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  1. T

    Help Me Choose Which Detector to Buy.

    The ML540 is a lot of bang for the buck !!! Wireless headphones, multi IQ tech, with a V10 coil it’s one of the best coin getters available !!!
  2. T

    New multi frequency machine

    Hey Monte, your a Texan now ???? Where abouts ???
  3. T

    Out with the ORX -Park program

    I am using the 9” round, coin deep, sensitivity at 80, or where it quiets down…up to 90 if possible. Even at 75 I can still hit coins in the 6-8 inch depth. Don’t be afraid to lower your sensitivity.
  4. T

    Banning the truth

    I hope calabash wasn’t banned from this website !! He brings up very valid points about detectors, shows great comparisons and tells it like it is. Very valuable information!!! I have been detecting since 1976 and must say that for years and years , detecting magazines reviewed detector after...
  5. T

    Is a Deus a good Car trunk Metal Detector?

    I wouldn’t leave a Deus /ORX in my trunk. You can take the remote off ……. Those XP coils are expensive $300.00 per coil. Find you an affordable used detector, that way the heat and getting tossed around a lot , your loss won’t be great !! 😃
  6. T

    New multi frequency machine

    Please consider a 8 “or 9”coil for us serious coin hunters !!!! 6” is too small , 11” is too big !!!! This is the very reason I don’t have a Nox is coil limitations !!
  7. T

    XP ORX Lights

    Yes it is normal for the coil and headphones to blink after they are turned off.
  8. T

    XP ORX Elliptical HF Depth

    I don’t put much bearing on Air testing. I have to reduce the sensitivity to 50 or less indoors to quiet the detector. You could get some Vid numbers and that’s about all. I have the 9” round HF coil and I am digging 6-10” deep coins regularly. I am impressed with its precision to locate coins...
  9. T

    CZ 6a re-calibrate

    After more than 25 years using a CZ5 , Cz70 then Cz3D. I let them all go ...... weight was getting to me , sore for a couple days after using cz, and I am ambidextrous swinging the detectors right , then left ...... took years to be able to do that !!! ...... I am getting good results with...
  10. T

    new detector

    Hey Patch , the ML540 is a great light weight detector. I to needed something lighter........ after 25 years of CZs , the 540 fits the bill. You might hang onto your CZ5 till you feel the 540 will work for you . I am also getting great results with the XP ORX. If you have any specific questions...
  11. T

    Pray for Ma Betty...

    Prayers for a full recovery Ma !! 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  12. T

    WS5 VS WS4

    Use the WS4 puck with the detectnix ...... they work great !!! Save the money. The audio is as good as Ws5.
  13. T

    Will the Wirefree Headphone PRO work with the ORX?

    The ones in this box work perfect for the ORX!!!
  14. T

    Best way to make MXT300 into a wireless setup?

    Garrett Z Link will work on 98% of detectors out there !
  15. T

    I'm back...

    I have never had an etrac , but many , many people talk about there ability to get lots of silver !!!! ...... maybe Minelab should Take the etrac and compress it down into a Nox size and weight package!!! ...... they would sell great !!!
  16. T

    I'm loosing my enthusiasm for the CTX

    The V3I and GTI 2500 are extremely slow, and masked targets will stay masked !!! The Anfibio multi is a good detector. Simplex is a good detector!!! ........ I am personally getting excellent results with the XP ORX W/ 9”HF round coil and a ML 540 pro. I needed lighter detectors and these two...
  17. T

    Will the Wirefree Headphone PRO work with the ORX?

    Yes they work great , you don’t have to mess with them like the back phones , that seem to move around and you keep adjusting.
  18. T


    Yes the CZs are definitely nickel magnets!!! Wish Fisher would revive the CZ series with a modern twist!!!!
  19. T

    Test Garden

    I think it’s a matter of conductivity, the dirt matrix helps the buried targets light up. I have always had test gardens. I could bury a silver dime at 6 inches (freshly buried) and the detector (any) would give a weak response, but after a year of being buried, the same target would be easier...
  20. T

    Will Bluetooth earbuds work with the Deus/ORX ???

    Thanks, Bluetooth is a no - go !! 🇺🇸😃🇺🇸