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Search results

  1. ronaldj2

    Cape Cod bay beach find

    Need some help with this find. It is about 9 inches from tip to tip. Weighs about 10 to 12 oz. maybe a smidge more. Found it 2nd week of Feb. 2020 on a beach in Cape Cod bay. I have found some older items on this beach before. It looks like a possible pedal or step support for a carriage...
  2. ronaldj2

    Past week

    Hi Just posting a few finds from the past week. Last weekend I let my brother use my AT Max he found this nice flat button with what looks like a sunburst on it. Shank is intact no pic of it. This past Friday we went to a couple cellar holes that I have been driving by for over 30 years but...
  3. ronaldj2

    5 Barbers

    We had an unusually warm Jan. 11 , 2020. I invited my brother to go detecting with me. It was only my second time out with the 800. I let my brother use my AT Max. We were on a wooded semi rocky hillside , which had been logged over 100 years ago. I had been to this area before and had...
  4. ronaldj2

    Deciding factor?

    Hi all, I am seriously considering adding a new machine to my arsenal. I am eyeballing the ctx as well as the garrett at pro gold, and even a pi water machine. My question to all you ctx owners is: What are some of the pros that may have helped in making a solid decision ? I haven't been on...
  5. ronaldj2

    Help on spots in Lincoln University, Pa.

    I live in Western,Ma. My family and I visit my sister and her family in Lincoln Univ, Pa. I was wondering if there is anyone in the area who might want to get together for a hunt sometime. Ron
  6. ronaldj2

    Out of the mouth of babes!

    Some years ago!!! I came home from work after a hot, sweaty, dirty day. We only had 3 son's at the time ( we now have 4), anyway getting back to the story. I had just walked in the door and my wife asked me to go to CVS to pick up a prescription for my youngest son. I asked my son Matt if he...
  7. ronaldj2

    Out of the mouth of babes..................

    One Easter about 12 yrs ago, my family and I were watching an animated video. It was Easter Sunday and my family only consisted of me, my wife, and my 2 oldest boys. My oldest boy Matt was just shy of 5yrs old and his younger brother Josh was 3yrs and 4mths. Our family has grown since then by...
  8. ronaldj2

    Mouse in the house. DON'T :biteme:

    Just writing to let everyone know, after my most recent hunt I failed to clean my safari. It had been drizzling out with some showers, I was hunting a schoolyard/baseball field. The grass had been recently cut and my coil had wet grass clippings on it as well as a little bit of muddy dirt...
  9. ronaldj2

    Prayer requests for Christine

    About 3-4 weeks ago my sister in law Christine went into the hospital for back surgery. She had suffered for a while with a herniated disc, anyway she had the surgery and was sent home. She was home about 5-7 days when she woke up in a puddle of spinal fluid, immediately she went back to the...
  10. ronaldj2

    No cross interference

    Went out today on a safari hunt with my new friend Walt aka Undatakr. We were side by side with our safari's and guess what! There was no cross frequency interference whatsoever. Only when the coils got within a foot of each other was there any chatter and it was minimal at that. This is...
  11. ronaldj2

    Lake Meadows condomiums Chicago area

    Is anyone familiar with this area of ILL. It used to be a union soldier camp back in 1861. It was located 3miles south of Chicago's city limits. "This flat piece of land was transformed into a combination recruit depot, basic training center, and equipping and processing stage for the Union...
  12. ronaldj2

    Another ring

    Well I went out today at the school grounds with my brother. After finding much clad 9dimes, 3nickles, 1quarter, and way too many pennies. We were just about to leave when I tried another area closer to the school building. I got a good signal in the 20's on display, pinpointer was screaming...
  13. ronaldj2

    Pray requests

    Asking for prayer for my mother in law, who is in surgery right now. She is having a section of her colon removed as a result of cancer. Also prayer for me as I am out of work due to a shoulder injury (don't know if I will be able to detect). Speedy healing is needed in both cases...
  14. ronaldj2

    Two rings

    Went out Sunday afternoon at an older school. Started to detect closer to a big Chestnut tree, got a very good silver signal 38-40 dug a nice shiny silver ring. Found many nickles 29 on the number graph. Didn't swing but five more feet got a mixed signal copper/silver 31-37, cut the plug 4-5...