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Search results

  1. M

    How fast do you swing your coil?

    I've always swung slow with my Minelabs compared to other brands. Is it possible to swing too slow resulting in depth loss? Thanks. Matt
  2. M

    New Detech 5X10 SEF WSS coil

    Anyone have any experience or info about this coil? GL and HH. Matt
  3. M

    Found first silver Quarter after 6+ years of detecting.

    Finally. Took me long enough. Hopefully more and bigger silver soon to be found. Found with my Explorer SE with SEF 12X10 coil. GL and HH. Matt
  4. M

    Smartscreen question.

    I'm relatively new with my SE. I am hunting mostly factory settings, stay in Smartscreen and use SEF coils. I seem to get tons of signals where the cursor on the Smartscreen is half way off the right side of the screen. As best I can tell from my experience this is indicating hot rocks or...
  5. M

    Officially happy with my Explorer SE

    Well, after about 6 hours and a little frustration I think I'm beginning to get the hang of this detector. I must admit I've only had it in my backyard which I have pounded with other detectors and multiple coils. Yesterday I got a 1907 IH cent. This is the first IH I've pulled from the yard and...
  6. M

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

    OK, I've heard about and seen the better aspects of the Explorer SE. Now, as a new Explorer SE owner I want the low-down dirty dirt. What are this machine's faults and weak spots. What do you wish someone told you when you first started hunting with your SE? I welcome everyone to chime in to...
  7. M

    Anyone using new Lithium-Ion from RNB Innovations?

    I just got mine and will use it today for the first time. Just curious if anyone has their own review. Thanks. HH. Matt
  8. M

    First impressions of new to me Explorer SE

    I finally went to an FBS machine. Using the original 10" coil. Haven't had time to detect outside my back yard which I've hunted heavily in the past. Haven't found any coins or keepers yet (may be the location). The big deal is that I am digging at least twice as deep as I'm used to. I've found...
  9. M

    Fool's Gold or real Gold in NJ?

    I must apologize first. I know negative info about gold anywhere. I did find what I believe to be a quartz stone with some sort of "gold vein" thru it. I truly do not believe it to be gold but I would like to know any info regarding real gold in the Garden State. Thank you. HH. Matt
  10. M

    Caught in thunderstorm yesterday...

    The primary reason I bought the AT Pro was so I could hunt in the rain. When you've got the time to go hunting you know you can't always rely on the weather to cooperate. That was the case yesterday. It had rained earlier and everything was soaked and dripping including the brush I was storming...
  11. M

    Anyone using the Detech 13" Ultimate coil with Sov GT?

    Greetings. Anyone have opinions, experience, tricks or tips to using this coil? Thanks in advance for any info. HH. Matt
  12. M

    Now I know I'm crazy...

    I love metal detecting. I love playing in the dirt. I love trying to explain to others my passion. Now I'm stepping up my own game times two. For one I have rigged powerful magnets on a deep sea fishing outfit and coiled hand-throw. Yes, I will be dragging the bottom of rivers, streams and lakes...
  13. M

    First silver for the 2013 season

    Hey there from NJ. I just got my first silver for this season. A 1920 Merc found in my little backyard. The AT Pro got a confusing signal but there was a consistant hi pitch in the mix. I dig all repeatable signals. The hole was about 4" in diameter and 5" deep. First I pulled out an old rusty...
  14. M

    Artillery chassis?

    Greetings from North Central NJ. I found a chassis on the surface in some local woods. Don't believe its Civil War because of its location. Possibly Revolutionary War Garrison cannon chassis? Wheels show "XIX" in raised letters. Wheels are 4" diameter. ANY help would be appreciated. I cant get...
  15. M

    Long time no see...

    Hey everybody. Just wanted to check in and let you know my move from PA to NJ is done. My computer isn't hooked up yet. I have been detecting spots in town with fairly good results. I found a 1948 British penny in my back yard. It's copper and the size of a US half dollar- only a few inches...
  16. M

    Why so many dimes?

    When it comes to finding silver coins...why does it seem the majority of finds are dimes? This is true for me and looks to be true for most of the guys on YouTube. What is your opinion? Thanks. HH. Matt
  17. M

    I'm moving.

    Next month I'm moving from NE Pennsylvania to North Central New Jersey; back to the town I grew up in. I'm looking forward to the metal detecting scene because the area is so historic. I know the area well and already have a list of places to hunt. Haven't been out around here lately because I...
  18. M

    We can dream...right?

    My brother and I found this gold coin in our Grandmother's attic when we were very young. I'd love to find another now with my detector. HH. Matt
  19. M

    Seen a first today...

    For the first time in 3 years, today I saw another detectorist. He was at the tot-lot that I pass every day going to my spot with the piles of fill. I couldn't believe my eyes. I felt like talking to him but I was intimidated. He looked like he was dressed for playing golf and he drove a white...
  20. M

    Found Ultra Thin Wheat Cent Today.

    Anyone have a clue about this? Diameter is fine. Worn a bit. Cant read date. Is it possible it is just heavily worn perfectly uniformly? Its about as thin as a normal potato chip...maybe half as thick as a dime. Just curious. Any answers appreciated. One of my first finds with my AT Pro. Thanks...