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Search results

  1. SeabeeRon


    Many spam posted this morning, reported them all!
  2. SeabeeRon

    Watched Threads

    Don't seem to be getting notification of new posts in threads marked "Watch".
  3. SeabeeRon

    Who’s in charge?

    I know Guvner is the Owner and TechBill is an Admin, but was wondering who the other, if any, admins or moderators are? Thanks in advance for any info you can share.
  4. SeabeeRon

    Member List

    Where is the member list?
  5. SeabeeRon

    Spam Attack??!!?!

    Seems this sub forum is under a SPAM ATTACK!!
  6. SeabeeRon

    So much SPAM!!!

    Not sure how Findmall is set up, but is there not an overall Admin or Moderator who can take care of all the sub forums at once to rid this site of this most recent spam attack?!?
  7. SeabeeRon


    Not sure who the Moderator is for this sub forum, but there lots of tasty SPAM post to take care of!
  8. SeabeeRon

    Time Zone

    This appears to be the most acceptable location to ask this question. How can I edit the Time Zone so my posts reflect the time zone I am in? Thanks!
  9. SeabeeRon


    Looks like this sub forum has been hit with a spammer!!
  10. SeabeeRon


  11. SeabeeRon


  12. SeabeeRon

    Surf P.I. Pro batteries

    Recently got a used White's Surf PI Pro. I know White's offers a rechargeable battery system, but I was wondering if the regular rechargeable "AA" batteries you get everywhere will work or will that damage the unit?!? thanks in advance for any help that you guys can provide! Keep Swinging!
  13. SeabeeRon

    Silver Chain

    Found this a few weeks ago and don't think I ever posted it here. One of our members here, Kyle in Sac, is headed my way later this week and I wanted to show him what is "possible". :twodetecting: This guy was 28" long and weighed in at 4 1/4 oz!
  14. SeabeeRon

    Reward & Advice

    I have never tried coin roll hunting so I need some advice. On the beach this morning I found a very nice Blackberry cell phone device. I called the the last number that came up and left a message. A little bit later I got a call back from the owner who was still in town staying at a motel...
  15. SeabeeRon

    Old coins to be distributed This was in our local morning paper. Thought it was kinda interesting and a neat idea! Before I took up metal detecting about a year ago I could care less about the change I got back from my dollar, now I find myself looking in every tip jar and in...
  16. SeabeeRon

    Class Ring return Neat story otta Florida
  17. SeabeeRon

    A little clad and cars

    The beaches out here haven't been very productive of late. Not enough sand has been moved out by storms and not enough visitors to seed the sand, also due to weather. So I hit a few tot lots this morning for a couple of hours. Added three cars to the collection, plus a little clad. Also a .50...
  18. SeabeeRon

    BH Land Ranger

    O.K., I've been using my Land Ranger for almost a year now. I hunt mostly on salt water beaches and it has done well for me in the dry sand and in tot lots and parks/turf. BUT.....when I get near the wet sand, almost NADA! Lots of what I call "one sided beeps" as I get no return tone on the...
  19. SeabeeRon

    Started '08 with bang, my oldest to date!

    Started '08 out with a BANG!! Found my two oldest coins since I started in this amazing hobby not quite a year ago. Noticed this small triangular shaped little park in town that they had just scrapped getting ready to put in new turf I think. Found 6 coins in about 2 hours. Didn't really look at...
  20. SeabeeRon

    Another great Ring Return tale Ring return out west!