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Search results

  1. GA1dad

    A couple of simple finds,,

    Nothing "Banner " here, but got out and swung the Anfibio in 5 tone some this week. The fob and toy came from my yard. The two wheaties came from behind where the old town blacksmith shop used to be. The fob is software related from the earliy 80's as best I can tell. One of the wheaties had...
  2. GA1dad

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    I bought an Anfibio Multi last year, and didn't immediately take to it. This year I've vowed to put in the hours and give it a fair shake before deciding to keep or not. But my goodness,,,, everything "sounds" so good on this machine,,, especially nails. And to make it worse, they seem to lock...
  3. GA1dad

    Today in history,,, April 9,1865

    Today in history,,, While sitting in a room in Appomattox Courthouse Va., Generals Lee and Grant developed and agreed to the terms of surrender, bringing an end to the Civil War. I've been reading a book about Lee's last few years and wow does it describe the grief and struggles that he felt to...
  4. GA1dad

    Pulsedive pinpointer

    Can the Pulsedive and Anfibio be paired and used with the headphones at the same time? I see references that it can be done with the Simplex, but no mentions of the Anfibio. Secondly,, how is the Pulsedive as a primary pinpointer? I wouldn't mind having a waterproof PP to go with the Anfibio...
  5. GA1dad

    Nokta/Macro Coil Weights?

    I picked up a 9.5 X 5 DD coil today for my Anfibio. Decided to weigh them for reference as I couldn't find anything online. If you know the weight of other Nokta/Makro coils, please share them here. I'm especially interested in the concentrics. 9.5x5 DD = 14.75 ounces 11" DD = 16.875 ounces
  6. GA1dad

    Anfibio wireless headphones

    Just curious,,, can you synch other brand wireless headphones with the Anfibio? I haven't had time to get out and dig with my new machine yet, but I did notice that the Notka phones were not big enough to stretch over my ears comfortably. Wondering if other wireless phones work. For example, I...
  7. GA1dad

    Got a new toy today!

    The post man came and dropped of a new (to me) play-purty! Really looking forward to getting to know it!
  8. GA1dad

    Not sure what I was thinking,,

    With the love/hate relationship I already have with my CIbola, you'd think I would know better than to take on another one. I was contacted by a feller on FB about a Cibola "that has 3 or 4 wires that came loose". Next thing I know I have acquired this thing as a parts machine in a trade for a...
  9. GA1dad

    Ultimate coil on T2?

    Who uses the big 13 inch ultimate coil on their T2? Do you like it? I've bought one, but have only used it once so far. I'm hopeful,,,,,,,
  10. GA1dad

    The right tool for the job,,,

    Detected a heavily hunted spot today. I know this is a popular spot for groups to get together and detect. Been pondering on something all week. I bet that they didn't spend much time under that powerline, by the metal fence. So this morning I broke out my $40 flea market Compadre and gave it a...
  11. GA1dad

    Cibola with NEL Sharpshooter?

    Ran a cross a deal today and ordered a lightly used NEL Sharpshooter coil to try on my Cibola. Gotta wait a few days for it to arrive. Anybody used one on a Cibola or Vaquero? What was your impression? Also, anybody tried one of the big NEL or CORS coils on a Cibola? Thanks in advance.
  12. GA1dad

    Any reason not to buy an Impact?

    There is one for sale locally. Any issues, shortcomings or other concerns I should be aware of?
  13. GA1dad

    T2 SE,, snagged a couple of relics

    Short hunt in the woods this afternoon with the T2 SE, sharpshooter coil 85-51-BP. Dug just a few holes,,, thankfully they weren't all trash. Reins guide was the first hole of the day,,, promising start. A couple of buttons, including the locomotive overall button. Slowed down a bunch after...
  14. GA1dad

    Cibola- depth related to battery power?

    I have a Cibola that I purchased used last year. In my test garden it would not sound off on a 6" deep silver dime with the stock 9" coil. I performed the ground balance mod, and the GB process works as it should, but it still will not sound off on the 6" dime. I super-tuned it via Keith...
  15. GA1dad

    T2 SE,, Sharpshooter Coil,, 80-51-BP

    Was a good way to start off the new year. My first seated, and my first 1800's coin.
  16. GA1dad

    First hunt of 2020,, and boy it was a good'n

    Today I took out the T2 SE with the sharpshooter coil out to a friends property. The property is very trashy, but has given me a couple of Civil War buttons in the past. My first dig of 2020 was the harmonica reed,, and I took that as a good way to start the year. But the find of the day was...
  17. GA1dad

    Coinstar Silver tonight

    Scored about $1.50 in change,,, including these two silvers.
  18. GA1dad

    T2 SE plus Sharpshooter coil,,, late to the party

    After not detecting hardly at all in just over a year, I have vowed to rekindle this hobby for 2020. I've kinda got it in my head to buy a new machine, but I've gotta do a little saving first. I did however finally buy a NEL Sharpshooter coil for the T2. I got to swing that coil a little bit...
  19. GA1dad

    Anfibio Multi or Minelab Equinox 600,, pro's & con's?

    Been thinking on buying a new machine for 2020. Got it narrowed down to the Anfibio Multi or an Equinox 600. Anybody own, or has used both? Care to share opinions on each? Thanks in advance,,, Jason
  20. GA1dad

    Cibola Mod Options

    So I've hunted with my new ( to me ) Cibola enough to decide I'll keep it for a while. As such, the ground balance mod will surely be done. I've read Keith Southerns instructions, but wanted to know what other options I may have. Are there any feasible options besides removing the pinpoint...