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  1. 5

    Help me choose a pinpointer.

    The Fisher F-Pulse had better detection range than the Carrot. All of my Garrett pointers I've owned lost range. within a year. As far as the Pulse being waterproof only down town to six feet? I am not even 6' tall and I never ever considered a pin pointer for water hunts, much less deeper that...
  2. 5

    $.07 a plug....

    Research about the accuracy counts at Coin star stop me from doing the exact same thing. Many cases reported make rolling look good again
  3. 5

    $.07 a plug....

    Kudos, yet I won't roll my 90lbs of found clad. I did my part by just finding them. I'll die first. Coin shortage? NOT! They should pay me a premium, not make me roll. jm2c
  4. 5

    Another first for me

    Did all of these read the same Vdi after digging them up?
  5. 5

    EMI Shielding And Water Leaks?

    A different but related question to water leaks in units. I doubt anybody will "know" but,,,can a leaky machine which has or will ever been proven leaky after a literal episode in the water where it obviously leaked,,,are the Nox units which never ever sees water hunting, reduced in anyway in...
  6. 5

    This ever happen to you?

    I left out the last part of my method. The small moves I mentioned end up being me lifting the coil a tad after the detune, and then pat the coil on the ground in pinpoint mode a smidgen to one side, and keep doing that while detuning GB. Eventually you will get the tone quiet, except for when...
  7. 5

    One Bar Left On Battery Indicator Question

    Has anyone calculated the time left to hunt once the battery indicator hits 1-bar? The Equinox seems deficient in giving a 30 minutes alarm, and the "BF" indicator per the manual, seems to say that a shutdown in imminent without another warning. Has anyone figured an indicator out in the field...
  8. 5

    This ever happen to you?

    I use a method where I find what the machine calls center, and then toggle pinpoint off, and back on, and move slightly with the coil still on top of that spot, and if the tone resurfaces, I reiterate until there is the slightest tone is given. It's like walking into the better center spot.
  9. 5

    This ever happen to you?

    I always found those targets to be large and I quit digging
  10. 5

    What MineLab should I get on Price 600 or 800?

    I have used most all pinpointers and have been using the F-Pulse now, going on two years. It really is a deep pointer, deeper than the Carrot. Solid and waterproof. I think the F-Pulse is a winner, and certainly if it can be bought for less than the $127 main line favorites. Fisher did stub...
  11. 5

    What MineLab should I get on Price 600 or 800?

    These are so close to the ML80s, it is spooky, and they also cost what your Sony phones do. The Tronds are way better than the factory ML80s. Jm2c
  12. 5

    Need an Equinox battery. Here how to get.

    For nearly $40 for a single battery, I will wait. They ask too much, and tack on an extra 30 percent in shipping and such. One third!
  13. 5

    Nox-- first impressions

    I have never proven that my cell phone ever interfered with any metal detector. I explored that aspect after hearing it only once, years ago. I will personally always have my IPhone on me out in the field. It is my life-vest in case I fall down and can't back up. I am not jesting ;-)
  14. 5

    Nox-- first impressions

    And to me, the paper manuals gets my attention about as much as the Grand Canyon did for Chevy Chase in that movie where he nodded his head 3 times but then left for Vegas. I never have liked paper manuals. The internet is so much faster and more up to date. Jm2c
  15. 5

    Okay so I realize I'm new to this brand of detector...

    I've always ran the wire straight up the lower rod to the juncture using velcro, then wind it around the upper to the control box. Don't really know if it makes a big difference, because I've watched many veterans posting videos with sloppy, loose windings all the way up. Some of the videos were...
  16. 5

    hunting partners...

    I really enjoy helping other tectors, and comparing signals. I just don't have unique spots that's not been hammered. I'm pretty sure I lost friends who had good noses for hunt spots. I didn't abuse those spots. It sucks to lose friends over spots.
  17. 5

    Okay so I realize I'm new to this brand of detector...

    It does have a cover, trust me. Take a photo and post it, without a coil cover.
  18. 5

    Okay so I realize I'm new to this brand of detector...

    There has to be a lower sensitivity setting that gets it quiet. It won't necessarily answer todays question but it will give an answer.
  19. 5

    Okay so I realize I'm new to this brand of detector...

    Take the sensitivity down to 15. If it is still noisy outside, in different areas, then you have hardware issues. If it gets quiet at 15, then your location is the problem. Drive across across town and try it. A setting 20(I guess that is 4 in bars, I never use the bars myself) 20 should run...