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Search results

  1. Boxcarwilly

    Early one sided thin cigar token?

    Got onto it pretty good today at a early 1800s site in western NY.1822 largie,1860 IHP and a silver mens ring band.The much smoke cigar co token is a new one for me.It seems to be quite early,one sided and thin.Haven't found anything on it on the web yet.
  2. Boxcarwilly

    More smoke cigar co 5 token?

    Got onto it pretty good today.Found a thin token with more smoke cigar co 5 on it.Can't find any info on the web.Anyone familiar with tokens?Its from a 1800s site in western Ny.Thanks
  3. Boxcarwilly

    First cut copper,need help with ID

    Found a cut copper today,my first!Its smaller than a largie,more sized like a half cent.Any ideas?It has a mast or something that goes almost to edge of coin.
  4. Boxcarwilly

    Shoe buckle?

    Got out for a bit today in the rain and found what I think is a shoe buckle.If so its my first whole one!also a pretty clean ihp and a neat cracked conestoga
  5. Boxcarwilly

    old junk detector find art

    I know this is a bit off topic but I just wanted to show you guys a xmas present i just put together with finds that I've saved up.Great way to take undesirable bits and pieces and present them to be seen and admired!
  6. Boxcarwilly


    Found this badge a few years back,its found on a homesite from the 1857 tax map in western NY.I have yet to be able to id the origin or history behind seems to have been 2 pieces that the back has deteriorated.
  7. Boxcarwilly

    Possible gripped edge liberty cap?

    Wife found this gem the other ive been researching and cleaning up real slow and easy im noticing tool marks 180 degrees apart and doing some research theres a gripped edge 1797.Theres some written info but i cant find hardly any picture references.
  8. Boxcarwilly

    Liberty cap

    my wife came with for a morning dig and really showed the boys up!no readable date yet,but what a beauty!
  9. Boxcarwilly

    Star shaped pin

    Very small pin looking piece.marked 98 RRR.any ideas
  10. Boxcarwilly

    Left facing bust large cent sized coin

    beeps a low 70 at max
  11. Boxcarwilly

    Large cent sized coin bust looking left

    beeps low 70s with
  12. Boxcarwilly

    Buckle or horse tack?

    Unsure what this is.has a 7 8 marking
  13. Boxcarwilly

    Counterfeit large cent

    Found this bent up largie,after cleaning it up a bit realized that it doesn't seem to be copper.The coin has a strange grey patina that is cracking near the bend.
  14. Boxcarwilly

    Cannon ball?

    2 piece solid iron held together by a shank down the center with what was a eyelet on one end.any ideas?
  15. Boxcarwilly

    Possible king george II hibernia half cent

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated.I think i may have found my first 1700s coin today.not a lot of detail but can get a bust facing left.rang in 70/71 with my at max.thanks!
  16. Boxcarwilly

    1804 half real

    It was a cold rainy day in western ny,but i scored a pretty nice piece of spanish silver from a cut cornfield.So happy the snow thawed for a bit,nothing better than some digging and fresh air!
  17. Boxcarwilly


    Found this badge in a farm field behind my house with my at max.I haven't pinpointed exactly what the history is behind it but there's a home site on a 1800s tax map with the abbreviation S.O right near where i dug it.Possibly sheriff's office but yet to be determined for sure.
  18. Boxcarwilly

    War of 1812 rifleman militia button

    Found what i believe to be a war of 1812 rifleman militia button in a fresh cut corn field today.the back says extra strong with some floral patterns.I'm new to the sport this season but have been doing well with my at max.loving the hobby!
  19. Boxcarwilly

    Ouroboros dragon 2 piece button?

    Found this in a field in western ny.I am unsure but appears to be a 2 piece button.The condition is rough but both front and back came out of the same hole.No makers mark on the back.thanks for any help!