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    Cast Iron hoard,

    Just a short history of this spot, ( Nathan taber came hear in 1879 and made his homstead,his old house was built in the Rum river lowland and often flooded, so the house was torn down in 1955 and the farm yard was cleaned up with a dozer or somthing and they dumped the remains of the burnt...
  2. G


    With no harness, i get tired and sore fast with my 4 pound detector , with the Detecting buddy that is greatly decreased, but the ultimate tool was discovered 5000 years ago by the china man, the bucket harness wich can be quckly adapted to a metal detector , and i tried it out in a preliminary...
  3. G

    Historic popcans today from the farm feild

    After setting some gopher traps, i got to detecting, not much coming out , but in one earea i got three old pop cans spread out in an earea of about 200 sc ft. this kind of can dates from around 1976- 1981 the round tabs fell out of favor , it was definetly transitionary for shure steel sides...
  4. G

    6-1-13 live hunt with Outlawr

    I am searching the layer that the seated dime came out of , beleive it or not , most of what you find is cut nails and stove parts and things but in the same stuff that nice seated came out , this layer is about 20 to 30 " deep and covers a large earea, the house burned in 1926 and the dibree...
  5. G


    Say , i buried a dime at 5"and went over it with the 7" DD coil and i could only get it one way, so I figured it must be a small pice of Iron so I figured the blisstool would also not be able to get it because it has a bigger coil but the bliss got it both ways like thear was nothing thear , so...
  6. G

    may27th Outlaw Hunt

    the last target was copper , not brass and the spike was Iron . no bad reflection on the outlaw as this spot has been hunted lots Just hoping the plow may have stired up a coin, I will have to patiently keep searching
  7. G

  8. G

    Tick me off relic hunt

    Man is the flood coming in what used to be a trickle is now a tide of water coming in this will cut me off from the farm feild as well , my little road has flooded. picked a few ticks even in the cold . we had frost this morning and i got out early starting to green up...
  9. G

    todays outlaw find tels a story

    Got an old overalls button,1914528
  10. G


    Today searching the woods, after finding several old shot shells.this OVERALL button came up . so I looked it up it was made by the STROH OVERALL & BUTTON CO OF DETRIOT Detroit was once one of the greatist citys in the world, factorys busy homes being built familys thriving , Good paying jobs...
  11. G


    Got out to the farm feild with the Outlaw, and the 10x12 DD seemed to work great in the no motion, the Iron thing was a solid 12" deep and still mad e swel sound , the sluggs all where about 5- 6" deep I supose becuase of the 12" deep plowing a coin could be 0 to 12" deep I did a test in no...
  12. G

    Took the Outlaw into the farm feild with 10x12 DD

    today I tried the outlaw in the farm feild and hunted in threshold all metal , and it worked very well. really stable I found three things one 00 buckshot and two Iron targets the two Iron targets i could tell where Iron as they began to sound off on the edge of the coil and the one was 9"...
  13. G

    How i clean dirty cladd

    1st sifted everything thru a 3/8th screen then a fine to get rid of the small sand , the fine sand does not work good I used no salt just a drop of soap, and tumbled for 2 hours, ready for recyrculation,
  14. G

    bottle bigins to tell a story of when , and why

    Thear is a spot hear in the Rum river vally flood plane that once had a small shack on it no foundation , but just a well point and a small garden , as you can still see asperigrass growing amongs the trees of the woods it is an earea that floods, easaly and when it floods can only be reached...
  15. G

    found a HAND FORGED AX

    My brother came over to work on the computer , so I had to Watch his son who is about 4 years old , so I grabed my outlaw and said lets go find treashure, , So away we went and i figured well we will just search in the dirt drivway. 1st signal was a nail , then after that a big sound , so I...
  16. G

    Outlaw a great turkey caller

    today the outlaw was drawring in the Turkeys as it sounds like a hen still no great finds just run of the mill huters artifacts
  17. G


    I find the turkeys like the sound of my detector,
  18. G

    Back to the wood s with the Outlaw

    Went back to keep griding the woods, on my way a gopher was digging right in the road, so i had to set a trpa for that guy 1st then to the hunt still getting things no silver yet
  19. G

    Outlaw finds buckle with 1855 date

    This machine , is Awsome, it can relick hunt like no other machine, the combination of its light weight , and small coil , and the No motion , just alow me to go deep and get into spots nothing els can . this machine is a sleeping giant of a relic machine, found the old brass buckle this...
  20. G

    Outlawr Relic hunt 5-3-13

    This outlawr is a great relic machine, 1st time i have had it in the woods, itsl light as a stick and gets between the sticks and in the no motion homes in on the targets, very much liking this machine,, the Ox bow has flooded keeping me out of the other side i found a token at last year...