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Search results

  1. M

    has anyone used the cheaper pinpointers like amazon sales?

    I've gave detectors and some of the $20 GP models to my grandkids for Xmas. They work ok, better than nothing. I used this one- for $30 it performed much better. I'd feel comfortable having...
  2. M

    Iron wrap around

    It depends on which detector I'm using, location and how energetic/lazy I am.. There's no right or wrong answer. Like any iffy signal, if you pass it up then you could be missing something good. You have to decide if it's worth it
  3. M

    my mothers battle...

    Will do
  4. M

    What's your favorite beer?

    Full flavored- Guinness extra stout and the darkest one at the pub. On the light side Newcastle Brown Ale. On the real cheap American 'beer' believe it or not Hamm's.
  5. M

    1804 Draped bust half cent this morning.

    Well done, congrats
  6. M

    BIG silver and a tiny token!

    Congrats! Good write up too.
  7. M

    If it seems to good to be true...

    That had to be a big let down. All crooks are Fckng pieces of shet. Instead of working for anything, they steal what others work for. Everyone pays even though most don't realize it. We all pay more for products, insurance, law enforcement, prisons etc.
  8. M

    Value of used 705 & 5 coils

    This thread was from almost 2 years ago..
  9. M

    Tube tubb for water hunters .

    Definitely pricey but sometimes (if you have $$) having a great designed tool is worth it
  10. M

    How many still use a vintage classic detector from the 70's-80's?

    One of my favorites. So much so I have more than one. I use it often when I want to just have fun. Deepest coin was a quarter at a measured 7" which really surprised me with a faint but solid tone.
  11. M


    TRX for small narrow holes. Tek point/F pulse for big holes
  12. M

    Tesoro Silver µMax Discriminates Out Dimes When Disc Set to Max

    There should be a pot inside that will adjust that
  13. M

    Garrett Ace Apex

    A buddy's first one was real noisey, he sent it back and the replacement was much better. He also seen it was faster when in beach mode and worked better in trashy areas but he lost depth. Try it and see if it helps
  14. M

    Once again 705 owner.

    Great find. The 705 is a very capable detector and a pleasure to use. Congrats
  15. M

    Back to the old school...

    Nice finds even without silver, especially the SEP
  16. M

    Call Me Indiana Jones..!

    Ok, hey Indiana Jones, I think not but go ask Congress for $3.5 trillion. Call it infrastructure.
  17. M

    Tesoro ground balance

    The 'new' one was too large to go in the same spot so knobs are in wrong spots Average minerals here and never have problems with gb or stability. 1 turn is simple and quick.
  18. M

    Ring value and selling.

    I seen an ad for this auction site that helps with getting a good price for rings. I've never used it but it might be worth checking out.
  19. M

    Taking it to the sky - Birds eye view - Finding places to hunt

    The consumer drones abilities are nothing short of amazing.