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  1. D

    Detector/coil question

    Has anyone tried the new NEL "Super Fly" coil on the G2+ or F-19?------If so what do you think of it?----Does that coil have any real advantage over the FT 7X11" DD or Ultimate 13" DD coils? (on the G2+ or F-19)
  2. D

    Are the Safari detectors.......

    still being produced?------How do they "stack up" compared to the Etrac?
  3. D

    Whatever happened to MINELABBOB??

    He hasn't posted in two years.----He was going "great guns" on the CTX forum here for awhile.
  4. D

    NEL "Attack" coil on the F-19

    Anybody had experience with this combo?-----What are your thoughts/results after using it?------Thanks-------------Del
  5. D

    ORX question

    Has there been an "update" on the ORX?----Mine says version V0.1 at turn on.
  6. D

    Deus Handbook

    Where can I purchase a copy of Andys newest out (updated) Deus Handbook--(what Findmall Forum dealers sell it)?------I don't purchase on the internet or have paypal--I pay by USPS money order.-----I contacted Andy about it but haven' heard back from him.------Thanks------------Del
  7. D

    Dues versions

    What is the difference between the version 5.0 and 5.2 on the Deus?-----Are the new Deus detectors now coming out with version 5.2?
  8. D

    Anfibio hand grip

    Concerning the angle of the hand grip on the Anfibio.-----Does it cause any hand/wrist/arm discomfort or pain after an extended hunt?
  9. D

    Fun little question!

    At least I think it is.:smile:-----Now that you have your Equinox--how many of you are still using your CTX (or Etrac) and if so--when are you using it/them & under what conditions?---If you are still using both--which one gets the most "swing time" in now (percentage of use)?----I believe the...
  10. D

    Reports wanted.

    Would anyone that has installed/used the new update on the Equinox 800 please report your opinion as to performance of it (compared to the original)?------Thanks--------Del
  11. D

    Wobbly shafts

    What's the answer to tightening up the loose/wobbly lower shafts on the Equinox?-----My wife & I each have Equinox 800's and the lower shafts have excessive "wobble" on both of them. The camlocks are as tight as I can get them.
  12. D

    Multi Kruzer "running time" question.

    How does the auxillary alkaline 4 pack for the MK compare as to running time to the MK built in re-chargeable battery system? (normal hunt time & running at 14 kHz)
  13. D

    Findmall forum dealers

    Can someone name the Findmall forum dealers that sell Nokta detectors?-----Thanks-----------Del
  14. D

    Minelab service

    Is Minelab still doing repairs on the SE Pro?
  15. D

    Multi Kruzer coils

    Would someone please list the coils that are available for the Multi Kruzer?--------Thanks--------------Del
  16. D

    Tesoro Outlaw & Vaquero

    At what point on the disc knob adjustment does the Outlaw disc out (knock out) the old steel bottle caps (crown caps?-----Same question for the Vaquero?-------Thanks
  17. D


    The G2+ & F-19 ain't getting the love they deserve!!!!!!!!!! Anybody else feel that way? :biggrin:
  18. D

    Fors Relic coils?

    Can someone list the coils that are available at this point in time for the Nokta Fors Relic?
  19. D

    CoRe & Mars "Sniper" coil

    Are any of you guys using the 6X10 DD Mars "Sniper" coil on your CoRe?-----If so, what do you think of that combo & how is the performance?-----I like the way the coil ears are centered on the coil.-----It looks like a NEL "Sharpshooter" coil (which is a good coil---but I guess NEL doesn't make...
  20. D

    I've got a REALLY UNIQUE idea!!

    Let's forget about the Impact (for just a wee bit) and talk a little about the great FORS CoRe.-----Can we do that--PLEASE???-----That oughta get something going---how about like poking a hornets nest with a stick!!:lmfao:------Really---Nokta does make other detectors besides just the Impact!:wink: