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Search results

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    Missed another bullet - -

    The present hurricane, Sally , will just scrape by us down in Louisiana, no problems. Pray for those in her way. Steve in so la
  2. S

    Under the crosshairs

    The 2 hurricanes will pass together right above us. New Orleans is 1 hour east of us. Please say a prayer for minimal trouble Steve in so la
  3. S

    Finally made it -

    Got a new password. Steve in so la
  4. S

    Prayers please -

    My mother in law went to the hospital with a small stroke last eve. She has always been healthy, last doctor's visit was about 20 years ago, no pills taken at all. However, she's 95 & headed for the end it sounds like. Steve in so la
  5. S

    Who wants some of this - -

    Rain, that is :) We got 2 3/4 inches in 1 hour today. Now we have received over 8 inches for August so far. It will take a week to dry enough to detect, And by then it will probably rain again. On the positive side my wife & I sure did enjoy watching it rain today. Sure does beat the desert...
  6. S

    Pushing the package

    From my 35 years detecting experience it seems like the difference between the successful detectorist and the not so successful one is experimentation . After all these years swinging I am still experimenting with things surrounding our hobby. Things to consider : A. What techniques will you...
  7. S

    Happy Mother's Day - -

    to all who are moms. Steve in so la
  8. S

    Tumbled some coins -

    to clean them up . While drying I looked them over & found a 64 silver Roosevelt dime. I'll take it !! Check all those dirty ones carefully. Steve in so la
  9. S

    Biblical find - -
  10. S

    Things that make me feel old - -

    Orville Wright died in 1948 - - I was 6 years old ! What are some other things like this ? Steve in so la
  11. S

    Finally some gold

    Went along a sidewalk doing the grass this morning. Not a whole lot of coins but the 14 k ring makes up for it. The 2 lower tokens are from the Mardi Gras parades they have here each year. They are aluminum and not valuable. The grass strips I was doing are along a popular parade route...
  12. S

    Finally got out

    After the holiday, cold weather, rains, etc I finally got out today. I dug these 25 coins, flame job truck & a pin star of some kind. I needed to get out swinging to keep my old body in detecting shape. Hope all you can get out before deep winter sets in. Steve in so la
  13. S

    Missing digs

    Thinking about missed places reminded me of a few overlooked places I have done. I was doing a CW site and a tree had a real low hanging branch. I wondered if others had passed it by as too much trouble to get down under it. I did it & was rewarded with 2 eagle buttons. Another school yard had...
  14. S

    Right out of the box

    Hit a frequently used play area , dug 5 pennies, a dump truck & a 10K gold ring that must have been dropped the day it was bought. It's in perfect condition, no scratches or such. It's too big for my finger. What a thrill to pop it up ! Steve in so la
  15. S

    CW bullets

    Over the years I have dug these 9 live complete bullets from the Civil War. Glad I didn't hit the bottoms with my Lesche !! Steve in so la
  16. S

    Last couple CW digs

    I hit a CW site two times this last 5 days & dug these items plus some junk. 5 round balls, a 3 ringer, a clock gear, some rivets and some porcelain buttons. Obviously these buttons were eyeball finds. Another advantage of not watching a meter or graph. Steve in so la
  17. S

    Still adding on -

    I'm still adding junk rings to my two "rope o rings". I counted up about 7-8 years ago and had over 700 - maybe eight hundred or so by now. I've been digging over 35 years now . One time I went through them all carefully & discovered a gold one. Steve in so la
  18. S

    A site you may not have thought to detect -

    I used to live in another state that had Indian reservations . Among the casinos & all they usually have a community center for the tribe. At this one site I drove around & saw a bunch of playground equipment, the usual tot lot stuff. A tribal policeman was sitting in his car nearby so I asked...
  19. S

    All that glitters -

    Here's a display of stamped gold I dug over the years. Every piece is stamped 10k or 14K but officially discredited to junk metal.. Better be sure of your gold finds - or your future purchases. Steve in so la
  20. S

    CW digs & displaying

    Yesterday I hit a CW camp site, dug a bunch of junk but did get a few goodies before I was swamped by the humidity & heat :(. The one ringer bullet is a Colt 44, top right hand is a 54 rifle round ball while the top middle ball is a 30 cal revolver. Ceramic doll's leg and some porcelain...