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  1. L

    Guy with First Texas says new machines coming possibly later this year.

    We will see. Fisher has been absent in the development of hobby detectors for many years. The F75 was what 11 years ago? The push to sell direct to the customer "Technetics" puts them in direct competition with their dealers. Another bad sign for the health of the hobby.
  2. L

    Ordered my 3rd Apex, Now hoping for the right smaller-size coil for it.

    Monte I always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts. Nice to see the F5 still in your arsenal. As someone who rebought the F5 at the current lower price after selling my original one many years ago I have really enjoyed this detector. I hope your health improves and I look forward to reading many...
  3. L

    My Old F5 Is Back

    Monte Also nice to see you picked up a F5 also. I have followed your posts for many years and always stop and read your well thought out posts on various topics when I see one. if you like the F5 that says something. One question the 7" concentric coil you like is that a Fisher coil or...
  4. L

    My Old F5 Is Back

    Congrats on getting your F5 back. Many years back I owned and then sold off my F5. Over the years I really missed that detector so when I heard of the huge price drop on them I jumped and bought one. I have been really enjoying using it again. In the last two weeks I have found 5 rings and a...
  5. L

    Whites closing their plant.

    I just talked with Todd from Whites. He worked in White's service department for 30 years. He is setting up a repair shop at his home and has a 3 year contract with Whites to repair and service their detectors. He currently has a lot of spare LCD screens, circuit boards and other spare parts...
  6. L

    Whites resumes MX Sport production

    The O-ring issue has been solved and fixed by Whites. They just released a update at MX Sport update The issue was with the O-ring itself not with any assembly issues. Apparently the O-ring used was too robust for the plastic screen. Whites has restarted production of the MX Sport.
  7. L

    V3 Ground Filter Talk.

    Mike, great post. You have a knack for taking a complex idea and breaking it down in to simple terms that the average person can understand. Your post on filters is one of the best ones I have read on the subject. As a former F5 user I read all your posts on that detector and learned a great...
  8. L

    Sensitivity Zoom Screen on V3i

    Actually Rob's explanation is easier for me to understand. The manuals explanation never really made sense to me. But as my wife has told me I am not like "most" people :smile:
  9. L

    Does anyone hunt with the analyze screens?

    I anybody can figure it out and make a new friend it is you Mike.
  10. L

    Detech Ultimate 13" coil color

    You are correct. I confirmed this with Whites.
  11. L

    Detech Ultimate 13" coil color

    I am going to order a Ultimate 13" coil for my V3i and I see that they come in black or white color. Beside aesthetics is there a functional difference between the two? I have heard that the black units are the newer batch. Thanks
  12. L

    Crazy about my VX3 in all conditions including deep snow!!

    Dhartman, when you get some settings you like let me know. I plan to be in Long Beach in August for the kite festival. Plan to bring my V3i and hit the beaches when I am not flying. Try to save some finds for me :smile:
  13. L

    Took my VX3 into a freshl:clap:y plowed cornfield - YAY!!

    I really enjoy your videos. Your enthusiasm is infectous :bouncy:
  14. L

    no loonies or quarters

    What program are you running? Are you running a stock or custom program? Is it possible you have discriminated out what you are trying to see? A little more info would be helpful
  15. L

    My V3 ought to arrive tomorrow or Thursday

    Mike, look forward to your posts and tips on the V3i. As a former F5 owner reading your "book" on that detector really helped.
  16. L

    v3i beach settings

    Thanks for the link.
  17. L

    Display battery level

    Got it. Thanks for the help.
  18. L

    Display battery level

    Is there a way to put the battery voltage level on the main screen so it can be monitored while you hunt. It seems I read you can but cannot find the information. Regards
  19. L

    RX and Disc

    Let me see if I got it correct. DISC adjusts the threshold LEVEL but the threshold adjustment under the audio adjustments only adjusts the VOLUME of the threshold signal. Is this correct?. Also I wonder why Whites made increasing the DISC number causes the threshold level to decrease. It...
  20. L

    Coil Compatability

    Gandorf, just like Blind Squirrel says the V rated coils will work with the MXT/MX5/M6/DFX detectors. Regards