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Search results

  1. david bull

    Tale of two .69’s

    These were found within 10 feet of each other...But different molds...
  2. david bull

    Iron Snake S Hook

    I dug this at one of my favorite skirmish sites.It is iron and appears to have a snake head on one end.I usually ignore iron signals but due to the proximity I knew that I needed to check this one out..
  3. david bull

    Civil War or Later...?

    Found at a site where Civil War relics have been located but can’t find a reference.Appears to be two piece.
  4. david bull

    Tesoro Relic Coils

    I just picked up a Tesoro Cortes in mint condition but the previous owner was strictly a coinshooter.The only coil with the detector was a Tesoro 7” concentric.My preferred hunting is for civil war relics.Any recommendation for a larger coil?I have a NEL Tornado on my F75 that works very...
  5. david bull

    F75ltd; I've been doing this wrong!

    I'm a relic hunter,mostly in open fields.Like most,I started out in disc mode and later switched to all metal motion.Usually I would listen for the higher zip-zip tones,but a few days ago I noticed the vdi numbers jumping on the softer tones.After digging a few of these lower tones and finding...
  6. david bull

    F75LTD Volume Control Location

    Has anyone addressed the problem of "bumping" the volume control on the F75 ? I've tried the orings under the knob trick to make it harder to turn but still occasionally find that I've turned the volume down without realizing it.TIA David
  7. david bull

    My MXT E series lost its VDI

    I put my old MXT E series away when I upgraded to the MXT All Pro.I broke it out yesterday for the first time this year and while it still worked my vdi readings were reading way too low.Nickels read as foil,quarters as nickels and nothing read any higher.The signals are still there in...
  8. david bull

    Rubber Bullets

    I snuck up on a picket post a few weeks ago and dug these .50 cal Smith carbine drops.These were originally encased in rubber and later when they ran out of rubber,they switched to paper casings.Pretty interesting projectile.
  9. david bull

    Backyard Finds

    After watching surveyors clear a small section of a grownup fencerow,I couldn't resist giving the cleared area a few sweeps.It went-beer can-beer can-SHAZAM!My third plate ,ever.
  10. david bull

    No depth with Etrac

    OK, so out of curiosity, I punched a hole a no dropped a clad quarter about four inches on edge.Running in ttf my Etrac wouldn't hit on it,even in pinpoint.I have noticed that I have yet to dig any deeper coins(or bullets).Running through all of the settings changes nothing.I thought,maybe it's...
  11. david bull

    ETRAC-Red Dirt-Coil for the best depth

    In most parts of the country a larger coil equates more depth.Here in the red dirt south,a larger coil just sees more mineralization and either lowers the sensitivity in auto mode or falses in manual mode.On the other hand,a smaller coil will see a smaller sampling(meaning less reflected...
  12. david bull

    XL-PRO best coin hunting mode

    I've used an XL-PRO for several years and have recently gone over some of my sites with Minelab detectors(Sovereign & Etrac).I dug coins/relics at most sites which I had obviously missed with the Pro.I hunt in geb disc and I am curious if the faster sweep speed versus the slower Minelab sweep...
  13. david bull

    Doesn't it just ruin your day when.....

    You're out searching for that elusive blue pulltab, you get that perfect pulltab tone and out of the ground pops one of these that someone has carelessly discarded!
  14. david bull

    Sovereign XS learners permit

    OK, so this is my first experience with the Sovereign.I have done pretty good in open field hunts other than digging a lot of square nails and larger iron(not really a problem when relic hunting).As suggested on some posts I run volume-max,signal-auto or 3 oclock,threshold-barely...
  15. david bull

    What are your expectations of a Garrett retailer?

    I'm interested in opening a detector and accessory brick and mortar type retail store.What would you expect from a local retailer?I have owned and operated several businesses in the past and understand the business end pretty well.Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  16. david bull

    What does 10k fo mean in a gold ring?

    I dug a small ladies signet ring with Small diamonds marked 10kfo this morning.Any ideal what fo stands for(jeweler maybe/if so who?).The site was an old house from the 1850's.Anyone?
  17. david bull

    Sunray probe question

    When you're pinpointing with a sunray probe do you switch to the pinpoint mode on your detector or do you just leave it in disc to eliminate unwanted targets?Just curious.Thanks DBULL
  18. david bull

    target id in all metal

    Will my old sovereign xs with the linear meter give a target id in the all metal mode?I've noticed sometimes the meter will run up in to the coin range while pinpointing.Anyone know?
  19. david bull

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    This morning I thought that I would hit a field that I obtained permission to search last summer.Unfortunately,the landowner wasn't home and since I don't hunt without their knowledge,I rode on down the road where I spotted someone burning leaves in front of a large open field.I stopped and...
  20. david bull

    Sovereign deep target id & depth

    I've been using my Sovereign for about three weeks now and other than some larger targets,I really don't understand what to look for when I've located a good deep target.Most of what I've dug were the ones that lock in as a coin, usually 3"-6" deep.What is the best way to estimate target...