and got the extra 2”! See if you...
  5. B

    GP/GPX coil experiment risk?

    I’ve read some messages indicating putting an incompatible coil on these machines could damage them. I tried a beach hog on my GP Extreme and it worked ok. Now I’d like to try the coil from my whites DF. Risky?
  6. B

    Aluminum shafts for water detectors?

    I just bought a surf DF and am looking to upgrade the shaft to a straight shaft. The original was an S shaft and all the paint had corroded off of it! I have a surf pi pro as well with a kind of crummy looking shaft. Is this corrosion because the previous owners did not wash their detector or...
  7. B

    GPX tech questions forum advice?

    Are there recommendations for forums for tech questions on GP/GPX as its quiet here. Maybe in Australia where they do mods?
  8. B

    Excal/Sovereign coil on a GPX?

    Could it work? (I’d be using a GP Extreme....)
  9. B

    Auto vs Manual Noise Cancel

    I got curious about noise cancel on the CTX as I was doing pretty good at finding targets (not good ones though) but forgot to NC. It was a 10 but auto suggested I think a 2. A 2 brought on a beep of the sound of perhaps the last target found on just about every swing. I’ve had days where it...
  10. B

    CTX volume too high

    I am aware that the CTX has two settings that affect volume - Gain and Level. I am finding that if I run earbuds on the WM10 the volume is too high if I have the Gain rather high. I think it is saturating the earbuds in fact for some frequencies. I can set the Level to one and it is still an...
  11. B

    Pinpoint fade-out

    You know how pinpoint fades out as you sweep over the target? And you have to re-engauge it again to keep working? Does it have to fade out? Could Minelab have kept it consistent? They write about it like it is a feature and I find it annoying.
  12. B

    Piezo headphone capacitor

    Posted this last week but it vanished... In the excal headphones endcap there is a 1M resistor across the phones and a cap to AC couple it to the excal controller pcb. What is the value of the cap and why wasn’t this done on the board itself? Did some models come out not using piezos?
  13. B

    WM10 Charge Time?

    My charge times for the WM10 are getting extremely long. Right now it is continuing to blink and the voltage (checked with an inline USB gadget) 4.95V at 50mA. 50mA is nothing. Charge times for me after 6 hours or so use have been like 2-3 days. What are your charge times? I'm thinking I...
  14. B

    Variance of Excal coil compatibility?

    I have two excal detectors I have made from parts. I have put in the CTX headphone mod, the pinpoint switch mod, etc. One is an Excal 2 and the other is a sword. I put in connectors to be able to switch coils. I'm kinda going nuts trying the various coils I have as they all were bought off...
  15. B

    Tried the GP Extreme at the Beach

    I tried my GP Extreme at the beach this weekend. First I was trying the Platypus coil and it would not detect a nickel so I had to switch to a Commander Mono coil. Probably 11". I'm suspecting the female pins of the coil connection have contacts that are too wide apart for the male pins. Have...
  16. B

    Coins on edge - not good

    Not finding anything at San Simeon beach today, I tried a coin test in black sand I was seeing. Didn't like the results at all! Tried a dime and a quarter on edge and it only detects each reliably if the coin is vertical orientation to the sweep. If you then sweep each after moving around 90...
  17. B

    Can you pair one Equinox to two headsets?

    Wondering if two headsets can sync to one Equinox so I could hear another guy's detect sounds.
  18. B

    BBS 800 Coil Wiring?

    I have a BBS 800 coil I want to wire to an Excalibur 2 and Sword but I see it has 5 wires instead of 4. Big red and black are TX. But what about the other 3? O
  19. B

    Depth in saltwater.

    I loaded the new firmware in my EQ800 and found it a great improvement in several areas. However, I experienced something weird, which got me wondering... How deep have your saltwater finds been? As deep/ same number as other detectors you’ve used? I was hunting the wet sand area, high tide so...
  20. B

    CTX out of warranty repair costs?

    Could some of you share your out of warranty repair costs - you can pm me if you wish. Just sent mine in and wondering what I may be up against. Do they fix everything (cosmetics) or just the main fault. Whites always did an amazing job on my surf pi's so wondering how Minelab does on the CTX...