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Search results

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    Detector Prospecting

    Does any one what going on with this web site I can’t log on
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    TDI Beach Hunter 14v Battery

    Anyone selling a 14v battery for the tdi beach hunter
  3. S

    TDI Beach Hunter Battery 14v

    Anyone selling a 14v battery for the tdi beach hunter
  4. S

    Fisher Impulse Inquiries

    I was wondering where i can get some reports on the new fisher impulse Did a you tube check and the latest I saw was obn test Also did a google search and not any better Any other web site I can look at to see how this machine doing i no there some out there that people are testing
  5. S

    How gold settles in the water

    I have second thoughts that heavier rings settle deeper in the sand then lighter rings seems to me the last 3-5 years what little I find the gold rings are mostly kids rings the beaches I hunt have been pounded over the years and I know these spots gave up medium to heavy rings when there was...
  6. S

    Whites TDI beach hunting

    Brought a original tdi (black box) want to use it in the wet sand area (saltwater) do I want to ground balance the machine or hunt with ground balance off for best depth was wondering if someone could explain the best settings to use and maybe videos to watch any information about the machine...
  7. S

    Gold rings in the dirt

    For those of you who hunt parks and schools ball fields etc. how many pieces of gold do you find in a year and how many times do you go in a year( if you keep track)
  8. S

    When to dig or Not to dig numbers

    I really try and hunt in and open screen on the beach ( not a land hunter. But maybe soon if I don’t start finding more gold) When I get numbers say in the 30s (1st number) and say 47 (2nd number) and the cursor on the bottom is that always iron or junk People more less say to look at the...
  9. S

    2020 machine

    What are you hoping to see in new technology in 2020 Any new machine that your hoping to see
  10. S

    Equinox and vanquish on the beach

    Will there be a difference in performance of the vanquish that the equinox has over the vanquish. They both have the muti I q I assume the equinox has more settings over the vanquish Reason I am asking looking for a back up machine for ocean hunting I really don’t want to buy the vanquish...
  11. S

    Why no ctx updates

    I hear there going to be update on the equinox If that’s true. Why not for the ctx it double the price. Maybe 3xs the price
  12. S

    New Machine And More Finds

    I was wondering with new machines being released with new technology Are you guys and ladies finding more jewelry (gold ) In my area it seems to be getting worse every year I have gone all summer with not a new piece of gold (was out 25 Xs from 7/4-9/4) I can’t justify buying a new machine...
  13. S

    Minelab vangish

    Is this new machine a newer equinox or a step below the equinox. Minelab promoting this like a new apple gadget
  14. S

    Gray ghost amphibians 2

    Does anyone have a set of these phones for the 3030 I have the gray ghost amphibians with volume control But they are not loud enough for me I want something to make the targets louder and here the threshold better and was wondering if these are louder then amphibians I need a set of...
  15. S

    Anyone own a Eric Foster pulse machine

    Was just wondering if anyone own one of these machine. Never see any for sale Does anyone fixed them anymore
  16. S

    OC Maryland

    Heading to ocean city for July 4, I herd it’s a big place and was wondering if anyone call give me idea where to hunt at the ocean Looking for area that has a lot of people. The hotels can only hold so many.
  17. S

    Relic Mode at the bea

    When using relic mode at the beach(wet sand area) does it go deeper then then beach mode in open screen If so can someone explain why.
  18. S

    Detecting Bag

    Anyone use some kind of bag to carry there machine and water scoop in Looking for a bag to carry my 3030 and water scoop 36in with 6-8 in bucket Will be going to beaches on my bike If you do use something can you include the size
  19. S

    Carry Bag

    Looking for any ideas on a bag I can use to carry the 3030 and a scoop with approx 36 in handle This is for bike riding purposes to beaches If you also tell me the size you are using
  20. S

    Ctx/Equinox Beach Hunting

    Can anyone tell me what the benefits of using one of these machines on the beach Instead of using a Excalibur or Sovereign since we basically dig everything I guess I am old school using a Excalibur or sovereign I just don’t think someone using a newer machine is going to outdig someone using...