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Search results

  1. L

    Deus remote cover?

    I wear mine on my arm, so it is covered. Most of the folks that hunt the woods like I do usually have a cover if they have the remote on the shaft. It is tough as you say but the cover helps prevent scratching.
  2. L

    1910 king Edward gold in Canada !

    Congrats! It's a stunner for sure.
  3. L

    Killer hunt this weekend found these XP Deus tokens!

    HA! That is funny. Likely the kid's parent owns a Deus. So the question is, can a Deus hit on a Nox token ? Maybe not at the beach but for sure in the iron. ;)
  4. L

    WS 4 headphones volume one side

    I totally agree with James. I tried fixing them once. Much easier just to by a new pair. Cheap enough.
  5. L

    Musket ball today

    Always a nice find!
  6. L

    Large cents,flat buttons and a buckle

    Certainly with Basic program you will find a good majority of the non ferrous targets. But the real fun is when you make a few tweaks and start finding all those iron masked targets that Basic missed. A site like that can keep you happily hunting for years. I am looking forward to see what...
  7. L

    Large cents,flat buttons and a buckle

    For an hour's worth of detecting you did quite well. Congrats.
  8. L

    Mi6 pin pointer sensitivity

    Well Earthly, I read the instruction manual too and don't see where it says you get less distance in the stand-alone mode. Perhaps it says that in the German or French translations? :LOL: I agree, you would think it would have more than a 1.5 inch range. The short range suits my hunting style...
  9. L

    Mi6 pin pointer sensitivity

    I use MI-6 standalone, with program #5 with the medium sensitivity and it will vibrate about 1 1/4 from a dime. Maybe with tones instead of vibrate it might signal a bit deeper? I don't know.
  10. L

    ***Gotta Dig That Iron****

    Very cool!
  11. L

    Losing connection between WS4 and X35 coil

    Do you use an MI-6 to pinpoint?
  12. L

    average number of minutes for hf 9.5 coil

    I can easily get 2 hunts at 5 hours each with no problems.
  13. L

    deus depth multiplyer attachment ,what happened to it ?

    Never heard of it? Was this just a rumor or did XP actually publish something to that effect ? The X35 of course has the Boost mode for 4 kHz. It does indeed go extra deep but I never found it to be of much use for "normal" targets.
  14. L

    My two best finds ever with my Deus..

    Not too shabby Calabash. It will take some doing for you to displace one of those.
  15. L

    New park permission

    Wow! That is a lot of good targets! So this is a park that is going to get destroyed? What a bummer, hate to lose any parks.
  16. L

    My fellow Christians do you see what’s happening

    Sister Ma Betty, we may not agree on how Christian our current president really is. But I do truly wish you peace and happiness in these trying times.
  17. L

    My fellow Christians do you see what’s happening you think you know God's mind. So what do you think of all the millions of good Christians that believe that Trump is the most un-Christian President that we have ever had? Are they just sadly mistaken? Or not as faithful as you? That some how they have been turned from the truth...
  18. L

    My fellow Christians do you see what’s happening

    But if Biden does get in it will only be because God willed it. Will you go against God's will and kick against the goad?
  19. L

    My fellow Christians do you see what’s happening

    So if God puts Biden in the White House instead of Trump, will you praise the Lord for his righteousness? After all, if Biden is sworn in, it will only be because of God's will.
  20. L

    Help with a programming issue

    OK you may need to think out of the box on this one. It may be a big hunk of silver when you hold it in your hand but at 10” deep and on edge, it is only a very small target to any detector. It actually could be too deep for the HF coil. If you don’t have a LF coil, do what Tom says and drop the...