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Search results

  1. H

    Angles question

    I asked this same question a few years back ,, possibly on another forum,,cant remember,, but never got a definitive answer . Hopefully someone can answer.
  2. H

    Can't they put a clock on the Equinox 600 & 800

    No Sir , Top ,,,, hell half the time ,, I don't even know what day it is . I thought yesterday was friday ,, till I went by the bank .
  3. H

    Pristine 4" shooter coil and Deep 10" coil for Fishers F-2 AND f-4 detectors

    I might would be interested,, but I've only got an F70 and an old CZ .
  4. H

    A walk around a LL field.

    You'll never know what you're getting till you put the digger in the dirt . Sounds like you may have found a good little spot. Looking forward to seeing some treasures.
  5. H

    How old constitutes Vintage anyway?

    " Gold dust " ,,,, :rofl:
  6. H

    Can't they put a clock on the Equinox 600 & 800

    If you have a watch ,, do you have a phone ?? If so , just set your alarm 15 minutes before you need to leave . If you dont have a watch ,,, or a phone ,,, then life is good .
  7. H

    F70 chatter cant stop.

    92 degrees,,, its probably just trying to tell you it wants some air conditioning,,, :ROFLMAO:,,, just kidding,, hope ya get it figured out.
  8. H

    Happy Birthday Ma Betty

    I didn't know it was your birthday either Ma ,, I must not have been paying attention,,, ( I've had that problem my whole life ) ,, but heres to hoping you had a great birthday and ,, many more .
  9. H

    Thank you, for all prayers! The Dentist & his Assistant truly were gentle & kind to me! PTL!

    Glad to hear everything went well for you Ma ,,, and hope everything will work for you and your wife Mr. CJM . I have always thought all of our seniors should have greatly reduced,, if not free health care ,, I feel you all have worked your whole lives to support yourselves and families,, paid...
  10. H

    My first good beach find!

    Well ,, if you're going to call it quits on beach detecting,, at least you're going out on top ,, instead of a skunk. We'll be eagerly waiting to hear the cheers of found gold.
  11. H


    At today's ammo prices ,, I'd say that just about equals gold spot price ,,, :rofl: ,,, maybe silver anyway . But no sir ,, I haven't dug an ammo spill before .
  12. H

    Dinosaur remains...

    Thanks for the correction,, I knew there was some kind of " ist " in there . :giggle:
  13. H

    Dinosaur remains...

    We sure hate to lose you as a Metal Detectorists ,, as you move on to an Archeologist,,,,, :rofl:
  14. H

    Nice suprise at the park this morning.

    Yes sir ,, I was just kind of guessing there may have been about 10 yrs worth of wear on that '36 coin.
  15. H

    DMV Detecting Paid Most of My Fees 💰

    Just think ,, you could have been sitting in that chair for 3 1/2 hours ,, or ,, do what you did , and make the best use you could have out of your time. Great choice .
  16. H

    30 buttons + more from one hole

    I'll agree with the others. I remember grandma had a jar of buttons , and an old cigar box with buttons, thread and sewing stuff in it,, was fumbling through it one time and learned to be careful fumbling through the box,, I found one of her needles with the tip of my finger ,, That's a lot...
  17. H

    Nice suprise at the park this morning.

    And she looks to be in really nice shape. I'm gonna guess its been in the ground about 75 years maybe. Nice save .
  18. H

    Need prayer please

    May the lord bless you and keep you strong.
  19. H

    "tan coin"

    Try to get 10-15 cents over face value,, more if you think its possible. Good luck .
  20. H

    Coil direction

    Nope ,,, time to change hobbies ,,, :blink: