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Search results

  1. Roscue2

    More from City of Rocks

    More photos from City of Rocks. An old ruin sitting on private property within the preserve. I can’t remember if there was any information on its history, but I found it to be interesting. The second photo was an early morning shot as the sun was rising. The sunrises out here are stunning when...
  2. Roscue2

    City of Rocks National Preserve

    Haven’t been on Findmall in ages, but I used to come here all the time. In recent years I’ve gotten much more into road trips, which coincidentally allows me to take a lot of photos with my IPhone 5S. The photo here is of City Of Rocks National Preserve in Southern Idaho. It’s main tourist...
  3. Roscue2

    Forum is dead, time to awaken it!

    Tioga Road, Yosemite National Park, CA. Tenaya Lake in the background, largest natural lake in Yosemite.
  4. Roscue2

    Bodie, CA

    The best preserved ghost town in the west. Spent hours exploring and shooting the 200 or so remaining buildings in the state park, as well as wagons and autos. A fire destroyed 90% of the town in the 1930s I believe. They are all in a state of arrested decay, and there are artifacts lying around...
  5. Roscue2

    Smokey at Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park

    From last week when I was using Smokey the Bear as a photo prop. Behind Smokey is Tenaya Lake, one of the most visited lakes in Yosemite. To the Right of Smokey is Highway 120 (Tioga Road) as it descends to the lake. I took this photo in Aperture Priority mode with the Canon T3, and then edited...
  6. Roscue2

    Mt Dana, Yosemite National Park High Country

    Originally I was gonna delete this photo being that it isn't even a decent photo in its unedited form, but after messing with it for a few minutes I found a suitable use for it.... as a replica old timey photo. The photo is of Mt Dana, which was originally the inner hardened portion of a...
  7. Roscue2

    Mule Deer at Pt Reyes

    The day before I took the photo of the coast that I posted I went to the historic light house, which was closed at the time. Even so, I wanted to see if I could see any migrating whales. Alas, I did not, but I did get to watch and photograph this mule deer fawn for about 20 minutes. Its mother...
  8. Roscue2

    Rugged California Coast

    Took this photo back in January while on vacation to Pt Reyes National Seashore... a truly beautiful place. I have visited Pt Reyes twice in the last 10 months, and the first time I will say I wasn't sure if I would come back. When compared to Yosemite (my favorite national park so far) it is...
  9. Roscue2

    Pinnacles National Park Hike Janruary 2015

    Some of you may remember the video I posted of a lynx I spotted while hiking in America's newest national park last yr. This video was taken a few days before the lynx spotting, and shows what Pinnacles National park is most famous for: talus caves. The caves in the park were formed by boulders...
  10. Roscue2

    Banjo sluice/pan?

    Saw one of these at a local store that dabbles a little in gold prospecting equipment. Wondering if anyone here has ever used one? It literally looked like a banjo, where you would put the dirt in the bowl at the head, and the stem had the small strip of carpet running along its length...
  11. Roscue2

    Some Wildlife Photography from this past week:cam:

    I had a three day weekend last week, and decided to make a road trip/ camping trip of it. I decided to head south to the Bakersfield area, and then use CA HWY 58 to go up to Techapi (??). During the trip I visited a aircraft museum, 2 national wildlife refuges, and a national monument. The...
  12. Roscue2

    Something important for all photographers to realize when printing photos at a third party company....

    I work for a company that does a sizable amount of business printing photos,posters, canvases, coffee mugs, ect. For your everyday weekend warriors, amateurs and even some who are pros. The customer is able to enter the store and use our computer kiosk to place their order, or do it online. You...
  13. Roscue2

    Mission Peak

    My cousin and I hiked Mission Peak in Janruary of this year. This mountain is in the Bay area, and has become very popular with the younger crowd in recent years due to its Facebook popularity. The summit of the mountain has a 6 foot tall pole that is used for selfies. I am not ashamed to say I...
  14. Roscue2

    Even a blind squirrel eventually gets the nut....:smile:

    I took this photo with the Kodak Playsport Zx5 last August while on a trip to Yosemite. If you hike to the top of Vernal Falls there are squirrels everywhere.... and they expect to be fed. :) Not that I fed them. This little guy was a quarter mile down the trail, and was so focused on digging...
  15. Roscue2

    This is what Defeat looks like....

    Civil War Reenactment.
  16. Roscue2

    Absolutely Massive

  17. Roscue2

    Pure Relaxation

  18. Roscue2

    Yet another wildfire, although this one is closer to home.

    My dads been living at his house for 5 yrs. Theres never been a wildfire that has gotten close.... until this week. The fire 15-20 miles away and is not really a threat due to its direction, but it is massive. It started on Wendsday, and by Friday evening it was at over 50,000 acres. Currently...
  19. Roscue2

    Ghost towns in Yosemite National Park- Nature Notes Video... A Great Watch for you Ghost Town Hunters

    Although, of course, neither of the towns in the video can be metal detected.:smile: Still, they are both very interesting ghost towns to spend an afternoon exploring, with great views. I can tell you from experience, the hike to Dana Village is a Strenuous hike, but the views you will see are...