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Search results

  1. MikeO

    Got out from 5-7pm tonight. Got one good coin.

    Dug plenty of junk for sure as this is a place we have hunted for over twenty years. At this point we are digging just about anything and that’s what all my finds where. Everything but a nice coin till right before we left and I dug this nice 20-S Standing Liberty. Didnt realize it was an S...
  2. MikeO

    Made a lil time to get out and hunt today.

    As many of you know getting old isn’t much fun sometimes. I am the caregiver for my mom who has dementia. So, with that said finding time to get away isn’t easy anymore but, my hunting buddy and I broke away for a lil bit this morning. We hunted a house we had never hunted and it turned up a few...
  3. MikeO

    Meager finds today but, what a phenomenal day to be out.

    Dug some junk. Some wheats and gave them to the homeowner. Only decent dig was a 44 Merc. It’s in nice shape so, I will take that as a win. Got a great high righter and dug down about 6” and saw the rim of what at that moment looked like a silver dollar. Then as soon as I picked it up NOPE. Some...
  4. MikeO

    Starting off 2021 in the right way.

    First time out this year with my hunting buddy. we gained permission at an old 1860s home. The home owner said it had been hunted one time many years ago. My best dig was a nice 1858 Seated Quarter. I also dug about 6 wheaties and some junk. We got permission to return as well so, it’s always...
  5. MikeO

    Starting 2021 season off with a bang.

    First time out this year with my hunting buddy. we gained permission at an old 1860s home. The home owner said it had been hunted one time many years ago. My best dig was a nice 1858 Seated Quarter. I also dug about 6 wheaties and some junk. Cant complain to starting of with a seated for sure...
  6. MikeO

    Beautiful day today to be out hunting. Snagged a ugly LC

    Ugly as she may be she still counts for the year. I think it’s 1845 but, cannot say for certain as she’s rough. I also got numerous wheats but, the oldest (pictured) is a 17. This was an old school house built back in 1873. We have a lot more ground to cover so, there’s got to be some silver...
  7. MikeO

    Finally found a day to get out.

    Been so busy with life myself and my longtime hunting buddy decided to get out and take a break from the daily grind. Met some of the neatest farmers today. Had as much fun talking to them as hunting to be honest. I didn’t come away with much but, I did manage a 1891 IH, 1920 Wheatie and a nice...
  8. MikeO

    Well, got that third IH I was lacking from last post today and a whatizit made of sterling silver.

    Got, out with my son and hunting buddy back to are local spot we been hunting. We all dug are fair share of clad and junk. My son dug a nice old padlock. My buddy dug the most money in clad. I was the lucky one and got another IH. Its not quite as nice as the previous hunts IHs but, it adds to...
  9. MikeO

    One little Two little Three little Indians——-

    Ok, well I didn’t get the third Indian but, two works for me today. Got out again today with my hunting buddy. It was a nice day with temps at about 50*. Only hunted about 2.5hrs but, had a great time getting the heck outside. Anyhow, my two good finds for the day where a 1885 and 1890 IHs. Both...
  10. MikeO

    Got out again with hunting buddy and my son.

    Decided to head back to the place we had hunted are last two times out today. My son has sadly been laid off for a bit so, he decided to go with us. He has a Equinox 800. I personally did not find any old coins today but, my hunting buddy found a 1895 IH and my son found two IHs in one hole both...
  11. MikeO

    Back to the same place as where I got last weeks Seated.

    Nothing spectacular today but, boy was it nice to get out and hunt again. My buddy and I enjoyed the nice day out. I dug quite a few crusty zincolns, clad quarters and old pull tabs but I was able to get one good coin. A nice 1897 Barber dime at about 7”. We will probably head back there next...
  12. MikeO

    I had a fantastic start to 2020 detecting today.

    Was a beautiful day in Ohio today so, my hunting buddy and I got out for a little bit this afternoon. We headed to a trusty old spot that has produced some amazing coins for us during the last 20+ years. Today was no different. my first coin today was a mediocre 1890 IH then my next was a much...
  13. MikeO

    Got out today. If this is winter I like it. :bouncy:

    Started out about 10am and it was chilly but, in no time we where shedding clothes as it got to above 50* This is my kind of winter for sure. We hit the same place we last hunted our last hunt last year. Odd time hunting today as interference was an issue. There are no dog fences (underground)...
  14. MikeO

    Son just bought a new 800 (received today) and found this in his front yard .

    My sons has kinda been into detecting on and off but, recently got the bug again. He just received his 800 today. He immediately started detecting his front yard (house built in 52) So far he has found a 64 dime, a 42 wheatie and this sterling silver ring. He gave it to his fiancée. He seems...
  15. MikeO

    Have a Merry Christmas everyone

  16. MikeO

    What do you do when your in an old town with streets loaded with old homes.

    Well, the best idea is to hunt this one first. [attachment 370465 image.jpeg] Well, we actually didn't hunt that one but, we gained permission at an old home built in 1880. I dont quite hunt near as long (nor my hunting buddy) but, I dug till I was worn out. This place is loaded with coins. It...
  17. MikeO

    Another LC from last place we hunted plus a neat token.

    Got out again yesterday with my long time hunting buddy. Again I was designated digger as he is still in recovery from shoulder surgery. Had a short three hour hunt back at last place that gave us both Large Cents. I was the only lucky one this time out. I managed a double holed 1852 LC, 19s...
  18. MikeO

    First hunt of 2019 gets me a Trifecta.

    Got out with my long time hunting buddy who has been couped up due to shoulder surgery. He could swing the detector since it wasn't his swinging arm but, I did the digging for him. We hit a old home corner lot that's quite large. The house was a turn of the century home but, there are much older...
  19. MikeO

    Finally had a chance to detect.

    Been a while since I have posted but, my hunting buddy and I finally had a chance to get out. We hit one new home but, the best it turned up for me was a 30,35 wheats and a copper flag topper and a old spoon piece. Then we headed on into the town we have hunted quite a bit over the many years...
  20. MikeO

    Finally a nice day to get out and hunt with my buddy.

    I have not been posting much finds as of late as I spend a lot of time shooting/reloading but, yesterday my hunting bud of twenty years called me to go out today. We didnt have a planned destination so, we just headed into a smaller town and did a door knock on a corner lot house built about the...