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Search results

  1. GA1dad


    Monte,,, I was well over half way through your reply before it dawned on me that you were referring to yourself.
  2. GA1dad


    Dang!!!! Thats a good'un
  3. GA1dad

    "IT" rose to find silver

    Umm,,,, Congrats!,,, it think? LOL!!
  4. GA1dad

    Tidbits over the weekend

    Finding the missing half of an item is waaay cool! Congrats!
  5. GA1dad

    New to forum. Key date 1911D and a big buff.

    Heapum big buff,,,
  6. GA1dad

    A couple of simple finds,,

    Nothing "Banner " here, but got out and swung the Anfibio in 5 tone some this week. The fob and toy came from my yard. The two wheaties came from behind where the old town blacksmith shop used to be. The fob is software related from the earliy 80's as best I can tell. One of the wheaties had...
  7. GA1dad


    That is an awesome piece of history!
  8. GA1dad


    Heck yeah!
  9. GA1dad

    What should I do ?

    My thoughts,,, If there is any way,,,, keep the etrac and buy or borrow a Nox. If you decide you don't like it you can quickly resell the Nox and fall back to the etrac. Or the other way around if you really like the Nox. As for a new machine coming out soon,,,,,, who knows. There is talk...
  10. GA1dad

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    Follow up, Just before dark, after wrapping up some chores, I spent about an hour swinging it in my own yard. I was working with the 7" concentric, 5 tone, default gain, minimum disc and 5 kHz. I dug a total of 7 holes in an hour, of which only three were what I considered truly trash,, and...
  11. GA1dad

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    Thanks for your time! Just for reference, in my test garden the coins are at 6" deep. When I laid the coins on the surface yesterday afternoon I only noticed one difference between the three frequencies. At 5kHz the Buffalo Nickel had a scratchy tone and the nickel signal faded out quite...
  12. GA1dad

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    Yessir,, actually I laid out the basic US coins on the surface just last night ( Wheat, Buff, IHP, Rosie, Washington ) I was trying out some settings in 5 tone mode and had a "W.T.Heck" moment. My coins were about 5-6" apart in a row left to right. The machine was GB'd well, dic at absolute...
  13. GA1dad

    Silver, tax token, phone bell, marble

    Fine day indeed!! Congrats
  14. GA1dad

    help me break into the 1700's...

    Took me a few years to break into the 1800's coin club. Keep swinging and it'll surprise you one day.
  15. GA1dad

    First time out with my new XP DEUS

    That is a beautiful ring,,, CONGRATS!!! Great start with a new machine. I had a similar experience a couple of years back when I used my T2 for the first time,, gold wedding band in the hole!! That is a great confidence builder for sure!! Congrats again!!
  16. GA1dad

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    Thanks for the suggestions ToneTime. Reducing the gain some is something I really should explore more. Been thinking on it all night, and I think I've come to realize that my machine is really acting the way it is programmed to. And. if I am honest, I am hunting in a fashion that enables the...
  17. GA1dad

    Took the lady for a walk.

    Cool,,, never thought about two headsets so others could listen. Neat idea, but can understand how it could get crazy.
  18. GA1dad

    Everything sounds good on the Anfibio,,,, frustrating

    I bought an Anfibio Multi last year, and didn't immediately take to it. This year I've vowed to put in the hours and give it a fair shake before deciding to keep or not. But my goodness,,,, everything "sounds" so good on this machine,,, especially nails. And to make it worse, they seem to lock...
  19. GA1dad

    Today in history,,, April 9,1865

    Today in history,,, While sitting in a room in Appomattox Courthouse Va., Generals Lee and Grant developed and agreed to the terms of surrender, bringing an end to the Civil War. I've been reading a book about Lee's last few years and wow does it describe the grief and struggles that he felt to...
  20. GA1dad

    1st gold of the year

    Nice one!!!