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Search results

  1. M

    F-19 Sweep Speed

    Does the F-19 require a faster sweep speed to be effective like the Gold Bug Pro, or is low and slow just as good? I ask because the formats are very similar.
  2. M

    New AT Max On The Way

    Now that Tesoro has all but gone away, I went in search of a new metal detector. I bought the Minelab Equinox 800, but for the life, I simply could not connect with that machine. I am not saying it is bad detector by any stretch, but it just wasn't right for me. This was the third Minelab I had...
  3. M

    Gain and Sensitivity

    I am looking for metal detectors that allow me to independently adjust the GAIN and SENSITIVITY controls on the detector. I thought Gain and Threshold were the same, but I was wrong. I presently know of two that allow me to that: White's V3i and the older Fisher 5. I know there must be more...
  4. M

    Gold Jewelry

    May be a bit off topic for here, but I was wondering, since there is no metal detector that is designed specifically for gold jewelry (I mean more than rings, like chains, pendants, etc.), would a gold metal detector be a good substitute? I know that processed gold is different from raw gold...
  5. M

    Compadre vs. Mojave - Senstivity

    Has anyone compared the sensitivity of the two units? Does the Compadre still reign supreme or is it matched by the Mojave? I am thinking about the Compadre with the 5.75" coil against the standard 7" coil on the Mojave.
  6. M

    8" 3 kHz Coil Question

    I know there are many knowledgeable X-Terra users here so I have a very basic question. In soil with low mineralization, on a clad dime target, how much depth can I realistically expect from the 705 with the 8" 3 kHz coil?
  7. M

    Cool Sensitivity

    I know the sniper coil is concentric while the 5x8 is DD. Has anyone compared the two in terms of sensitivity to tinier non-ferrous targets? While smaller coils usually have the edge, I wonder if the concentric vs. DD made any difference
  8. M

    Books on V3i / VX3

    Aside from the user manual, are there any books out there on the V3i/VX3, or is it mostly forum swapping information?
  9. M

    A Suggestion For Kellyco Regarding Federal Express

    I recently ordered a metal detector from Kellyco that was shipped from Tennessee with free shipping. The box was sent by FedEx. When I went online to track my package, I learned someone had to be home to sign for the box. I really wish I had known that. I live alone and work all day during the...
  10. M

    Compadre with 8" Coil or Silver uMax

    For park hunting, would anyone here a preference? Assume you are looking for surface clad and rings.
  11. M

    High Tone Nickels

    Are there any detectors out there that can be set up to give a high tone on nickels?
  12. M

    CZ-3D 5" Coil

    Has anyone found the 5" coil for the CZ-3D useful? I'm curious if the depth was acceptable, especially when used in trashier areas. Is it a concentric coil? I am assuming it is.
  13. M

    Recovery Time

    Between the Silver microMax and the Cibola, has anyone compared the recovery time of these two units?
  14. M

    Ace 400 TID

    One gripe I always had about the Ace 250 was that the TID was wrong about 60% of the time (for example, a "dime" reading wasn't a dime or a bronze cent). Has the Ace 400 improved on the TID accuracy?
  15. M

    Eurotek Pro with Concentric Coil

    With the concentric coil on the detector, how high to you need to set discrimination before bottlecaps begin to given a broken sound?
  16. M

    AT Gold & Coins

    When it comes to surface clad coins (6" deep or less), would you say that the capabilities of the AT Pro and the AT Gold are evenly matched in finding them?
  17. M

    Gold Chains

    I am sure this question has been asked before but the way new detectors keep coming up I think it might be worth asking again. If you were going to hunt for gold chains, is there a detector out there you think is very adept at picking them up? I am talking about just the chain and not...
  18. M

    Rain / Dust Cover for CZ-3D

    Does anyone out there still make a rain/dust cover for the control box of the CZ-3D? Fisher doesn't and the internet only gave me one site (metaldetectorcovers), but they say they don't make them anymore. Very odd for a detector that is still in production. For now, at least...
  19. M

    Jewelry Settings

    I was curious what settings you folks use when jewelry hunting in parks and beaches with the AT Pro. And by jewelry I don't just mean rings, but chains, pendants, etc. I assume you start out in Pro Mode, but any other pointers you are willing to share would be sincerely appreciated. I am also...
  20. M

    Does The Gamma.... your settings when you turn the unit off?