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Search results

  1. MikeO

    Barber Streak

    Nice bunch of Barbers Dave. 👍
  2. MikeO

    Short and Sweet

    Nice digs. Like the gold Starfish charm. 👍
  3. MikeO

    Got Bamboozled! Nickels Ringing Up Like Dimes & Quarters ?

    Interesting Bummer you been hornswoggled. 😀.
  4. MikeO

    Thrift stores continue to give up gold

    Wow tomorrow I’m heading to the thrift store. Well, not really gotta do moms grocery shopping and cut grass but, sounds fun. Nice finds. 👍
  5. MikeO

    Nice find with an Omega 8500

    Nice two center congrats. 👍
  6. MikeO

    Do Coin Star finds count?

    It’s a find so I say heck yeah I reckon. Who leaves that much behind? 🤔
  7. MikeO

    1956 Gold Class Ring! And Others

    Beautiful ring. Fantastic grouping of finds. 👍🏻
  8. MikeO

    Double down on the gold

    Yeah buddy that’s some nice gold finds. Been a while since I’ve dug any gold. Nice digs Laplander 👍
  9. MikeO

    the etrac is twice as fun !

    Nice Elmy. Super light weight. 👍 On a side not my SE-Pro randomly is shutting off and that’s with either the rechargeable pack or AA. Did it 3 time to me on the hunt I found the SLQ on. I have opened it up and pulled out the lil board that the battery contacts in the handle and made sure...
  10. MikeO

    Last night at the same park

    Super nice find. And it appears it’s a full Liberty in the shield. 👍
  11. MikeO

    Got out from 5-7pm tonight. Got one good coin.

    Yep but, got lucky on this one it was legible. After 1925 the dates are recessed.
  12. MikeO

    I hate button batteries…..

    Any day hunting regardless of finds is always a good day. 👍
  13. MikeO

    Got the "D" again

    Always fun to find a lower mintage hard to get Wheat. Nice job. 👍
  14. MikeO

    Silver? Silver? No and No....

    That’s the key just getting out. People sure won’t find anything sitting in a lazy boy now will they. 😀 Not to mention it’s great exercise so, that in itself is a win.
  15. MikeO

    Nice couple of Hunts

    That’s a good hunt. 👍
  16. MikeO

    Got out from 5-7pm tonight. Got one good coin.

    Dug plenty of junk for sure as this is a place we have hunted for over twenty years. At this point we are digging just about anything and that’s what all my finds where. Everything but a nice coin till right before we left and I dug this nice 20-S Standing Liberty. Didnt realize it was an S...
  17. MikeO

    20 minutes, 3rd park this week, 3rd silver!

    Nice token and Merc. 👍
  18. MikeO

    Two days of coins

    Looks like some great finds Ted. 👍