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Search results

  1. J

    Working the Fence Line (Ballfield)

    That is a good Nickle notch. Have you tried hunting areas where you do not plan to dig deep targets with a lower gain setting to clean up the target responses? That works well for me in trashy and/or high mineral areas. The 5.7" coil is also exceptional. Thanks for the reply & photo.
  2. J

    Working the Fence Line (Ballfield)

    Were you using the 5.7" or XS? What disc settings did you use? Very productive hunt!
  3. J


    It was offered as a way to build a Savings Account. The Bank held the key to open it and a patron would deposit the money in the account. Then you took it back home and saved up some more.
  4. J


    That form of promotion was popular with Banks in the early 20th Century. Probably effective too. I found one at an old house site for The First National Bank of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yours is in better shape than mine. Great find.
  5. J

    Super six coil for Vista X

    Thank you for the reply.
  6. J

    Need A Bullet ID

    I considered some type of stopper also but the edges are rounded. There also is no apparent rifling marks. Lead was used for so many things in the past.
  7. J

    Need A Bullet ID

    I have almost as much fun trying to ID some finds as digging them. I enjoy piecing a site's story together.
  8. J

    Need A Bullet ID

    I checked what references I have and can't find anything definite. I am almost positive it is not from a muzzle loading rifle. There was a wide variety of early cartridge ammunition made in the middle 19th century. Some of it quite strange looking compared to more modern designs. What you found...
  9. J

    Super six coil for Vista X

    Thank you for the response. I still would like to know what benefit the Super Six would have compared to the 8" XS coil that I already have.
  10. J

    Need A Bullet ID

    Perhaps a "Button" style for indoor gallery practice. I would like to know the size & weight.
  11. J

    Need A Bullet ID

    Or a heeled bullet.
  12. J

    Any ACTIVE Metal Detecting Clubs in Texas?

    Monte look on the website for TAMDC (Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs). There shows to one in San Angelo; Concho Valley Club. Others not too far away.
  13. J

    Need A Bullet ID

    Can you measure the diameter and weight?
  14. J

    New Garret Viper Coil offering

    I purchased the new Viper coil for my AT Max a couple of weeks ago. It is a great addition size wise between the stock 8.5X11 and 5X8. Same solid performance.
  15. J

    Apex vs. AT Pro

    The multifrequency should give you more accurate target ID. Separation & recovery speed should be better also. Both will help you weed through the trash. Depth potential is relative to how clean the ground is under the coil.
  16. J

    Vista Warrior Tips

    You should get some replies from some folks here that have used the Vista Warrior. I have really enjoyed the performance of my Vista X which is similar. Keith Southern has some video's on his channel Relics1864 on the Warrior. He is a good tester & hunts the type of sites you mentioned.
  17. J

    Adjusting the sensitivity on ground balancing type machine??

    When the Fisher F75 settles at a GB of 68, how many Mineral bars are showing?
  18. J

    Adjusting the sensitivity on ground balancing type machine??

    I don't think there is any direct correlation between Ground phase balance & optimal sensitivity/gain setting. They are certainly interrelated though. I choose my gain/sensitivity level to optimize detector stability & signal balance given the site conditions. Mineralization, EMI, Iron level or...
  19. J

    Update for the Apex

    I'm in East Texas between the Trinity & Neches. I come out to the Llano/Mason area a couple of times a year to hunt. I bet if you meet the landowners in person and share your research findings with them they will surprise you. Natural water is the key in that country to find the old activity...
  20. J

    Back Soon With More Smart Plus Pro Updates

    Richard, Hope you are doing well. What news of your exploits with the Smart Plus Pro & Vista X?