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    Copper plating thickness on newer pennies

    Perhaps it is my imagination, but it seems like the copper plating on pennies minted after about 2007 is much thinner than the previous ones. I've come to this conclusion for two reasons, neither of which I've seen in print. In the last few weeks, I've found 2010 pennies under the wood chips in...
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    Bags and more bags

    Over the years, I've seen about every kind pouch, carrying case, goodie bag, and tool carrier made. One detectorist I know, places all of his tools on specially adapted knee pads. I've seen a lot of folks using matching logo gear from about every detector maker out there. I've been down that...
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    Ace 10x14 Excelerator Coil

    I thought I'd pass on my experience with the 10x14 Excelerator coil for the Ace, which I bought from Kellyco. I did the usual reset to factory specs, and did an indoors air test (I had to turn down the sensitivity of course). It wasn't a bit better than the standard 6x9 that came with the Ace...
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    Changing coils on a 250

    There has been several posts of recent, about the various quirks folks have noticed about their Garrett ACE detectors, primarily the 250. I'll pass this on as an observation, with the hope it might help someone else. The instruction manual only briefly mentions about resetting the detector to...
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    Try this just for fun

    Some of us have a detector garden wherein we know where, and how deep the target is, as well as what the target is. In fact, everyone should have a garden with multiple targets, properly marked. Every size coin, aluminum foil, pull tabs, small circular pieces of metal (simulating a ring; washers...
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    Super Shovel

    I bought a Super Shovel from Gardener's Supply (,33-594,default,cp.html) after seeing it in a catalog sent to my wife. I was a little hesitant to pay $50 plus shipping for a short-handled shovel, but I have to tell you, it was...
  7. A

    Coins to battery ratio

    Recently, a post compared the ratio of clad to silver finds. While certainly not definitive, it was interesting because most folks had about the same ratio. Well, here's another one to comment on, just because we're all curious. If we weren't, we probably wouldn't be detectorists. I just...
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    Wireless, Rechargeable, Headphones

    Besides my detector hobby of long standing (since 1964), I'm an amateur radio operator, and primarily operate from my vehicle ( I've been handsfree for about two years, and not having a microphone and/or headset cord dangling is a godsend. In an effort to become cordless...